Like Flies On What? Stephen Colbert Goes LIVE After The Pence-Harris VP Debate

Birt 7 okt 2020
Stephen Colbert goes LIVE with reactions to the high-stakes Vice Presidential debate between Sen. Kamala Harris and VP Mike Pence, where both candidates dodged questions and a tiny uninvited guest ran away with the show. #Colbert #LateShowLIVE #Monologue
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  • Ngl I’m living for the number of times I can hear wheeze laughs off camera. It’s the only thing keeping me sane rn XD

  • I don't believe Trump. It's a hoax

  • ! Why I’m voting the Democratic Party. 1860 the Democratic Party refused to accept the result of a free election. That year, their target was Lincoln. They smeared him. They went to war to defeat him. In the end, they Assassinated him. Now the Democrats With the Media. Are targeting President Trump and his supporters. The Democrat party is the party of white Supremacy; The party of Slavery the Slave plantation; The Trail Of Tears; The Civil War; The Ku Klux Klan; Jim Crow Laws; Segregation; Opposition to civil rights measures; Making Minorities victims rather than Equals; Enabling the Bigotry of low Expectations; Widespread abortions among Minorities; Increased minority incarceration; Open borders (which keep wages low and minority unemployment high); Protecting underperforming schools; Opposition to school choice; Disrespect for law and order; Ignoring destruction of their cities; You know what Democrats Preach. Now look at what Democrats Have Done and Continue to do to Minorities - and to the rest of America's Citizens .They continue to Try to Divide Us. They now Embrace the failed agenda of Socialism.

  • The KING and QUEEN was standing on the balcony of the castle gazing out at the thousands of a angry peasants the poor 97%, that were going to storm the castle and take it over with force using CLUBS and PITCHFORKS, because they were tired of the KING and QUEEN taking their rights away and not treating them with RESPECT. So the KING says to the QUEEN if we can CONVINCE all the PEASANTS out there with the PITCHFORKS that the ones with the CLUBS HATE them. I am sure they will start FIGHTING EACH OTHER and when they are done fighting whatever is left my army can surely DESTROY with ease . The RICH ELITE 3% love FUNDING EQUAL RIGHT MOVEMENTS to DIVIDE and CONQUER the POOR UNAWARE 97% vote counts to shift them to the ELITE side of 3%. WE THE POOR MUST WAKE UP and use our COMMON SENSE, meaning If the RICH ELITE PUPPET MASTERS of 3% and their PUPPETS In HOLLYWOOD, MUSIC INDUSTRY, SPORTS ATHLETES and tv networks owned or sponcered by them DON'T WANT A CERTAIN PRESIDENT, then we the POOR OF 97% MOST DEFINITELY DO WANT THAT PRESIDENT. THE ONLY WAY AROUND 97% of AWAKENED UNITED POOR VOTERS is they must DUE AWAY with the ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTE. SO ASK yourself WHY THE LEFT IS WANTING TO DO THAT , and who is trying to STOP IT, THE RIGHT. The ONES trying to STOP IT is working for we the POOR OF 97%. PLEASE WAKE UP PEOPLE 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. "UNITED WE THE POOR OF 97% STAND , DIVIDED WE THE POOR FALL". IF the LEFT WIN they will TAKE AWAY The ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTE, and that means we will never be able to UNITE OUR 97% VOTES ever again and the ELITE AND THEIR PUPPETS WILL RULE THE POOR FOREVER, and make us pay all the taxes while the ELITE PAY 0%. ✌️❤️😇UT

  • He is the lord of the flies

  • The comedy writers on this show are amazing I love watching this Part of Colbert’s show

  • Comical to hear trumps Maga doctor say that he does not have any medical records of his patients history pure lies

  • Pussy

  • Hey, where did A Late Show go?? I thought the new season started?  Vacation...? hope he's not unwell...

  • Hello Jake LĚMAO

  • I love how your wife chuckles

  • 45% of eligible voters DID NOT VOTE in 2016.

  • Hey Steven, I dedicate this to everyone that have been affected by Covid:

  • Stephen Colbert you have become an ass kiss to all and any democrats.

  • A bumble bee is trying to convince a fly that flowers are better and sweeter than SHIT the the fly will never see it and looks for pence

  • "I spent the entirety of the debate on the middle of my seat" 😂

  • So, everyone in the trump administration tested positive for covid? A month before the election? Sounds like the government wants to isolate some of them yet the worst of them to test the public and see who wants them dead! If you ask me they are preparing to isolate themselves from the public until the coast is clear! If ever! If you can't produce test results then I am not buying what your selling! Let me see some proof. Sleepers! It should be obvious to everyone what is clearly being done right under their noses!

  • I hate it when you go away for this long. We need you. Please come back! ;) Watching old clips to try and survive the day's trauma, I have PTSD and today he put a verbal hit on Gov Whitmer; very difficult for me, unfortunately I know what it's like when a man is trying to have you killed. Very triggered, I won't sleep tonight.

  • Sign the petition for a Ruth Bader Ginsburg monument in Washington D.C. #RBGDCMonument

  • If you guys keeping working 1 week on, 2 weeks OFF ... Then Stephen is not even going to be able to make jokes about how Trump is on vacation. Because this show has literally gotten more breaks than the Trump administration itself!

  • Look how desperate these conservatives are getting:

  • Go Bernie! #FeelTheBern I miss him ❤

  • ! Trump has reduced your taxes, Secured our border, Made us energy independent, Increased the value of our 401K, Reduced federal spending for abortions, Best employment in US history, Lowest unemployment in all categories, Defeated the ISIS Califate , Bringing peace to the middle east, 3 Nobel Peace Prize nominations, Returned over 50 hostages from 22 different countries, Rebuilt the military, Supports our law enforcement. I think he has earned my VOTE.

  • :)

  • Who ever that one lady is snickering at these jokes. I love you.

  • Trump 2024!

  • Anyone still watching colbert nowadays?

  • What is your point? None #trump2020

  • Seth myers

  • Stephen Colbert what you must know, Trumpet will win again Forget about you favorite old man Barden. Barden will never rule America. Trumpe is a chosen man if you don’t know

  • take me to church

  • Dont be stupied vote for Trump 2020 a guy from Sweden!

  • Hey joe can you get me a job making 50 thousand a month and yes I'll give half back to pop. Hunter and I will smoke some crack and hang out with the human traffickers so let me know. we'll be in china doing the 150 thousand shopping spree and yes the woman to your right is your wife and your running for president not the senate. God Bless ... can I say that?

  • That was what is known as the dreaded Biden lands on people's heads to sniff their hair and leave behind B.S. news to report.

    • P.S. Really fake looking studio built basement set Colbert. Practice what you preach.

  • The sad part is, the fly was 100 smarter than Kamal's Hairyass.

  • If you ever have a tiny bit of your spare time, please check on what's happening in Thailand at the moment. Our story needs to be heard and we need a lot of support from the world.

  • ❤Where is Colbert!!!!????❤

  • I love how pence just loves to deflect all those questions while stating BS that even the fly didn't want, I would have had a speck of respect for him if he just came out and said "look, this orange f**k was holding me prisoner and now that he's not here I can tell all of you his dirty p***sy grabbing secrets" lol 😆

  • I'm going to have a good old belly chuckle when sleepy joe and camel toe Harris lose to the Orange man. And by the way this guy is a full blown shit head.

  • Can I ask why you are so bias towards the democrates

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Brilliant Stephen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • To pence's what ifs- does he know the word 'science'?

  • Lol people on here talking about a fly. Are you people 12 years old? Shows how braindead most people are. The winner of the election will have launch codes! And you are talking about a fly. Get it together children

  • Just another shill, bought and paid for. I dont know anyone can watch this trash

  • Donald Trump is disgusting,,pettyfull,a Petri Dish, contaminates every body that assisted to his rallies.He is a lier.Have no Empathy. Insecure child with a new toy.

  • That same fly followed the scent of sh@t from the Republican party.

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  • Haha why isn’t there a video from him for the past week? I wanted to see what he has to say bout the recent trump happenings

  • Black flies matter!

  • I’ve seen better sneeze guards at the Sizzler salad bar. Hahaha. Good one Stephen

  • Fact check: as many as 500 thousand + died of swine flue! But we didn't trash our country for it! Anti American Puppets wearing diapers on their face.🤒👹🔥. Colbert talks💩.

  • He is Gibert Godfree level ob·nox·ious. I don't remember him being that bad on AFV...LoL

  • Harris said "can you imagine if you knew on January 28...". We did! The who released information on the virus. It was even reported on in our news media. Both sides of our government failed to act!

  • "They're not after me, they're after you. I'm just in the way" - President Donald Trump - Greatest Quote EVER.

  • Trump simply canceled my medical insurance along with thousands of others. I took me a year to get it back. It can happen to you and all those under the ACA. #Biden/Harris2020

  • Cough. The goggles...they do nothing!

  • Now no one in night show will make the a show on hunter and joe biden money laundering scheme because u know the media for trump no evidence but allegations Democrates - Have a FBI but actual evidence against clinton but no step Now Pure evidence against bidens and no night show coverage, no cnn

  • All lives matter and Black Lives Matter org. is communist and facist run by democrates and paid by china and in the name of black violence which are funded by antifa which is clear fascist Before anything else just go to the BLK site and another thing watch the interview of the head of BLK

  • He attracted a FLY, the only time he’s ever attracted any attention!!

  • It’s confirmed Mike Pence is really Beelzebub Lord of the Flies

  • Nobody makes my laugh as hard as Colbert...going on 15 years of it. Thank God.

  • Stephen Colbert seems biased. Kamala Harris is stupid and he says nothing about her.

  • Fly came from under Harris skirt

  • I used to find this man funny back in the day. He is now just a sloppy puppet that has no more thoughts and opinions of his own. Look in the mirror my man.

    • @rogerman10 Yes, the troll answers all questions. too much fun

    • @MarcusT I think I just did with your response. Continue to watch your hack.

    • @rogerman10 Simple question. You are much too insignificant to trigger me

    • @MarcusT Did I trigger you fan boy?

    • Please tell us when you found him funny.

  • I missed the fly because I listened to the debate. FYI to Pence: You can have Jewish grandchildren and be an antisemite.

    • The whole clip...🤣😂🤣 Bwahahhahaha🎯❤ THANK YOU!!💯😂❤🌊💙🗳📫🇺🇸❤💯🎯

  • Y’all hella mad cause Pence is the shit and the fly knew it. Keep crying for 4 more

    • Trump and pence are both liars and full of s..t! The fly sees it and smells it!

  • Hi Stephen. Big admirer of your work from India... Please do share your views on this ... It was shared by my uncle, a staunch Catholic, who lives and works in New Jersey...

  • Stephen....quit the charade and stop embarrassing yourself. Pence surgically dissected Harris into tiny pieces and you know it. Harris had to resort to nervous giggling,jotting meaningless notes and feigned femsplaining.

    • That may be the dumbest post on this channel. Congratulations

  • Cool, when you edit the debate and add a Colbert’s commentary, it looks like Harris won this debate. I’m so glad the media is biased for the left, we got this.

    • And your job is to go to all channels and if you feel they are left biased, you must spew some crap about it. You are such a patriot!

  • Colbert is awful. I agree with his views and I've watched him for years, but he's gone from being a crazy witty guy to americas lame dad. His CBS show is such low effort garbage

    • Please tell us when you think he was not lame

  • Trump is not tested. They just said he was tested. He just lied.

  • Libtards think Colbert is a news anchor. lol

    • No, you idiots think that, the libs know he's a comedian. IDIOT!!

  • that's it??? that's the joke ?? a fly?? very funny.

  • Kätzchen sind hübsche Püppchen.

  • When the show is back to "normal," I still want Evie off to the side laughing at the jokes. Not all spouses can do that!

  • Black Flies Matter!

  • Love the early Christmas! Christmas is my holiday-all the family comes to my house and I cook and decorate, decorate, decorate! Not sure if anyone will come this year. I do not even feel like decorating. I like your attitude, and I hope I can get in the spirit of the holidays. You and your husband are in my prayers.

  • Trump and pence are both liars and full of s..t! The fly sees it and smells it!

  • The whole clip...🤣😂🤣 Bwahahhahaha🎯❤ THANK YOU!!💯😂❤🌊💙🗳📫🇺🇸❤💯🎯

  • Biff has done it again Lol

  • There would be no fly on pences head if kamal face just closed her legs for christ sakes!!!

  • With this kind of comedic analysis on one the USAs most popular shows - no wonder theri democracy has almost disappeared down the drain. Btw, vote Biden because cholera is better than the plague.

  • Saw a photo with Barrett and a fly on her dress at the confirmation hearing. Real or photoshopped?

  • kamela isn’t liberal like at all

  • Colbert's Sanders impression is amazing!

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  • Trump didn't want to get tested. Don't blame him. It's more than half the reason why I take as many precautions as I do to stay Covid- free. But I wouldn't have been carrying on with public events. But some people need constant attention and/or adoration and they'll not let anything get in the way of that

  • I can't believe that I almost missed a Don Johnson "Heartbeat" reference. 😁

  • We don't want to go through a bunch of old records--unless they're Hillary's phone records. Yeh.

  • I cant wait until this is all over and the late night shows are no longer Trump shows.

  • Trump hasn’t shown his last negative test most likely because he hasn’t tested negative that or there’s something about it that he doesn’t want people to know. Why else wouldn’t he have the negative results plastered all over his Twitter so he could brag about how easily he beat it?

  • Some1 had 2 many martinis

  • Flies are attracted to dead things