"Dr. Lecter, Dr. Lecter, Dr. Lecter" - Rebecca Breeds On How She Gets Into Her Appalachian Accent

Birt 11 feb 2021
Rebecca Breeds, the star of the new CBS drama "Clarice," teaches Stephen how to nail the Appalachian accent everyone remembers so well from Jodie Foster's portrayal of the character in "The Silence of the Lambs." #Colbert #Clarice #RebeccaBreeds
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  • Rebecca Breeds is not only fine...but nailed the accent and brings out the character in layers to be deciphered I was hooked after the first episode...”

  • March 4, next Thursday, CBS 10pm / 9:00 pm Central.

  • Wow. I just finished "Clarice" Episode 3. !!!!!!! Amazing! Like watching Silence of the Lambs quality. It IS obvious Thomas Harris wrote this screenplay also. Not "cheesy" like I expected.

  • Adorable

  • NOT milk chocolate digestives!! Stephen, it’s over!

  • And she says Appalachian correctly!

  • Digestives

    • omfg - this reminds me of my (canadian) friend who had a silence of the lambs nightmare once and woke up shouting. “doctor lecter! doctor lecter!” 😂

    • @Jeff Brailsford srsly! you can even get hobnobs in canada at regular grocery stores (in bc, at least)!! edit: hobnobs (and australian tim tams, which are *also* readily available in canada), DON’T, however, go well with cheese, which digestives absolutely do, and i’ll FIGHT anyone on that point!) 😆 srsly, though - my parents are english immigrants to canada, and we always had digestive biscuits growing up in bc from regular grocery stores, even in the ‘70s. does the OP live in some godforsaken place like ontario or something?...🤷🏻

    • I work in a grocery store in Canada and can tell you they definitely ARE a thing. Perhaps not a part of the collective consciousness like in the UK, but certainly not something you’d need to import.

  • Why are Americans so impressed by accents?

    • Because they have the most monotonous one.

  • Love your show, Stephen, ESPECIALLY YOUR WIFE'S LAUGHTER. But isn't it time to resurrect the immortal words of then CBS exec Les Moonves before the 2016 election -- "DONALD TRUMP MAY BE BAD FOR THE COUNTRY, BUTCHE'S GREAT FOR CBS❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

  • I am eating a Digestive right now! WOOOOO :D

  • Stephen is being generous, because that accent is ROUGH.

  • What a 10 looks like

  • I’m going to try to not compare it to “Hannibal” starring Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy. Saying that, they need to bring that show back!

  • Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuits are so fucking delicious 😋.

  • Okay I mean anything Hannibal related I can get buuuuuuuut. It dosen't have Hannibal in iiiiit.. I'll still probably enjoy it though, she seems great.

  • Almost a music therapist!! Too bad, would have been fun to have her in our field!

  • chocolate digestives are my flippin jam. especially caramel hobnobs. I miss england ;_;

  • "Very important". That's a totally pointless interview. Biscuits, seriously?

  • Stephen you’re looking a little tense in those interview. Wish you lived closer so I could give you the best bodywork sessions of your life. 🥰 Thanks for being awesome!

  • I love an understudy biscuit.

  • DARK chocolate digestives (and make sure the biccies have not been made with palm oil)

  • It places the lotion in the basket or else it gets the hose again.

  • I was today years old when I learned that Stephen as his wife are from the South 🤭

    • @Hannah Mattox oh wow, what a story! I'm so sorry about losing your father. It sounds like your parents were definitely meant to be together and meant to take care of each other for the time that they did ❤.

    • @Erin that's so sweet! I hope for you the same kind of sweet love story! ❤️ My mom worked at a BBQ joint right next door to my dad's fire station he worked at. He was divorced (30), she was 16 (in the 70's), and she was the manager of the place. She had really crappy parents, bad enough that I claim I didn't have grandparents. They are the worst kind of people. Anyway. My dad was there the day a man threw his coffee on my mom because he said she was terrible at her job, and my dad went to get up and be the hero (fire fighter version of fight or flight), but my mom's boss told her to go out and sling the rest of the pot of coffee at that guy or she was fired. She did it. To this day it is her single biggest regret. They met that day. 8 weeks later they were married, and that was the day he found out what my mom's step dad was, and that mom's mom was letting him be that way. So my dad pretty much rescued my mom from an awful situation and they were married for 35 years and 20 days on the day he died from cancer. He took care of her until she had to take care of him, and I don't know if that kind of love is even touchable. But I sure do hope so.

    • @Hannah Mattox my parents have a somewhat similarly cute story. My mom went for a job interview and when she got home from it her mom asked her how it went. She said "I don't know if I got the job, but I met the man I'm gonna marry." (Spoiler alert, my dad is the one who interviewed her.) She got the job and they worked together for a bit before they started dating. Then they dated for a total of THREE WEEKS before my dad proposed. They were married nine months later and this year they will be celebrating their 40th anniversary. My dad will say he had no idea when she walked in that day that he was going to marry her; he didn't have that same "her" moment. So I tease him and say "Well you sure figured it out pretty quickly if you dated for less than a month!"

    • @Hannah Mattox right!? I hope I marry a guy who talks about me that way one day! ❤❤❤

    • @Erin SO I WATCHED IT! 😭😭😭😭😭 I hope my husband finds such a beautiful way to explain how he met me someday, minus the artists and strawberries 😭😭😭 he tells everyone he knows that he has an awesome wife, but this story was just so magical 😭😭😭

  • i love ur comedy but i saw this for her

  • If Elliot Page and Rachel Brosnahan had a sister.... EDIT: Corrected the name.

    • Elliot Page is a man.

    • @katelynna10000 My bad. Yes. Eliot.

    • *Elliot

  • I like the dark chocolate kind better. .

  • Love this again

  • Stephen Colbert dr Lecter Rebecca breeds

  • Smart💃🏻

  • What a view count for a talk show clip four hours old. Weaaaaak

  • Her nose is fake

  • All Australians are good at accents. We grow up listening to the world.

  • Durian & Mung Bean with Egg Cake before I go

    • Had a chance to eat durian in Jakarta; just couldn't do it.

  • Very disappointed that Colbert didn't have Rebecca Black on the show today, the 10 year anniversary of her masterpiece Friday, with her new remix with loads of collaborators!

  • Really looking forward to this show! Go Clarisse! 💌

  • Jeepers!!!

  • Last time I checked, Stephen Colbert and Australia don't get along in the interviews.

    • really? since when...watch his interviews with Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman and tell me he wasn't trying to flirt up a storm

  • Why is everyone in Hollywood Australian now? G'day from Perth, by the way.

    • I heard from American colleague that Australian accent (esp. women) sound very lustful or horny

  • lovely idea, having a chocolate donut and tea now though :) ty ms breeds, mr and mrs colbert, mr batiste and stay human.

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  • Ok, so Rebecca Breeds? 🤗 She wanted children, no biggie! 😁🤙 Lol!

  • Why would she have to say DOCTOR LECTER when they can't legally have Hannibal Lecter on their show?

  • Chocolate Hobnobs!

  • Meh, the show is written by the people who wrote the Tom Cruise Mummy disaster and the Transformers movies. Hard pass.

  • So Rebecca Breeds what?

  • Are you eat well? ..are you speak well? 😊

  • When does it start. Ah tomorrow... Ok let’s give it a try and chance. Hope it’s exciting like her.

  • Someone is about to get a crate of biscuits delivered....

  • Jimmy Carr has a whole bit on how nailing an accent is all about one key phrase.

    • most of the time you just have to say the name of the place in the accent of the place "mississippi"

  • I can't wait to see this. She looks like a combination of Jodie Foster and Julianne Moore.

    • Perfect casting!

    • In the pilot she looks like a combination of Jodie Foster and Ellen Page. And she is really good in the part.

    • i just saw the trailer, she does look closer like Julianne Moore but with Jodie Foster's accent (but with a lighter tone)

    • She looks more like Julianne.

  • Rebecca LIPBITES on Doc Colbert

  • Trump: Tons of Tax DEBTS Colbert: LOWLIGHTSSSSSS

  • Bring back the 2013 Hannibal!

  • I need another "Hannibal" season.

    • @Nebbus That's awesome to hear!

    • @aboynts456 season 3 starts of a tad confusing but the latter part of that season is legitimately my favorite part of the whole show

    • Ugh same. Season 2 was one of my favorite seasons of any TV, just started 3. Curious how it ends off but it's hard knowing that's it (for now)

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