Foggy Pine Books Owner Reacts With Shock To Colbert Super Bowl Special Commercial

Birt 9 feb 2021
Last night after the Super Bowl, small business owner Mary Ruthless watched in shock as Stephen Colbert ran a segment on their Boone, NC bookstore and premiered a commercial for the store starring Sam Elliott and Tom Hanks. Foggy Pine Books has been busy filling orders ever since! Find your next adventure book at #Colbert #ALateShow #FoggyPineBooks
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  • This was a very, very good thing to do. Well done to the Colbert crew.

  • I just miss going to book stores. Does anyone else wish they could go to the Boone Saloon now too?

  • I've had a long day and I'm literally just sitting here crying because Stephen Colbert used someone's they/them pronouns on national television

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  • I like pee breaks.

  • Oooh, they cuuute!

  • More of this.

  • As a local to Boone, this is incredible. No words.


  • If only I could move down to Boone, NC. I'm sure I could make more working at a bookstore than I am with my current part time job.

  • Clearly, finally falling prey to Big Little Bookstore Money, eh? .

  • I love indie bookstores!!! They care so much about the community and listen to what the public wants. CONGRATS FOGGY PINE! 💕

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  • This was beautiful. 😭

  • Mary looks like if Gollum bleached his skin and went punk....

  • What a lovely thing to do 🥰

  • This is just simply delightful

  • Stephen couldn't get a professional singer?

  • I love Jon's hat...

  • 1:32 to skip to content

  • John’s hat: bellhop, singing telegram, or Moroccan carpet merchant?

  • It settles the question. You don’t have to be a decent human being to succeed in the United stated.

  • what a wonderful thing to do!

  • She's Beautiful!

  • Remember to also support the local bookstore near you

  • Boone is the Humboldt of North Carolina

  • Please please please DO THIS MORE OFTEN for many more small businesses. F**k Amazon

  • That's great.

  • Colbert! This lol

  • her eyes were closed because shes lying 3:12

  • This trans household and Boone native sees what you've done, and I'm SO HAPPY.

  • You'll get more pee breaks working,than working at Amazon. I almost died with that one 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mary Ruthless is an awesome name. It sounds like a character from a spy novel that works in an unassuming profession by day, and is a lethal mercenary by night. Imagine an action franchise built around a name like that!

  • I love how pronoun friendly Stephen is, using "they". Respect and love to the shop owner!

  • Why in Gods name is Tom Hanks singing and promoting books from the beginning of the 2nd war ?

  • Her reaction is awesome. Yay books! :))

  • It would be so great if this were a regular feature of the show - featuring small ethical businesses that need the ad boost.

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  • Bravo

  • They have a “tip jar” on their website, so you can drop them some coffee money if you can’t think of a book you want right now

  • A powerful and warming experience to share with everyone. When we work together, and others succeed, we all succeed.

  • Might be a good idea for people thinking about ordering books online from Foggy Pine to set a calendar reminder to do it In 4-8 weeks. That's what I'm doing. Too many orders in a short time can be almost as stressful for a small business as not enough.

  • This is awesome!! Thank you, Late night staff, Stephen and Tom!

  • I'm admitting my own unconscious bias that I read "bookstore owner" and pictured a man. And this is a young lady who grew up wanting to be one... And now I'm hearing Colbert using they/them pronouns. The learning never ends...

  • This would've deserved a like for the "they" only


  • football sucks

  • I love this so much

  • How wonderful that a small business was helped!!

  • Thank you all for doing that! I live nearby in Asheville, NC and the small businesses in places like Boone make them a treasure to visit. This pandemic has been hardest on the little guys and every little bit helps. Thank you!

  • Just going to throw out there something I noticed. LOVE the normalization of gender neutral pronouns. No drawing attention to it, no making a big deal or even acknowledging that was what you were doing. Just NORMAL. Stephen you have my heart.

  • I didn’t know if I could believe that ad was real. I have tears in my eyes. Simply stunning! Thank you, Stephen for being for a force of good in this world.

  • In response to this, everyone should search for another random small business and buy from them. I'm sure Ms. Ruthless would agree that other small businesses could use a boost, too.

  • 🧡

  • "more pee breaks there, than working at Amazon..." That's it, I'm sold... packin' by bags, I'm bound for North Carolina. :)

  • Thank you Stephen for helping save my favorite bookstore!! I love this little store so much. This is a huge win for our whole town - this store is everything a bookstore should be an is a safe haven for anyone a little different in this town. Mary has done a fantastic job making it not just a store, but a gathering place for our community. It would have been a huge loss were the store not to make it. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • I got verclempt with this as you once again prove who you are Stephen Colbert & staff. Thank you for your legit & prominent position on my tRump/Covid/Solitary Quarantine Survival SWAT Team. Thank you for this reminder, this palate cleanser. After this, yet another day of rage, sorrow, disbelief, disgust, fear orchestrated by the trump, the trum-pets, the clueless base, the perennially angry & victimized & Dim GOP who still have no clue they were so close to becoming collateral damage, yet so disregarded that their injury, their demise meant nothing to their lord and master. The only way the plan could have worked is to have destroyed all of the leadership of both parties. Gives great credence to that "seal them in the tunnel & turn on the gas" text. But they are too thick to see, and so sadness & shame is added to the list of overwhelming feelings from this day. Yet you, once again, help me raise my head with hope, with joy at the connections celebrated by the show and the man that is Stephen Colbert.

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  • I want a montage of all Jon Batiste clips.

  • As an NC native I can attest to how special Boone, NC is. If you ever have the chance to visit, do!

  • I prefer Steve Young over Montana and Brady.

  • Tears in my eyes... THIS was great! Love Foggy Pine Books! Will visit you one day! Cheers and wishing you ALL the best!

  • Stephen, can you ask her and update all of us, why does the website state her as they under "our History" tab, if it was an error, "they" would like to revisit and take appropriate action. Our History Mary Ruthless, the owner/operator, has loved books since they were a very small child. So much, in fact, that they taught themself to read at the age of 3 because no one had the time to read them as many stories as they wanted to hear. This love of reading and stories clung, steadfastly, through childhood and adolescence. After changing their major many times in college at Appalachian State University, they finally decided on English Literature. The classes they took, with passionate and knowledgeable professors, only served to increase their appetite for literature.

    • According to Mary's Twitter, they use they/them pronouns.

  • Love John Baptiste! He deserves more screen time; his musical talent and positivity is just what we all need.

  • Aaaaaand they were just bought out by Amazon. And by "they", I mean North Carolina.

  • Yes. For. Respecting. Nonbinary. Pronouns.

  • So many more Pee breaks

  • it made me so happy to see Stephen use they/them pronouns so effortlessly. Thank you for representing us right!!

  • That is sooo cool! Very nice to see not only the attempt - which is good enough on its own - but the result going from near closing the business to actually having to hire more people! Think about it: not only this kept the business but also helped more people that otherwise could have been unemployed. Really really great stuff it feels my heart with joy! :D

  • Thank you for being respectful of them. Recognition means everything!!!

  • Jon looking even more beautiful

  • That is beyond cool... Bravo... !!!

  • So, I noticed that Mary preferred to be referred to as "they." As a fellow Enby, thank you Late Show, for being respectful of their pronouns.

  • tom brady reminds me of my useful and fast usps trump voter mailman.

  • Thank you Colbert and the Late Show crew and all the people who participated in making this commercial for Foggy Pine Books in Boone, NC. It’s so endearing to see small businesses lifted in this economy. THANK YOU!

  • Hats off to you Sir for utilizing your platform form to boost the business of this small book store!

  • Give Stephen Colbert a medal. I had to resist tearing up watching this.

  • I love this man more every day 🥺

  • That guy Tom H. has a really nice singing voice 🙂. And then Jon Baptiste plays "When the Saints Go Marching in"

  • This was the most wonderful acts of kindness to help a small business and save jobs during this entire pandemic. It playing during the superbowl put it over the top 💕 you are wonderful people

  • THIS is how you use They/Them pronouns!!! PERFECT. Thank you, Stephen!

  • Don't forget Sam Eliot's voice over

  • Wait. You didn't warn them so they could prepare for the influx of business beforehand? Jeebus.

  • Joe Fox promoting a small bookstore?

  • "Yawn" Y'all should come and play. Bring some of them books... and some libations...

  • Support your local (book)store

  • Stop sniffing those sharpies Mr. Colbert! And what are you talking about the braves will be marching in next year? I think that’s the sharpie talking. 😝

  • They!

  • What a joy it is to see excellent humans in action!!!

  • All i wanna know is what records you are listening to on that nifty little turntable i just noticed fornthe first time

  • I love John he rocks ✅

  • Wait. So Tom Hanks played Joe Fox in You've Got Mail. Owner of a Barnes and Noble equivalent mega bookstore than wants to crush Meg Ryan's neighbourhood Books of Wonder bookstore. Twenty three years later, he redeems himself by stepping up to help out Foggy Pine Books. Nicely done, Stephen - and Tom too. :)

  • I'm so happy that this happened!

  • Stephen, don't oversell the pee breaks. We all know the boss lady is Ruthless.

  • Thanks for promoting nonbinary pronouns! We appreciate it, bigtime. At least I do anyway, lol.

  • Foggy Pine is my local bookstore, and they SO deserve this incredible windfall and moment in the spotlight! I highly recommend getting one of their “mystery boxes” based on your interests. I bought one early in the pandemic and what they chose for me was right on the money 💰👌 💗

  • Hahahah the way he was sniffing that sharpie 😂

  • Also, if you are reading / watching, I hope you are inspired to order something from your local small business owner ... I'm sure delivery is possible!

  • Oh yeah. Steve is super concerned. A flaccid shout out to actual people eating shit in the place he ran from. Puke

  • Makes me want to go to Boone, just to buy a book at Foggy Pine ... Thank you on behalf of book sellers and book buyers and even book readers everywhere, Stephen and "A" Late Show!