Stephen Colbert's LIVE Monologue After The First Trump-Biden Presidential Debate

Birt 30 sep 2020
It wouldn't be debate night without a LIVE episode of A Late Show! Watch as Stephen Colbert breaks down all the good, bad and ugly moments from the first of three contests between President Trump and Joe Biden. #Colbert #LateShowLIVE #Monologue
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  • Is this the same guy who was on Jeffrey Epstein's flight log?

  • Why are so many of our comments cut off (halfway)?

  • Joe threw the smoke at Trump

  • Getting all grey spewing these Democrat complaints on the daily huh Stephen? Desperate times for desperate late night.

  • Yawn

  • November 3rd is approaching, Colbert. I hope that you 've started buying tissues and booze...

  • Kamala Harris is the best now. Trump damaged US economy by being racist towards China. US government and companies rip off the world, the President must talk nicely at camera so the world wouldn't hate USA. If China destroying US economy by politics and new disease wasn't enough, Trump restarted Iran's nuclear project by breaking the contract. What's next? World war 3?

  • “I was a private businesspeople” 😂

  • Haven't heard such sophistry since Alan Greenspan.. Steven Colbert epitomises the adage --If you can't dazzle-em with Brilliance--then baffles--em with bullshit1 What a pathetic looser

  • ! Trump has reduced your taxes, Secured our border, Made us energy independent, Increased the value of our 401K, Reduced federal spending for abortions, Best employment in US history, Lowest unemployment in all categories, Defeated the ISIS Califate , Bringing peace to the middle east, 3 Nobel Peace Prize nominations, Returned over 50 hostages from 22 different countries, Rebuilt the military, Supports our law enforcement. I think he has earned my VOTE.

    • Well said, Stephen... trump is the worst president America will ever have. I’ve never regarded him as president

  • His wife giggling in the background at least makes me feel a little better.

  • "I come to you tonight, ladies and gentleman, an empty weasel."

  • "no negative effects" boy that didn't age well...

    • liberals all on the wrong side of history. historians will look at their open borders, lay down for hostile enemies as the direct cause of the end of america.

  • smart smart smart smart smart smart smart smart

  • Stupid show

  • the real

    • really informative. Thank you for your entertainment and your insight.

  • Sorry americans, Trump seems more fit than Biden for the job.

  • This was a serious that many Americans were looking forward to , to hear the candidates and their stand on different issues. I was very disappointed in this "debate" . This was not a true debate but, a nonsensical argument.....What is wrong with society today? Is everyone blind? I don't support killing our next generation, but I do support free contraceptives'. I support trying to find other clean energies, since our fossil fuels will eventually run out. Can you vote Democrat and be a Christian at the same time? We all have to answer someday for our sins.

  • Can’t wait until Propaganda Steve goes to jail. Soros must pay bunch to destroy America

  • I'll be honest... I think late night shows like this one, the late late show, the tonight show etc etc... Are really harming society. Everything is turned into a joke, daily...and not even good jokes at that. All this does is normalise what is happening. It's unhealthy.

    • Good comedy is thought provoking... This is just mind numbing.

  • Hahahaha ,have you thought of what you are going to do when you see that these leftists are the minority and will eat their young as well as you if they can serve their selfish needs. The sad thing is ,I loved your show for a long time ,until you started a sentence four years ago and have not ended it yet. And I know you are not dumb so must mean you are corrupt, you will fit in perfectly in my country of South Africa

  • I have a friend who has two school aged children. She watched the debate with headphones on.

  • As Bruce Lee said in the debate : "Boards don't hit back"

    • could alleviate some (but not all) of the problem. Anyway, Trumps’ a moron. Vote Biden. Merry Christmas.

  • Whole purpose of this monologue looks more biden campaign than the actual comedy

    • Trumps half right about the forest fires actually. Although global warming undoubtedly plays a large role, certain habitat protection legislation has ended the process of control

  • Well said, Stephen... trump is the worst president America will ever have. I’ve never regarded him as president

  • We're having communication issues with GREAT BEYOND 🤣💀

  • "no negative effects" boy that didn't age well...

  • liberals all on the wrong side of history. historians will look at their open borders, lay down for hostile enemies as the direct cause of the end of america.

  • Hi guys - just read explosive book THE AUDACITY OF GROPE: A CANDID LOOK AT JOE BIDEN. It reveals all - he had contact with J. Epstein & Miss Maxwell ! & was seen at the Zorro Ranch ! You really should check this out BEFORE the election.

  • I’m a liberal from Utah. I registered as a Democrat for Obama’s first run because I know that was what needed to be done. I have voted for Republicans in the past, but this year is clearly different and I will be doing my best to vote the right way across the board. I’ve been doing Mail in voting every time, Utah is a mail in vote state as a standard. I love it because when I used to go to the polls and get to the judges section, or the section to choose police chiefs, I had no idea who any of these people were or what they represented. And I’m standing in line and there’s no way for me to find out so I would literally just kind of have to go with my gut and guess. What I love about having mail in votes is that when I’m filling it out on my table at home I can look these people up online do my research and find out whether or not they’re actually good for what I want the future of this country to be. My question for you Stephen is that I’ve often had trouble finding these people and discovering actually what they stand for. Primarily judges and chiefs of police and Attorney General‘s. If you have any suggestions on how to find out whether a judge is a good judge or a bad judge I would welcome it. Because I’m not just voting for the president, I’m voting for everyone on that ballot and if I vote for a judge that’s some thing like an Amy Coney Barret and I didn’t know I would forever regret it. If you could shed light on the subject of how people can find out more information about the other people on the ballot, especially judges and police chiefs at this moment in time, that would I think be really informative. Thank you for your entertainment and your insight.

    • The WHOLE world watched it, honey. Lol

  • Sudden optimism: "The worst president we'll ever have"

  • Hello Stephen, how is your adrenochrome supply holding up, molesting many.cHildren lately? Loved the session you did with bill gates (Microsoft Greenbaum Speech) admitting that they plan to release a much more destructive bio-weaponized virus to usher in the the cabal vaccine, you are as brilliant as a lab hamster, though thank you for this revealing interview!

  • Lord of the rings 😂😂😂

  • This is why he hates Trump:

  •, #joebidenissick

  • Stephen Colbert is such a puppet. Disgusting!

  • "It's a good thing Joe corrected himself. You wouldn't want to lose the clown vote" Classic Colbert

  • school debates are more mature and respectful than that, that was like two toddlers trying to fight over a toy. Regardless I’m just going to be settling for Biden.

  • Trumps half right about the forest fires actually. Although global warming undoubtedly plays a large role, certain habitat protection legislation has ended the process of controlled burns. The forest is too dense as a result, thus the forest fire has an easier time spreading. Even Native American tribes practiced controlled burns, and if brought back, they could alleviate some (but not all) of the problem. Anyway, Trumps’ a moron. Vote Biden. Merry Christmas.

  • No one: Stephen’s wife in the back: W H E E Z E 😂

    • Que tipo más malo este....what an awful analysis. Making fun of the people? Este man que cierre su “late show

  • Guess what. Donald Trump purposely got covid. Think of it. He doesn't care about anyone but himself except maybe his kids. Naturally they didn't get covid. The next step to his plan is to say that no presidential candidate in history EVER was sick so he can attempt to stay in office when he loses the election.

  • So we cant have white supremacists but we can have all bk films, radio, and tv shows. Double standards?

  • The only talk show host who is still hilarious without a live audience or laugh track

  • The WHOLE world watched it, honey. Lol

  • I never thot I'd ever see Steven's 'Bone'! This just in... #TreasonousTrampRabid

    • him like the poison that he is. we don't want an idiotic orange dictator.

  • Watched this idiot in mute , nuff said . hey real men get the soy out of your diet .

  • God bless President Donald Trump!!! God bless Vice-President Mike Pence!! God bless the United States of America!

  • Stephen is so ugh yuck.

  • “I was a private businesspeople” 😂

  • Stephen Colbert is a F toy tool.

  • Anyone else want a laugh track?

  • I hate to listen to you STEPHEN

    • hahahahahhahaa 5:01 ... saying the same thing to the president as your friend .... love it

  • why people hate TRUMP that he is the only president to stop these corruptions !!! A lot of jobs and businesses close, laid off because socialism connection to other countries that shipping jobs are making american people supper.

  • And Stephen Colbert... You're not funny anymore! Without a live crowd? I don't know when to laugh.. Your Trump impersonation? It's actually really bad! Please, please stop.. Please stop.. I realize you don't bring debate. YOU ARE BORING!! Colbert, have you ever heard of "SPIN ALLEY?" The clarity covid-19 lock down brings is unreal! I don't stay up for Colbert anymore. When I hear you're on TV next? It's time for bed. Stewart, please help your buddy out... Stephen needs a life boat buddy! I've posted this three times!! Please can we all tell Stephen? Find your funny side Stephen!!

  • No offense but he's about as funny as shin splints!!

  • Que tipo más malo este....what an awful analysis. Making fun of the people? Este man que cierre su “late show

  • 11:51 Irreplaceable? I bet the rest of the world would trade in america for a second France to be honest.

  • Don't know about that. Lots of dead people vote apparently every election. Lol

  • А

  • Every true american is antifa. meaning anti fascist meaning anti white supremacist meaning pro Democracy meaning pro America. proud boys, kkk there's no difference - they're just switching names. they're nazis, fascists, white supremacists, and they have no place in our democracy. tRump is the worst thing that happened to this country. we'll expel him like the poison that he is. we don't want an idiotic orange dictator.

  • Both of the candidates were born before 1946. Neither of them are Boomers.

  • SC, unwillingly, roasted the whole institution of the USA election system, which is actually more democratic than the election system of other democratic countries in the world... like my country... What's the purpose of this endless bs exchange, with all these pointless arguments about more bs... None is talking about the real problems and when a serious question is thrown on the table (like the last part), most are like (I'm outta here now.. things are going south...) Let's face it. It's just a show for the stupid humanoids who vote this clown leftovers last time. Real humans who have the capability of think and judge, not always the right way but certainly out of the box and by themselves for themselves, don't need that ridiculous appointment of these mofos.... The biggest problem in the world is that the term "democratic" is completely misunderstood (on purpose), so the few can easily pretend that they have the support of the many. Actually it's oligarchy and the real purpose is the gathering of power, authority, control etc. to some "well chosen" puppets. This way, they can control everything very easy... I just wish more people had read and understood, Jack London's Iron Heel.... 😕 P.S.: I'm not against freedom for all, I'm against freedom for the few... never stop fightin'

  • Please watch our school version of the song ‘The Blessing’ in Ireland: The Le Chéile Blessing ​​ ​ We wanted to share a message of hope to our school community and the wider world - we hope you are blessed by it as we all journey together at this challenging time. Thank you for watching and sharing.

  • They had spectators at the debate? No bloody comedy show has spectators anymore, so why do debates need some?

  • Why do we not get a candidate for President or VP that is American African Black and both parents are American African Black.

  • yeah, 7:00, divorce. Wondering if anyone else was curious about that. Was it...if shut downs = more [divorce] ? If so, isn't that a good thing? You know, like if person A can't seem to tolerate person B for a few days then maybe they shouldn't be together??? Help with this? Thanks all.

  • hahahahahhahaa 5:01 ... saying the same thing to the president as your friend .... love it

  • to the ground before he will give up power. Thats just how sociopaths are made.

  • Ah, America while you are not safe, I am not safe and now we’re really in the total animal soup of time.. I love you, Stephen. Thanks for Howling. It’s good to know that somebody else is having the same reaction I am.

  • TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤❤❤❤❤USA LETS GO to the polls!!!!!!!!!

  • I love how Biden’s tactic is basically “laugh off everything my opponent says.” THAT is not a tactic that will work on trump.

    • tax money he is trying to money laundering.

  • I didnt watch the video but I know it went just like this..... Bad man with orange hair said this..... Fat man with bad tan in white house said this...... Trump did this today..... Lets laugh at Trump..... MY entire life is devoted to hating Trump..... because everyone in hollywood has to or they lose their jobs.... so.....yes a schill.... a loser... a one note has been. I am Steven Colbert. a big fake from charleston sc.

  • The maggot told racists to "Stand By." What a creep. Hopefully he becomes a one term worm!!!

  • When is the audience back? :(

  • I need the Colbert Report for this

  • Trump 2020!

  • Yeah the whole world is watching Trump in action.

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  • Imam Nasser Muhammad al-Yamani (10 - 07 - 1441 Hejri) (05 - 03 - 2020 Kr.) Skrevet Kl. 12:51 Natt ((I følge den offisielle kalenderen til morens-byene (Meka) .(Corona Virus av de lavest pine før den største pine da kanskje de vil vende tilbake(til sin Herre 👇🏻👇🏻

  • The mouths on all the Trump’s make me sick when they talk !

  • This made me laugh until I actually watched the debate for myself. Fuck you Colbert for cutting clips and trying to make Trump look like an idiot, Joe Biden was clearly the lying idiot, and just because your job depends on making Trump look bad does it mean you should forget about yourself for doing so. You trying so hard to find something to make people laugh you have to resort to the most immature juvenile jokes such as burning butt holes?..... here's a joke for you, how many elitist does it take to take down one competent leader... apparently all of them working together still can't hold a candle to Donald Trump. 🥁🥁 ⚡

  • Are you all idiots? Have you heard what Biden had said? One time he said “I like when children touch my leg hair and sit on my lap” he also made extremely racist remarks before. Yes trump isn’t great, but we know he won’t ruin the country. Biden wants to make the middle class poor by raising taxes by 50 percent for people who make over 75k. He said this money would be used for the poor. You know he also said that the black and poor shine just as much as the white? And you still say Biden is better. I see Biden will steal that tax money he is trying to money laundering.

  • no negative effect... everyone from the rose garden speech

  • Van Halen... RIP

  • "Will you condem white supremacy ......" Trump: "sure" ... How did he not condemn it?

  • the Van Halen joke has aged miserably

  • The Trumpa Loompahs are quick to jump on the White House spin that the president is recovering from COVID but, with all of the gas lighting from the past four years, many people are wondering if he really had the virus, or if it was part of a damage control effort by his campaign to block further debates against Joe Biden and to validate his claim of a cure for the virus being available before the election. The president needs a big win, especially after failing BIGLY in responding to the pandemic. His incompetence started early, when he failed to catch the signs that China was being far too secretive regarding the nature of the virus and was refusing to allow U.S. medical observers back into Wuhan. It was Trump's earlier incompetence that removed those observers and caused a large lag in identifying the crisis. He also failed to properly shield our borders from potentially infected travelers, which is extremely ironic, given how he is known as President Travel Ban. So now he has supposedly contracted the virus and , with a great deal of assistance from the top infectious disease experts at Walter Reed Medical Center, using trial-phase experimental pharmaceuticals, is making an incredible recovery, given his advanced age and level of obesity. It is more likely that he did catch this virus from one of his Super Spreader events. It is also just as likely that he had caught a simple cold virus - not COVID-19. If he was not also known as "The President Who Cried Wolf" for about twenty thousand times, it would not be so difficult to take him at his word.

    • "He also failed to properly shield our borders from potentially infected travelers, which is extremely ironic, given how he is known as President Travel Ban." He was called a Xenophobe for closing travel to/from China but sure he totally took too long. You guys are something else, bash him for doing something then once it turns out he was right instead of giving him that you bash him for not doing it sooner. XD

  • Urging his supporters to go to the polls and "watch" everything "real closely"? Im afraid for US that the anti lynching law has being overturned... I hope US citizens remain a strong nation,undivided,at the end of the day...

    • @I dunno awie! You are a waste of time...learn your own history then maybe...only maybe...we will be equals conversating in an adult manner. If you only can back up your invented stories by resorting to name calling...who is the rogue delulu? Me? Or You?

    • @Loren Raynes Gross lol Harris backs antifa, antifa want communism, so good luck pal

    • @I dunno Im not leftist...Im a humanist! Lol! I like,vote and abide humanistic laws! I strongly believe in egalitarian laws that embraces a NATION with a warm hug of justice! Thats very far from being a comunist! ( I wonder which type of comunism you are refering...marxist,stalinist,chinese...I wonder if you actually know the difference...on the other hand I am absolutly NOT a populist nor a capitalist...more leaning towards post Keynessian in that aspect) I maybe am center leaning left,I guess...

    • ​@Loren Raynes Why aren't we allowed to see what they do with our ballots?

    • @I dunno "cretin"...only uneducated people resorts to name calling... 1 Re visit USA history about voting rights regarding african americans_hint,hint #Kennedy era_ 2 Re visit USA history on anti lynching law 3 Re visit the overturn of that law by Trump adm. 4 DO THE MATH

  • RIP Eddie Van Halen

  • Joe Biden is not a boomer. Don't insult us. Joe is too old to be a boomer. I hope you are sterilized.

  • Waiting for the day that Stephen says one positive thing about Trump Even Satan has a point somewhere

  • I guess Damascus is in fact in Ohio.

  • People don't be fooled by the polls, Hillary was in the lead BEFORE and PEOPLE DIDN'T go in and vote...{because during polls she was in the lead} POLLS DONT MATTER your ballot DOES... Get out And VOTE,, your families future AND YOUR MENTAL HEALTH depends ON it.... #millionsdied #2020Stressing=2021BLESSINGS #NoMoreLiesORdeceit AND SOMEBODY Needs to moniter usa money. block over seas tranfers... money MAYBE slowly dwindling .... his loss could be our loss.... toooo friendly with other countries AND HAS A HUGE DEBT.....

  • Was that Hope Hicks sitting behind Chris Wallace 😱 Trump tried to infect everyone there!

  • still crying that hillary lost i see. orange man bad ehh Stephen? sore loser.

  • "Why you holding the big rallies, why you not?"

  • The Moment You Realize that a porn star is smarter than the President of The United States of America. Damn...what a Stormy Situation.

    • Admittedly it was way more entertaining then wherever this show is suppose to be.

  • I didn’t watch the debate because I already knew that I wouldn’t be able to tolerate it.

  • The USA needs to get rid if this administration, it's starting to affect your allies. In Australia our stupid government is having our foreign affairs relationships ruined by following the Trump plan. It is not just you guys being horribly affected by these idiots.

  • I wonder if they heavily drug the dipshit off-camera so he laughs at even the most shallow shit or if they just pay him a lot to do that.