John Oliver Took The "Which Muppet Are You?" Quiz And We Gave Him The Results

Birt 10 feb 2021
Which Muppet would John Oliver be if he could live in the world of Jim Henson? We made the "Last Week Tonight" host take a Buzzfeed quiz to find out, and let's just say he's not a Rowlf. #Colbert #LastWeekTonight #JohnOliver
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  • The panic from behind the camera was tangible when John Oliver was telling people to "give it a miss", I bet he got an angry phone call after the show! Fair point to him though. He's being upfront that his method hasn't changed. Informing those who haven't changed either since disliking him the first time.

  • John Oliver makes Stephen Colbert only slightly more bearable. @Last Week Tonight, Stephen holds you back from your greatest potential - playing the viola with the sound of a clowder of cats being ground in a wood chipper. P.S. You're both truly amazing.

  • 1.45 , if you wanna see the face of someone on checkmate, that’s the one .

  • As a viola player, I am pleasantly surprised to find a celebrity that played viola as well haha

  • They clearly dig and respect each other as artists/hosts/human beings that it’s really nice to see in an interview. You can tell when the host and the guest are on the same wavelength.

  • I saw John Oliver live in Baltimore two years ago. He did a bit about men's locker rooms that he totally killed.

  • Love these two.

  • my fathers favorite celebrity: Stephen Colbert my favorite: John Oliver My mothers profession: viola

  • you can tell john oliver is a violist the MOMENT he jumped in to defend why they're useful

  • I love John Oliver! And now I find out that he also plays the viola? I absolutely love it!

  • "sexual confidence", Colbert just read a whole personality thing, about defending friends in need and atitude. Stupid superfocus on sex.

  • People who can't have a nightly show have a weekly show. People who can't play a musical instrument play the viola.

  • A coworker named Ethan was from London. We would call him by diff names like Harry potter, or guy Richie. But when we called him John Oliver he said actually he knows John's family and that John sang at his christening ceremony. He said John is actually very talented musically...

  • "Okay, one hint: I'm a beloved character from our childhood" If you got the reference, congratulations. You're streets ahead

  • John Oliver himself could be a muppet.

  • I played the viola for like 4 months in elementary school and now I regret not continuing (i was too small for my viola so really the system is what stopped me)

  • omg, cocky stephen colbert is the best!!! brings back memories of the colbert report!

  • Man, I love your interviews with John Oliver, Best!

  • The fact that I can hear their mutual producer Mark absolutely WHEEEEZING with laughter at the entire interview... makes this so much better.

  • Colbert how about your opinions are USELESS. You wouldn’t know what’s good even if hit you in the head


  • Which muppet am I? MEZOO of course.

  • John is so right. The better you get the worse you realize you sound. OMG SAME

  • I feel like there needs to be a single shout out to the Turkey in the Straw song request for the viola. Somehow, the funniest moment for me.

  • I thought he was going to be Scooter. I can only surmise Scooter must not have been one of the result options.) My second guess was Gonzo - or, more accurately, Scooter with a side of Gonzo, as in Scooter most of the time, but Gonzo when on the air. 😆

  • Colbert is great! But Oliver is just x100 cooler

  • I would want John to do a show with a Belgian violist employed in England

  • The true artist doesn't need the audience. :-D

  • I think Seth Meyers was similarly astounded that John Oliver doesn't miss an audience. He's not an audience person.

  • I TOTALLY see the Miss Piggy thing!!! She is the Muppet who tells everyone off who needs to be told off, and even the way that his voice rises as he gets excited and the mannerisms he has fits with Miss Piggy in preaching/putting-it-out-there mode!!! After they chop down whatever piece of excrement needs to be sent to the woodchipper, then they both instantly return to loveable characters with inner kindness--perfect! The only other possibility is Sam the Eagle; I don't see him anywhere in the Gonzo-Beaker scale.

  • 🐷😂

  • I wonder if his Aunt Ruth taught him to play viola...she was my strings teacher here in Kingston, Ontario. John and his family lived here with her for a year or so when he was a kid.

  • I mean, he LOOKS like Gonzo...


  • Miss Piggy? Yeah I can see that

  • Fuck Stephen Colbert. This toothless hack lost his way after the Colbert Report. I wish he were half as funny as he used to be. Sadly, he lost his edge after 45 gained office and I think his cutting edge has only diminished. Trying to take down the competition like this? Pathetic.

  • He wishes he was Miss Piggy. John Oliver is Grover in the Monster at the end of the of this Book Sorry, Grover was the most pathetic superhero. But still my favourite. I'll say playing the a kid I was mostly blowing. We'll keep it at that

  • I haven't ever related to John Oliver as much as when hearing him describe his attitude towards playing music, damn.

  • Great and funny interview.

  • If you don't vote for me, You're not black! -Joe Biden. The words from a real raciest!

  • The folks loosing their shit behind John's camera when the viola mention came out...just pure comedy gold.

    • How is this the hardest I've laughed in a while at an interview? Awesome

  • Just when I thought I couldn't love these two any more!!!

  • I found your show Oliver, here on youtube, late last year and went through and listened to all the videos over 15 min while at work. Twice. Love the show and will be watching all year.

  • Excellent back and forth on bombing or killing as a stand up. Eventually doesnt matter. Get immune to success...or failure

  • I love you guys together!

  • Fantastic

  • I would totally love to see Yo-Yo-Ma smash his cello at the end of the concert. That would be next level awesome😆

  • That beginning intro music is dope. I had to play it several times to hear that sexy little baseline there.

  • A joke for you... Q: What is the difference between a viola and a trampoline? A: You take off your shoes to jump on a trampoline.

    • And that is why, in Germany, we call the viola a "Bratsche", for the sound it makes when you smash it against the wall.

  • I got Kermit

  • I was thinking Scooter.

  • I played violin for years, loved all the strings.

  • in several successful shows over the years.

  • "I do not have the sexual confidence of Miss Piggy" ... only J.O. ....

  • Stephen- "A viola is a violin, but useless." Ling Ling Wannabees - "HE IS ONE OF US"

  • How is this the hardest I've laughed in a while at an interview? Awesome

  • So, 23,000 people liked this wonderful segment and 116 liked tonight's ISchats PBS Newshour. This is both great and horrifying.

  • Is there anything more perfect than finding out that John Oliver played viola in high school? Totally on brand.

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  • After praising "mis Piggy" with all the best words possible, they project he has sexual tension with "ms Piggy"! What a debauchery and hypocrite culture these show businesses has become. Make me think how they project intelligence is sexy!! No, it isn't. Intelligence is true brain power and it should be thought to go with other true positive energy as being selfless and good heart.

  • Lmao what the hell was that 😂

  • What is the difference between a coffin and a viola player? With a coffin the stiff is on the inside. What's the difference between a viola player and a seamstress. A seamstress tucks up the frills.

  • And that is why, in Germany, we call the viola a "Bratsche", for the sound it makes when you smash it against the wall.

  • stevie was vicious in this

  • Swine is sexy!

  • I would figured he'd be one of the critics in the balcony

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  • I was expecting dr honeydew

  • Can we get a podcast, "Late Last Night", with these two just rambling about nerd things about showbiz?

    • I'd listen.

  • "For those of you who don't know, Viola is like a violin that's useless" ~Stephen Colbert

  • “it’s like the violin but useless” *and we were like we know but 𝙝𝙚𝙮*

  • Screw you Colbert, Dvorak played the viola.

  • "I've never had the sexual confidence of Ms. Piggy" maybe the funniest off the cuff thing I have ever heard!!!

  • A cello is bigger.

  • Love you guys soooo much💋 The cello is the only thing touching my heart though😁 Everything else is shrill and annoying to my ears 😅😆

  • Beaker

    • I'll neve forget the time that we booked a show at a restaurant and absolutely nobody was paying attention to our performance. Once you've bombed.... you just don't care

  • God Speed!

  • The day when you two come to Bali and do a special musical high scoring with Balinese Gamelan band!!! It ain't going to be easy... Ask Sami Yaffa from Sound Tracker if you wish...Or dare. One Love.

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  • stephen colbert showing his oberlin conservatory here

  • Violas are wonderful, don't be a hater.

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    • Whom doesn’t love John Oliver? I mean, he just delivers!

  • as a violinist I can 100% confirm John's take on the viola 😂😂😂

  • "Do you have the sexual confidence to play the viola?" is a standard job interview stock question.

  • John cracking up so hard brightens my day

  • The reason is there are approximately only 55 surviving Stradivarius cellos. They're each worth millions, if not tens of millions of dollars. Yo Yo Ma plays one.

  • I got Kermit on the very same test, which means I'm going to bizarrely reject John Oliver.

  • growing skill.

  • It's wrong though. He's Sam Eagle. Aside from the physical similarities, he's a very serious man.

  • YOu & John Oliver are hilarious, perfectly matched, you get to bounce off each other! I can see what he is on your show so much!

  • I'll neve forget the time that we booked a show at a restaurant and absolutely nobody was paying attention to our performance. Once you've bombed.... you just don't care

    • He's Grover around the eyes and body shape!

  • Of course you hated the Bach double, it’s for nasty violins, not violas! And there is absolutely an inner miss piggy to all us violists!

    • (I’m not from DANBURY, but I’m from CT so close enough...)

    • I challenge you to the Brandenburg 6 viola duet 🤣🤣🤣

    • Don’t you dare smash a viola!!!

  • 8 seasons over how many years? lololol.

  • YoYo Ma smashing his cello....oh brother....we love you John Oliver with the Miss Piggy personality!

  • John Oliver should not be allowed to take breaks. Not even weekends.

  • Stephen: Is there anything that you'd like people to know about your upcoming season? John: **rolls his eyes** Um, I mean, just that it's on again.

  • Yas! XD

  • Whom doesn’t love John Oliver? I mean, he just delivers!

  • Hahaha. Yup. The viola! Smash The Viola!

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  • The Viola is something people play, when they couldn’t hack it on the violin 🙈