Stephen Is Ecstatic About The Biden-Harris Win, But Says We Can Not Be Complacent

Birt 9 nóv 2020
Stephen pops open some champagne and joins the throngs of Americans who are celebrating the historic victory by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but reminds us that with the pandemic raging, our long national nightmare isn't over and it's time to get to work. #Colbert #Monologue #KamalaHarris
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  • Were s. The. Love.

  • No. Reason. To. Stop. Drinking

  • He's happy for a guy about to pay 20% more in taxes. 🤔

  • No matter what, Trump is a great President... ...for me to poop on!!!! - Triumph the insult dog

  • Just for the record, I think Trump is the worst post WWII President America's had (well, to be fair, second worst, after George W Bush). I'm happy Trump lost! I supported Biden as the lesser of two evils... but here is where we need to stop deluding ourselves! I see many fellow left-wingers and liberals praising Biden and Harris, calling them "decent"... and this is the kind of thing that annoys me. Biden is not "decent," he is spineless! When it was mainstream to be racist, he was racist! HE SUPPORTED THE IRAQ WAR! He supported the bailouts, and both the arms industry and Wall Street are prominent amongst his surrounding and donors... are we all going to pretend it isn't so? Obama came to power on a platform of change, he opposed the Iraq War, and ended up bombing more countries than Bush and did nothing about police racism, are we going to pretend his Vice, Biden, had nothing to do with Obama's demonstration taking a more conservative course of action than promised? As for Kamala Harris, I see many talking about her "inspiring girls"... bloody hell, I hope girls don't take her as a role model! Are we going to pretend like her name wasn't associated with wrongful convictions for a big part of her career? That she didn't fight against federal court supervision when it was found in 2011 (Brown v Plata) that California prisons were overcrowded and were full of abuse and over-the-top punishments? Are we going to pretend like none of that happened? Both Biden and Harris represent the worst in politics, two people without morals who are willing to back war or incarceration if that advances their careers. If criticism doesn't come from the left, it will come from the right. The left are the ones who need to hold Biden and Harris accountable, the progressives within the Democratic Party must fight to make America better.

  • watching this again

  • Where is hillary, a woman in the white house, she must be so happy!!!

  • Don't put too much on Biden

  • Her speech gave me chills.

  • That is why we need to shut down.

  • Colbert/MSM - Stop the #LyingCoverup - Continue at your own further Risk of Treason, Sedition & Subversion. Watch "Raw Data Confirms in 68 Seconds Tens of Thousands of Votes Switched: Brian Trascher" on ISchats Team Trump >>> Please help by posting this entire message on every MSM Comments Section you can find. Don't bother with Colbert - I will take care of that "Sellout" myself... We all need to help de-escalate the violence which will erupt when a nation fully realizes it has been victimized by MSM-generated Leftist Propaganda for more than the last 4 years. Suck it up liars HRC/ObamaBiden/Comey&Co/Muller/HarrisCrew and all of the others - The Lights Are On and an Entire Nation can clearly see you now. Peanut Butter & Rat Traps all around... ...

    • Can we all agree that Joe ran in like that just to rub it Trumps face? I'm loving it

  • That Biden running impression still cracks me n my mates up... Stephen is sunshine in our lives :-)

    • I will never, ever get sick of seeing that Road From the White House graphic, it's a goddamn masterpiece!

  • anyone who has tds that intense is hiding some pretty dark stuff Steven please do'nt Robin Williams yourself'

  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Fun fact: I'm a Canadian working in China. When I heard the news I was in a Chinese hotel in quarantine, dancing around in my underwear screaming "WOOOOOOO", surrounded by rooms of Chinese people wondering why the white guy has lost his fucking mind.

  • Hello? Can any one of you liberals care to give me concrete evidence that Mitch McConnell is receiving money from Russia? So far none of you have. So I’m assuming all of you are full of crap. As usual.

  • Indictments Pending Sidney is now saying it looks like the Dominion/Scanmatic systems allocates approx 1.23 for a Biden vote and .77 for a Trump vote. She now says she can prove it - Fraud Suit to be filed this week between Wednesday and Friday. TEAR 'EM UP Sidney... MSM - Your Number Is Up..!

  • Biden fraud election easy to win

  • Just ignoring the fact that the Biden family is the most corrupt in the history of US politics?

  • Can we all agree that Joe ran in like that just to rub it Trumps face? I'm loving it

  • Steeeeeeve

  • Strreeeve😍💋💞💖💚😀😀

  • He is just maronete not president gfys

    • care about justice, or you think you get to decide when justice Matters. If you dont bring this criminal to bear you must have secrets you dont want out or you are just a coward.

  • And he used to be funny but really was he funny he's a joke

  • Hahahahaha jealousy is real.this is an example

  • I will never, ever get sick of seeing that Road From the White House graphic, it's a goddamn masterpiece!

  • Can we all agree that Joe ran in like that just to rub it Trumps face? I'm loving it

  • Now stephen can start doing comedy..

  • That “EYYY EVERYBODYYY” sounded like Stephen has already had a couple glasses of that champagne 😂

  • I love this guy :)

  • It seems fake like they knew they didn't win fair and square

    • Look at this lunatic someone should stuff a sock in his mouth

  • 😇

  • the endor celebration got me HAHA

  • what a fool Colbert... you are so pathetic.

    • You lost. Get over it.

  • 3:36 I'm dying🤣🤣🤣

  • So glad is over! It’s good news for the world !!!!

  • i love your videos so much !?

  • Dear Stephen without your humor I could not have survived all this election stress.... love to you all, a dutch guy.

  • Short lived celebration. Biden now doesnt want to investigate Trump. Wonder why that is Joe. He needs to be black before you can say it's ok, is that it. Or is it because you dont care about justice, or you think you get to decide when justice Matters. If you dont bring this criminal to bear you must have secrets you dont want out or you are just a coward. That you would consider letting Trump off easy shows how racist, entitled and out of touch you are. I will never support Joe Biden for anything if he doesnt get justice for Trumps crimes, I will never forgive his cowardice.

    • thank you for this nice video ??. I like it.

  • I lived in the city 12 hours ahead of EST. When the vote counts were rolling in (on EST Nov 4 2020 morning), I was depressed, not remembering about the mail-in ballots. So I took a break from the Internet and had my dinner. Before I went to sleep (already 1- 2 AM my time zone) the Trumpists on my Facebook turned from jubulant to dismay. Then for another 5 or 6 days I watched Trump's leads in multiple states evaporated..... so good to see Trumpists descended from ecstasy to outwright grief.

  • make america america again

  • All the idiotic republicans in the comments are like “ITS NOT OVER YET” even after every single lawsuit gets thrown out, grumps lawyers get laughed out of court.

    • Oh It's OVER...

    • They had better hope the judges keep laughing, because if they stop, they're probably going to take their licenses away.

    • and laughed out of press conferences!

  • I was at work when a co-worker told me about the announcement. My day was already fine, but I just felt so much happier the rest of the day.

  • That little girl watching VP-elect Harris. ❤️ She is seeing her potential future.

  • Look at this lunatic someone should stuff a sock in his mouth

  • I'm going with Hunter to celebrate the Big Guy's victory. We're hitting Arkansas and then China...who's in?

  • Traveling the Outer Limits. When you listen to this you start to intuit why we haven't so much as picked up a signal to indicate technologically advanced life in space. The time barriers are too vast. To the eventual point where time would slow down for a spacecraft if it could even travel light speed, because the universe is accelerating. We may never have contact with advanced alien life. And if we do it will probably be thousands of years from now - and that's a fraction of a second out there. Our only "universe" is what we are - pathetically wrapped in our petty affairs of greed and power. It's all up to us to make what we are or destroy what we are.

  • Not too fast

  • As a Canadian I’ve never ever paid so much attention to American politics in my 41 years of life! I’ll really be looking forward to not worrying that the American president is going to start a nuclear war cause someone said something he didn’t like!! I’ve never been so scared of an American president before as an allied country! It won’t be safe until he’s out of the White House, and I’m not sure ever actually cause he has national secrets that I’m sure he’ll give up to the enemy to save himself from debt. Trump needs to be locked up and I’m not sure the American government is thinking about the future! They should be putting laws in effect so he can’t pardon himself or his family or anyone in the administration! Americans should be demanding this from their leaders now before January 20th!

    • Trump prevented war with North Korea , Biden will do the exact opposite

    • What I fear most is that Trump was just the canary for other Republicans. They either sent him in like shock troops to test the strength of our democracy's defenses, or he acted that way and they allowed it because they wanted to alter the norms under which we operate. I'm not saying Trump wasn't and isn't still scary, but...keep your eyes open for a more sophisticated, pleasant, polite-for-company wannabe dictator from that party in the future. One who's now aware of what he can get away with.

  • "The stolen 4 years from my life by Trump" is finally coming to an end

  • Hope isn’t stupid I knew it! I’m celebrating still🕺🕺🕺❤️🕊🕊🕊🕊🤩🤩🤩

  • Trump- : i humbly concede to Joe Biden that the Americans gave their answer and they said 'you're fired, get out of here.' 🤣🤣🤣

  • Do you feel that knot in your stomach? That uneasiness that says I won't feel relaxed until Joe Biden has been'd do well to pay attention to that gut feeling.

  • *Dominion system says what?*

  • *Fun fact I'm as much President elect as Biden*

  • Lmao I can't wait for these videos to turn into trolling videos once Trump gets reinstated due to the fraudulent votes. All these people dancing will become the same ones that will riot and burn everything down.

  • Covid19 exposed covid45 bye Donald

  • You seem complacent now.

  • 12:50 so true . 4yrs of intellect and growth wasted . science means knowledge .

  • Let's not forget guys...Trump can still get us nuked before January.

  • 5:50 when i see people so happy and cheering it just reminds me of how much 45 sucked and what a waste of 4 yrs with a hateful psycho creep .

  • He’s the scoundrel in cheap

  • It's going to be nice to have an educated president again. Scientific literacy is one of those bare minimum things expected from you as an adult. The man never had to actually work for anything, so it's no surprise that he is a bit on the dim side.

  • What a Hollywood sellout.

  • Somewhere Sarah Palin is spinning in her grave. LoL 😂😂💩😷

  • I wonder how many know Michael Moore is now a fifth column If you don't know, now you know... not sure exactly when he changed [2011-2013] but he changed....he's been subtly providing the evidence of this change Plausible deniability perhaps....but fifth column he is

  • Joe? ........................... Joe Mama

  • I did IT!!!

  • Zion! 😫😂😭

  • I just watched a documentary titled: While the Rest of US DIE, with the sub title :"Doomsday and the president." This thing scared the hell out of me. It shows about all the underground bunkers that can withstand a NUCLEAR attack. The president can tear up the constitution, and declare all out nuclear war anytime he wants to. With all the shit fits he has been throwing about losing the election, and the more insane he gets, This might be his last resort, and he WILL take it. With ALL the other COLD, and CRUEL, and Godless, EVIL he has done, HE WILL push the button! I got this documentary from a DISH channel 271, called VICE. EVERYBODY has to see this documentary, because this is what is coming if that DEMON isn't stopped! This isn't some stupid conspiracy theory. this is based on FACT.

  • Poor guy. What will he do after January 20th when he can't say Biden's predecessor's name 5,000 times per show?

  • wrong. The office of the president elect is a made up term. Literally means nothing. Recounts and outstanding lawsuits in these battleground states will decide the election. Dominion voting systems hacked the election, Trump actually won the election with 410 electoral votes. The biggest winning margin in modern history. He won California. Our US military revealed this information by seizing sensitive information in Frankfurt Germany just the other day. You can sense colbert’s fake happiness, he’s in on it, globalist pig. Time will tell all

  • Smile and let everyone know that today, you’re a lot stronger than you were.☺️🥰

  • never give permanent feelings to a temporary person 😏💥💥

  • Joe Biden didn’t win lol

  • MVP award should go to Mrs. Colbert. She made many of our quarantine moments extra special. 🥰

  • When Kamala was speaking it reminded me of the words Dumbledore spoke to Harry in half blood prince-- "It is important to fight and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then can evil be kept at bay though never quite eradicated." - Albus Dumbledore

  • Hello everyone, Melania Trump to her Divorce Attorney Stand Back and Stand By

  • I hope everyone in the US much more peaceful 4 years ahead!!

  • You are NOT the electoral commission. KNOW YOUR PLACE.

  • 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • The DOJ under RFK was aware of a maneuver during the early 60s in the South of graveyard names on voting registries. But the North generally didn't ever do that if there was fraud up north it was usually voting twice in 2 counties.

  • Press 5

  • Let the Trumpers start shooting. Secret Service will render them extinct.

  • Independent for Republican States


  • The man so nice, he’s going to the WH Twice 💛💛

  • Colbert, you’re a treasure!

  • Divorce is coming for the orange gooo

  • 2:48 Proud Tamil People !!


  • Awesome!!'

  • I so enjoy you and your family! You make listening to news easier to digest 🤗 thank you for what you do, don't stop 💜💜 be blessed!

  • Yet biden voters still tearing up cities and shooting ea other! Yeahhhh

    • No. These are 1. people enraged by inequalities and demonstrable, racist police brutality and 2. a few criminals taking advantage of the chaos sown by Trump and his minions. You might have noticed that far more Democrats voted by mail-in ballot because Democrats are more aware of the risks of congregating in public, which makes them more intelligent and responsible. They aren't likely to be out rioting. By the way, are you at all concerned by the riots instigated by the murderous right-wing Charlottesville mob and the fact that the arch-hypocrite Trump had peaceful protesters tear-gassed so he could pose with an upside-down Bible? No, didn't think so. (And yes, I get the "Hauptmann Schicklgruber" moniker, which tells me all I need to know about you.)

  • Donald Trump is like a toxic ex partner that a person has had to deal with so much that now being with a healthy partner kind of feels unsettling to them at first LOL.

  • I hate this guy..he sucks

  • Four Seasons Landscaping...nothing wrong with an honest business, but the trump gang booking a pressie there is sheer stupidity and incompetence. trump probably booked it himself. Who could be that stupid?

  • I am pretty sure John Mc Cain is partying right now. Good job Arizona ! You did not forget all the bs Doll Head said👏👏👏👏

  • Who else is watching this so they can savor when the votes are counted and Biden is disqualidied?

    • If you try watching some non-wackjob media, it might begin to percolate through your brainwashed mind that Biden won't be disqualidied. He won't even be disqualified.

  • Ok here I go.... first thing...This is not the United States of Trump it's the United States of America and Trump better get that fast cause his ass has been fired...... now on to Mr president Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris they did an amazing job kicking ass I loved every minute of it. Trump needed to get off his high horse and Biden was the man to knock him off it he needed to lose something in life cause he's to much in his own head and his truly hurting the American people he is watching people die all over the place and doing nothing but lie cheat the American people and I don't like...