Blake Shelton On Marrying Gwen, His Weight Loss Goals, And Why They Hid Their Love From Adam Levine

Birt 12 feb 2021
EXTENDED INTERVIEW - "The Voice" coach and country music superstar Blake Shelton opens up about his engagement to Gwen Sefani, the reason they hid their love from Adam Levine for so long, and the pounds he promised Luke Byran he'd lose before the wedding.
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  • Priceless interview. Congratulations.


  • I haven't boycotted Gwen and Blake, but America has boycotted the NFL!!

  • Don't know what Gwen sees in him

  • Obviously they shouldn’t get married

  • Hmm all i know after 3 marriages after the paper is signed shit gets real😤😤

  • Omg blake wait 20 years

  • I Always go to the Whistle Stop in Juliet ..OMG .hmm the best

  • Lol you just enjoy Goergia green fried tomatoes 💞💞💞

  • She is the lucky one. He is a great guy. Not many good guys like Blake. Authentic

  • Love Gwen...Love Blake...together they are DYNAMIC. Blake has to be the hottest guy on the planet and Gwen is amazing no matter what she does.😍😍😍😍😍

  • love it

  • Oh wow. Another country song about hard times.

  • Honestly low key love this type of covid - zoom interview - the stars are always so much more relaxed and talkative and it’s like we are just watching two friends catch up!!!!

  • I think she is lucky Blake

  • Cant stand him first thing you dump the so called love of your life for Gwen gross I don’t like her either both can burn in hell

  • Seriously, who cares. Two people met, fell in love and are getting married. It happens everyday, in the world. Celebrities....why are people obsessed with celebrities. Happiness to them, as to any couple who falls in love. Their upcoming marriage is not any more important, than non celebrity people. Our society is obsessed. Get over all these reality shows and talk show hosts-(who kiss celebrities butts.) 😂Yawn

  • Love these two!!! I want to know how they got together and how two totally opposite people worked?

  • Yes love Blake and Gwen

  • Blake, you don't need to lose weight. Your just so handsome sexy country man!! My sweet ❤ My babe!!

  • Suggest High Fat Low Carb to lose weight.

  • I peeped that love vibe between them 2 when they were in the voice 😍 but I thought it was all for rating 🤣 They look so cute together!

  • Come to Texas,,,,were opened up Wednesday March 10th

  • Who cares

  • I get it opposites attract. My husband and I are like that. He's the popular jock type that married the smart nerdy girl. It works out in the end.

  • Blake I DON'T think you need to lose weight at all. U LOOK GREAT the way you are!! Just be YOU!! Look in the mirror you LOOK GREAT!!! #TeamBlake #MinimumWage #Loveit ❤🐾🔥😘🤠

  • Amazing 😂 examples of shacking up together....oops living tog. great couple .lol ... sexually involved first...then the proposal. SWEEEEET! Do a song on this Blake.

  • Blake on that show. Obviously he sold his souls to evil ways of the world. Miranda went on to marry a real person, knowing Blake was headed towards evil ways. Clear as day NOW.

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  • Blake is the greatest singer, great personality, he and Gwen are so cute those two and congratulations!

  • Necromancer much? 😂

  • Blake never looks happy anymore!!

  • Love u guys. Pleeze invite me to ur wedding

  • God damn it. Gwen is so lucky. He is sexy as hell. Big sexy man.

  • Just a normal down-to-earth cool guy😍

  • Where's Gwen these days Blake??? 🤣😹

  • You and Gwen are not in love you guys have a goal and its called making money.

  • Country music died the day Merle haggard Waylon Cash and Jones died bc George Jones sang a song whose gonna fill their shoes. The answer NO ONE. Especially not you Blake you can't even hang with your buddies bc of Gwen.

  • I wish Blake Shelton I wish I wish you hadn't been on this man show I mean you could be on any show in America why this man this Joe Biden person now Blake Shelton I know that you ain't for that because you know how many people have lost their jobs do you know what America is turning to and did you know the price of gas is going up to $5 a gallon do you know that there's a lot of homeless people out here right now because of the China Joe Biden virus out of all the shows you could have been on y in the hell would you get on this man's show I mean really

  • Wow it’s been 20 years Blake I’m your fan for a very long time

  • Pandering to liberals is not attractive.

  • I love Blake Shelton..from Beth Lewis!

  • I though he didn’t like fat people

  • I hope god blesses blake and Gwen i this that opposites attract and i think they look great together and i think that there marriage to going to last forever there awesome together i love them both


  • What’s the big deal. Celebrities are just as human and live like plain old people and would love to be under the radar. Can we get thru COVID ALIVE

  • I love Blake. Soft spoken n wish him n his Sweetheart well. Can't wait to watch the wedding.

  • My one and only Blake Shelton!!! Love you Blake!!

  • The sharp liver systemically appreciate because ounce ironically raise during a funny file. spiffy, unusual restaurant

  • He is soooo cute... he loves her!!

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  • I do love Country and Country men. But if Blake was not a Country man how could you not love him? He is a down to earth man not changed by his fame or wealth from what I can see. He is "real". God bless him.

  • Lol 😆😆😆

  • Blake...good humor, strong loving personality!! Love Blake!!💞

  • Gwen is lucky and so is he. Beautiful couple

  • Blake is smart. I don't think he lets his Politics be known but I guarantee you he is more conservative than these celebs know. Good for him.

  • Cheaters will always be cheaters.

  • I love Blake. He is exactly the type of person I love being around. I can’t wait for the new season of The Voice to get going. This week! It cracks me up the way Blake and the others give each other hell all the time. So much fun! I hope he and Gwen have a beautiful life together. God Bless them.

  • Whelp this will be number 3 then he'll be onto someone else!

  • Best way to lose weight is to do what Gwen does .all of it will work and Illuminate the beer salty foods and Fried.. have grapefruits. Citris drinks. With or without marriage lol.

  • Great interview Stephen. Blake Shelton is definitely a hottest & funny.

  • Opposites Attract they say. I’m glad they got together I think it will work out for a long time.

  • This couple represents everything I love..🎼👠🇺🇸🥾🍌💋🎵💄🖤🎼

  • What a great Guy! Gwen's a lucky lady!

  • Blake I'm a women from Oklahoma and am so happy for you and Gwen you just prove opposites do attract!

  • Who cares, it ain't like she hasn't been on it before.

  • Steph hen Colbert such a Blake though

  • Love.😀❤🙏🌍

  • I can’t believe Blake is with Gwen. She is a satanist 🤮

  • Gwen Stafani is a cannibal

  • Man!!! They're one of my fav couples!!! Congratulations to you both💕 Tell Adam to hush-up😂we love him to 💋

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  • Love Blake❤️...not so much Colbert👎

  • Love Blake, Stephen will never compare...

  • Won't last a year

  • Please dye your hair Blake. Thank you

  • Weight loss.... exercise 1/3 more than you eat, walk don't sit in a car. Bike, and breathe. Never think diet think health. Buy some clothes a size bigger so you are comfortable. Never look down on yourself, drink healthy carbo waters also. Always have cut, washed veggies in the fridge with dips for snacking. Almonds, unsalted and roasted sunflower seeds. Moderate your portions. Eat when Hungry...never after 7 p.m. Juice once per week.

  • When I first start watching the Voice, I thought Blake was hilarious 😂. Never heard of him and was wondering why they had a comedian judging a singing competition. Love Blake and I am not a country fan but a huge fan of Blake

  • Gwen back off the nails, makeup, outrageous so called country outfits. You don’t need all that superficial beauty habits. Y’all saying that they are so nice, like they are your bffs, we know what media tells and what they share with the public.

  • Can't stand Colbert, BUT LOVE BLAKE !!

  • The super bowl was a total satanic nwo show..she also was an Epstein island regular..discussed these people are NOT who you think they are..#thegreatawakening has woke your eyes people..🙄

  • How many watch the superbowl? LOL it had the lowest ratings in decades. LOL

  • Kind of upset Blake Shelton is on such an idiotic anti America show. The Voice shall soon be a thing of the past

  • Love, love, love! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Stephen, I love you, your views........etc, because they ARE like mine! IMagine thaT! Yet, I got to say SO look like you are mimicking Larry King on this interview..........maybe take an alone vacation with your, buddy, lovely, best friend, girlfriend and Wife...........go Stephen!!!

  • I think Gwen is the lucky one. Blake is so funny cute.

  • She looks like she is made of plastic


  • I still wish Blake and Miranda could get back together ❤. They were the perfect country couple.

    • Sadly it didn't work out Blake and Gwen have that forever spark that was meant to be

  • I sure hope Qwen juicy chrome didn't turn Blake it would make sense

    • She sold her sould for Blake ok

  • Blake is gorgeous!!! I love his voice. Gwen deserves the BEST!!! That commercial is AWESOME 🤩

  • This hair style is better and looks younger

  • 🤩🤩🤩💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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  • I've been following Blake for many years and sad to say, Gwen wasn't part of my music choices. They are both lovely people and I wish them all the best.

  • Blake I want to comment about that phone on fire after the Superbowl ad statement. Same thing happened to my hubby people would call all hours of the night when they saw his episode and the replay of one of those reality episodes on BLM lands. Blake is correct everybody notices when you are on a popular show!

  • Once a CHEATER, always a CHEATER! I HOPE gwen does the same thing to him, as he done to MIRANDA!

  • Blake's handsome, clever, humble and humbling. Who else thinks Gwen is lucky too?

  • I hope they are happy forever. Im happy for them all, including the kids.

  • I think that he looks super hot now. 😗