Ethan Gruska "On The Outside" - Late Show #PlayAtHome

Birt 5 ágú 2020
Singer, songwriter and producer Ethan Gruska treats us to this #PlayAtHome performance of "On The Outside," from his new album "EN GARDE" which is available now on Warner Records. #EthanGruska #OnTheOutside #PlayAtHome
Filmed at “Sound City”
Directed by Christoper Macken
Musicians -
Abraham Rounds - Drums
Mason Stoops - Guitar
Gabriel Noel - Bass
Ryan Hommel - Guitar
Sam Gendel - Saxaphone
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  • I don't get see the show anymore, but 3x a day CBS sends me a clip, teaser. I hate you, CBS.

    • CBS is still available on TV and on the internet at CBS all access.

  • That snare is wicked. How do I get that sound?

  • Love it! Room balancing... towels on the drums and all. Very Nice!

  • Why are you taking more time off Colbert we need you right now. Get back to work fool. You just came back from two weeks off WTF? You're worse than Congress

  • That wink at 3:00 😂

  • i am not criticizing i am sorry i am very sick im 58 in a wheel chair my son was over dosed by ambulance which puts type 1 into a coma the ER gave him more insulin which sends you into cardiac arrest nothing brings you bake 22 dead 17 months still waiting for coroner to get death certificate and reason death i love kids i love this family they had problems go threw it of late the kids push her to feeling down all kids play parents against each other that is what i was saying no reason to insinuate bad at least the family know i leave things to help when she ask anyone know how to do things

  • I add my voice to those who are asking where the program is. I'm sure it's a challenge to everyone on the crew to put programs together, under these circumstances. And, I certainly hope that all concerned are well enough ... physically and emotionally ... to be able to continue working. Michelle Obama just spoke, on her podcast, about dealing with a "low grade" depression, stemming from the political/social upheaval that we're all experiencing. People in media cannot take a "break" from following, and re-working the headlines. But, you do a great service to those of us who watch. You are appreciated. That said, we hope to have the comforting monologues back soon.

  • Love the music but what has happened to clips from shows. Is Colbert on vacation?

  • How could anybody dislike this song?

    • I don’t know, maybe they actually listened to it.

  • If you like Fleetwood Mac...

  • Where’s the monologue

  • Well, hand me a beer!

  • Its been almost two weeks . WHERE IS STEPHEN COLBERT !!!!!?????!?!?!

    • @Dhwani Sanghavi thank you . he is back . funny as ever . honestly that joke about bro truck testicles in french or whatever killed me

    • He was disappeared after his last episode mocking the person woman man camera tv.

    • Jorge Hernandez I agree, its frustrating, he keeps disappearing!!


  • Stephen Colbert whhhhheeeeerrrrrreeeee aaaaarrrrrreeeeeeeeeee Yyyyyyyoooooooouuuuuu???? DAMN IT!!!!😁

  • Hello my friend i hop every things alright very nice upload , liked and all i apreciate if you can check on my last upload too

  • En Garde one of my favorite releases of the year!

  • Great tune.

  • Wish I could afford those beatiful instruments to toy with. All l got was you got no talent to waste money on you, get out and get a job

  • gorgeous brothers!

  • Cool

  • So pleasant to listen to.

  • Permanent vacation Colbert?

    • Phil Carroll 😂

    • I know, right? Kimmel, Colbert, Corden, Meyers, Noah, Fallon - your vacation requests have henceforth been denied until Jan 21.

  • Pizza

  • who?

  • Stephen Colbert was on Epstines Flight List. I've seen it on Q Anon's drops.

    • @Phil Carroll I'm willing to listen. I'm open minded. What do you mean by "There is a reason for that"?

    • A. C. Exploration nothing ever happens with those drops. Ever. Action is always “just around the corner”. There’s a reason for that.

  • First!

  • why the future doesn't need us from bill joy bill joy Ted talk love your enemies luke 6 27-36

  • Did someone say: “Glasses Shopping, Tomorrow?”

  • 6th comment

  • Bravo.

  • And they are still broadcasting repeats...

  • 😍😍

  • second?

  • Nice song First