Queen Latifah: Nothing Can Compare To Performing In The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Birt 9 feb 2021
Queen Latifah performed at the 1998 Super Bowl halftime show and she describes how amazing and nerve wracking it felt to be in the stadium. You can see more of Queen Latifah in the new CBS series, "The Equalizer." #Colbert #TheEqualizer #QueenLatifah
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  • Philly loves you QUEEN♥️✊🏿

  • Still so beautiful. I’ve had a huge crush on her since I was a kid.

  • Latifah's new TV show is cringe feminazi crap.


  • Denzel Washington is the only Actor who played a Jamaican and I actually believe it (The Mighty Quinn).

  • ❤️ queen

  • Latifah, that beautiful spring, that right there is nature without people, beautiful.

  • ALL HAIL THE OG QUEEN L! ☆🥰✌💋❤🌟🌙🌈

  • Love this woman 💖

  • Stephen said "something up" at 0:22. can someone tell me what is it?

  • Fashion icon! Great human.

  • She is so talented and really has the ability to get an EGOT. Loved her in living single and she stole the scene in fresh prince

  • She is *beautiful*. I love her looks as she ages.

  • She is the best 💕

  • Love the Equalizer, thanks for having Queen Latifah on Mr Colbert. Love.

  • The Queen 👑

  • I cherish this woman in our Angeleno history, staying strong 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓

  • "The Equalizer was the lowest rated post Superbowl show in history"...LOL.

  • EO repping

  • The Super Bowl is *not* a WORLD championship. All the teams are US teams. And not because they're the best (they likely are because hardly anyone else in the world gives a shit about American Football) but because no other countries compete. Same goes for the World Series. Nothing "world" about that either.

  • Her show looks SO good!

  • I am an emancipated man whom served in two-branches of military service an only have the privileges of the rights of the constitution. America has went around the world fighting wars for freedom, justice and equal rights if the “GOP” doesn’t convict Mr. Trump and his followers for their open acts of treason upon the constitution, the HOUSE of GOVERNMENT and the Flag what good is the constitution. It would mean everything was a LIE THAT AMERICA STOOD for against EVIL. MB•2021®️©️™️

  • Ms. Latifah is a wonderful, beautiful, talented American gem. She always makes people smile. Happy for her. And happy she got to enjoy Mother Nature in LA! Hopefully most Americans appreciated the quiet and all the nature able to "be" again.

  • World championship game!??????! It is an American game the most it can be is a national championship!

  • There were soo many butterflies! She looks like her mother when she smiles😊

  • Denzel is the best Equalizer hands down🙌🏾! I still can’t tell what happened in all of the scenes in the first one a few because I had to turn away A LOT, and then it got to the point where I had to mute the movie because he had me shooketh! Needless to say I didn’t watch the second because because the first one was too intense! CBS need to re-air the first episode of Latifah’s show because I didn’t see it, they should not do a premiere the night of the Super Bowl. People just watched a game that lasted more than three hours!

  • I've always had great respect for Queen Latifah. Indeed a beautiful and gifted lady. Thanks for posting.

  • I love the expression of spring awe, the accepted but pained passing against the beauty of new bright life , like passage in art.

  • 👑👑👑👑

  • 8:52 c'mon this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cheeeeesy. holy lord, they not even trying! please Queen, get back to singles with Badu. TV is not your thing.

  • I Love you Queen latifah you are the best keep up the good work

  • I used to watch the original "The Equalizer" with the late, great Edward Woodward, back in the mid-1980s. It was a TV series that ran for 4 seasons in the UK. It was made by Universal and ran on CBS in the US. I like the way Washington did the movies, and now the great Queen Latifah is rebooting it for TV! I must find out whether I can watch it in the UK.

  • Oh you gorgeous Queen. How I LOVE this woman! What a treasure and ray of light she is ;)

  • Dana Owens is my girl!!! She been great for years, but her turn in Hairspray did it for me. Love her

  • The Super Bowl was a shit show.

  • World championship? which world? USA? cant cook out this arrogance from miss Q and Stephen C! NFL is only present in USA i think :)

  • I've always had a crush on her.😊

  • I 💜 Queen Latifah & the Shirt she's wearing tonight😉 I wonder if that's part of her collection??? Ps. She's Awesome in her New Show the Equalizer!!!

  • The British version was amazing. Always loved The Queen. Should be great.

  • This past year has aged everybody... except Queen Latifah - she looks younger, fresher & prettier all the time! Remarkable.

  • She's one of the people I'd like to meet in real life.

  • 👑💓💓🔥🔥👏👏Love the Queen, since I was a teen!! One of my favorite icons, love you, your royal highness Latifah!!👑💓💓💓✌️✌️

  • Love you Queen. Thanks for shooting some scenes of The Equalizer in Newark! Brick City proud!! Yess!!

  • Queen is a treasure! so much to teach us, positive role model, keeps getting better year by year... wise beautiful woman... if she's speaking, im listening... lots of to you, Queen Latifah! Living legend

  • 💜✨💜 love the Queen

  • Welcome to you latifah.

  • I'm not understanding her "you gotta fix everything, cook everything, clean everything...." thread about how COVID changes people's lives. Many people have been cooking, cleaning, fixing, and the other stuff she mentioned before COVID and most of their lives. It's called living responsibly and within one's means. Not everyone can afford take out, handymen, house cleaners, and the like. Wish she wouldn't have gone all celebrity with those comments. She is a talented performer, though and seems to be a sincerely nice person.

    • Everyone doesn't have to work 16 hours a days, 6 days a week. 11 months out the year to make a living. So try not to hate on someone else success

  • Ten thumbs up! Queen Latifah your still gorgeous! Please please make a sequel to Taxi and Last Holiday?

  • Ram ram ji 🙏

  • I love Queen L. She is so well spoken and seems lovely. But, The Equalizer? Sorry, it won’t be her that makes me watch. Chris Noth??? I’m in. I stopped watching Law and Order when he left, just wasn’t the same for me, so excited to see this show.

  • Look good for her age. Has quite a career. Good for her. Can't wait to see her in that Adam Sandler movie called Hustle.

  • Actually you do it basically just play for the domestic viewers. The rest of the world still amazed of something such as “ Super Bowl, because doesn’t happen anywhere but here, playing a “sport” that is popular only here.

  • Yay Latifa! ... and you & the show too, Colbert :)

  • ❤️

  • I’m not sure about the show but I think I will watch it because of the star. She’s great.

  • Mona Lisa's got nothing, on Queen Latifah's smile. As corny as it sounds, it IS like a ray of sunshine.

  • Queen, U r beautiful

  • You absolute beauty. More gorgeous than ever. I aspire to aging this gracefully.

  • Thou hast been Knighted by the Queen!🤺👸🏾

  • She described the beauty and tragedy so eloquently. She certainly is a Queen.

  • Looking gorgeous 😍

  • Unbelievable-not a single mention of the wonderful original series or the great Edward Woodward! Very tacky, Colbert. I didn't even know there was a movie with Denzel Washington in it. Sounds like it sucks, too.

  • I think promoting a narrative where someone leaves the CIA, and by extension the government, for answering to a wealthy elite rather than some internal CIA conflict is the exact thing feeding the distrust of our government that is rocking this country to it core.

  • I love you too, Ms. Queen Latifah, for your incredible talent as an actor with your gorgeous voice! Thank you for being you! 💖😍💖

  • a natural beauty!

  • Ahhhhh ... Queen Latifah ... thanks!

  • She is elegant, with an underlying sensuality

  • I subscribed to Hulu just to binge on Living Single.

  • I love this lady..

  • She is one of the most beautiful people on the planet.

  • Queen Latifah. 😍

  • Who’s the first first person that comes to mind when you think of the Equalizer? Denzel Washington, Idris Elba, maybe Mark Wahlberg, or a number of tough people? It sure as hell isn’t Queen Latifah. Whoever thought this was a good idea should be fired.

  • When _The Queen_ says "You're doing a good job, keep it up" you don't say "Thank You." You say "Yes Ma'am" and get down to business,

  • The Queen does look beautiful

  • Edward Woodward was the 1st best Equalizer. Sorry Denzel and Queen Latifah.

  • Americans are so full of themselves. Is NOT a world championship, it NOT a world stage and the world is NOT watching.

  • I love Queen Latifah so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And omg she is so beautiful!

  • This interview was too short.

  • I am totally in love with this woman. 👑🖤💞💜💛

  • I watched her recent work (the Equalizer) on Sunday after the super bowl, and it is sick, as the kids say these days. My DVR is ready for next week's episode.

  • Absolutely aging like one of the finest wines ever produced. Just gorgeous.

    • @debbiedoodiedandi Yes, yes. I need to know her beauty secrets!

    • Right?!? She needs to share her secrets! She looks amazing!

  • She's 3 he's 2 the first was a British actor in the 80s. Apparently people for got about it. Irony hu.

  • I absolutely LOVE Queen Latifah! 👸🏾❤ She has been one of my (non-familial) inspirations since I was a child.

  • The world doesn’t revolve around the US...🙄 Most people don’t care about your hand throwing oval object game that you call football.

  • 💜☮️ 🤙

  • Love her! 💖 Gene Belcher: "Queen Latifah give me strength!"

  • Lover her! More life success and happiness to the Queen.

  • World champion game..... Of one country.

  • Queen Latifah is one Bad Ass Warrior Goddess!

  • The Queen looks amazing and is amazing. Go on forever girl.

  • the Queen Latifah love in the comment section is beautiful, and it shows her inner beauty touching so many people’s lives. I’ve always looked up to her.

  • If you don't love the Queen you're not human.

  • Always Smart, Always Talented, Always Beautiful. The Queen

  • She's still looking good and funny as always

  • I always forget how pretty Queen is.

  • Queen Latifah keeps getting more and more beautiful ♥♥♥

  • A world championship that only the US. plays

  • Not worldchampionship game or stage.

  • Take a beloved franchise. Shiyte upon it. I am sad for her, it is another show to be cancelled after 1st season.

  • The ORIGINAL Equalizer was a fun show. Denzel? Never realized. The Queen will be an interesting take. LOOK AT THE ORIGINAL, 1985, Edward Woodward.