A Terrified President Throws His Riot Mob Under A Bus To Save His Neck (And Get Back On Twitter)

Birt 7 jan 2021
Facing threats of impeachment, and with calls for his resignation coming from even the conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board, the president on Thursday released a video in which he unconvincingly condemned the insurrection he incited, and begrudgingly admitted that a new administration would take office following an orderly transition of power on January 20th. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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  • "put on you shirt get out flag put of your hat and you give that video a watch" now trump sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon. i can just imagine trump supporters inches away screens with trump steaks or trump flakes cereal

  • OhMyGod this is just too funny!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dude. Do not compare yourself with Doody Rudy. Cuz that guy is literally rolling in shit!!🤬

  • Stephen why don't you Rant about the rioters and Mobs in Portland and Chicago? Burning Government Property and looting and robbing? Personal Responsibility? your a Hypocrite? The Propaghanda Puppet All incited The Mainstream Media Democratic Propaghanda? Democratic Responsibility Cover up by Pelosi??? no impeachment. Oh its a peaceful Protest if Democrats Loot rob kill and burn down buildings.

  • All you talk about is politics just be a comedian talk about anything you talk about politics every single night it's not funny nothing you do is funny it's just people that either agree with you or they don't but even the people that agree with you you don't make them laugh you might make them Snicker but you don't make them laugh

  • TRUMP/ HAWLEY 2024

  • Video of multiple Antifa cells doing direction actions at Captial hill attack, they were escorted by federal agents to location and bused in on 5 vehicles, all videotaped, they were seen changing into Trump paraphernalia all their faces were videotaped and photographed, they were overheard and photographed and recorded speaking about their actions. There were a lot of patriots onto their shenanigans and all they did was identify and document their actions.

  • Hi, i don’t think we have given Nancy Pelosi the credit she deserves. God knows what would have gone down without her courage and Tenacity we would really be be in trouble. We have alot to thank her for

  • What’s crazy is for the next year there going to blame trump for everything anyone else seeing a trend. (Not a trump or Biden supporter) trump is lower case because he is a short man

  • Tha most un funny guy ever let's see how he talks about his boy Joe Biden I will bet not a peep

  • It's so funny watching this and seeing that woman from TN now knowing that she had a cut onion in the towel 😂

  • Today is the 1-monthiversary of Trump's second impeachment.


  • BS

  • Love. You. Men. You best

  • And all your fans are fakes

  • Youre a fake Colbert

  • He didn’t have a riot mob. Trump specifically called them to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”. Steven knows this, which means he’s lying. And, according to the left, if you speak a perceived falsehood, you are inciting violence. Everyone needs to report this video for inciting violence and spreading lies.

  • Narcissists have no loyalty

  • Trump family:mafia

  • Trump only care about himself, not the people that's doing his dirty work

  • The red hats will be remembered like we remember the red coats.

  • 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

  • everything your saying i agree with and is very serious but the horrible thought is there are many of these sick basterds still in govt who follow TRUMP and will continue to cause this threat until something is done to get all off these very sick people out of govt and put in jail

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  • Colbert is so brilliant 🔥

  • It's called A CYA...

  • Nice Steve, I still like Olbermann's Russian ambassador better though.

  • Trump vs Trump. Knows no bounds.

  • do you really believe that girl wasn't an implant pretending to be a trumpster? That's the oldest trick in the book Stephen.

  • Stephen you didn't see the video of a trumpster pleading with the guards to stop the rioters at the Capitol and video of the guards inside letting the freaks run rampant. I'm surprised as intelligent as you are that you have not seen these other videos. Bazzarr.

  • I grieve for the ideals of my country. We’ve never lived up to them.

  • "A man facing a noose will say anything to save his neck." TRUTH.

  • Shut up!

  • Treasonous Woman: “I got maced!” waaah Beginning of Video: Onion 🧅 in the cloth she holds to face. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • "A man facing a noose will say anything to save his neck." TRUTH.

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  • 'All you need to know, is that HE IS TERRIFIED'. WOW. Just WOW. TRUTH.

  • "Only Tyrans rule by executive order we need concense " joe Biden 2020 40 executive order in less than a week...Joe Biden 2021 🤴

    • it would be so funny... ??

  • Shut the hell up!!!

  • i love how she goes “i got maced” but is rubbing an onion on her eyes

    • It actually the recommended way to deal with getting maced. The worrying part is that she showed up with it showing intent to do something that would get her maced


    • ,,,😄😁😅

  • People are innocent , but those that provoke violence are guilty

  • Heh Heh Heh He said Doodie Heh Heh Heh

  • Theirs all kinds of ways to be stupid.

    • Trump should sue you for talking nonsense of him and trying to put people against him your such an idiot some one should take you off the show for feeding lies to our peopl

  • I love how when he holds up an imaginary object he always remembers to put it down

  • What will Biden, Hunter and the rest of his family be charged with???

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  • I love how when he holds up an imaginary object he always remembers to put it down

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  • 2:05 the only ones that really going to win are the lawyers who are going to get rich charging an arm and a leg for defending these idiots in court. And you're absolutely right in his last 24 hours of office he only part in rich people not one single rioter in that list I remember seeing a news clip of some dumb Karen begging the president the pardon her.

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  • it would be so funny... ??

  • They put faeces on the wall how disgusting. That’s what animals do. Need I say more..

    • Actually I don’t think even animals are that bad. Just disgusting human beings.

  • What did they expect?he is a coward and he only saw them as peasants, he told them exactly what they wanted to hear and i don't have any love for Mike pence but I'm glad nothing happened to him or his family and all because he told his minions it was Pence's faul he wasn't reelected😠 This man has no scruples or moral values of any kind!👎

  • Great Munchma Quchi reference.

  • Onion lady :).

  • munch macoochie!!!!love it😂😂😂😂😂

  • Trump should sue you for talking nonsense of him and trying to put people against him your such an idiot some one should take you off the show for feeding lies to our people!!!!

    • Weird how trumps HABITUAL lying doesn't bother ya. 😂🤣😂🤣How exactly is Colbert trying to "put people against" trump❓

  • 7:38 pure, laboratory-grade, gold

  • Trump is the greatest President ever. If you don't believe that, you're not a real American. You may be a weak minded person who is brainwashed by listening to people like Stephanie Iceberg. Stephanie's mouth isn't even fit to be a bidet.

  • You are a sick person Stephanie.

  • bully

  • Elizabeth should thank those who punched and maced her instead of ending up like the woman who got the Gun Salute. Airhead 🤔🤓.

  • I know this is not a needed comment on a video like this but....Colbert is one sexy fox!

  • While they still chant and bow down to him.

  • And that's Trump. Who would be surprised

  • listen to this, after that its hard to unheard it. watch?v=JnGMYl-njsg

  • How about treason!! Haven't heard anything about that charge yet

    • Everything looks so good ???

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  • Omg!! U look amazing!!!?

  • "Capitol capital punishment" monologue is "heads and shoulders" the funniest humorous rant...ever I Am America (And So Can You!) was just a prelude to... "In a real revolution, when you lose they chop your fucking head off!” Colbert exclaimed. “And then your little piano scarf doesn’t have anything to wrap around…. Ask failed revolutionary-oh wait, you can’t! Because they chopped their fucking head off! That’s where they keep the ears and the mouth. Really poor planning on the whole head thing.” I Am Comedian (And So Can You!) is now the most anticipated book sequel... guaranteed to have more beheading and guillotine jokes than any other book

  • In a real revolution when you lose they CHOP YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF!!!! LMFAO! Thank you Colbert I needed that : )

  • God colbert is so cringe now..

  • Another lie by Schiff jr

  • Trump put the mob in God hand

    • @Charming nowhere to hide look need to stop the bs you know if Donald Trump didn't get stop you didn't want that

    • when you lose they chop your fucking head off!” Colbert exclaimed. “And then your little piano scarf doesn’t have anything to wrap around…. Ask failed revolutionary-oh wait, y

  • Stop it! Right there. Get the facts straight before you speak.

  • Love it...go Stephen! You can scream what I think. Thank you for being a true American patriot.

  • Trump's tergiversation and coded language ultimately led to the attempted insurrection on Capitol Hill. He is definitely guilty. He incited this frenzied mob. Now arrest him and throw him in prison.

  • I love this part at 8:30-8:45 😂

  • Colbert's really pissed off 😅

  • Twitter was too late as well.

  • They had not figured out that Trump will throw you under the bus,and keep right on driving. In four years,he hasn't told the TRUTH, he will not help you ! Once you do what he wants, you are so on your own!!!!

  • Well, we know there was at least one BLM person, he filmed it and posted it on ISchats, John Sullivan, a.k.a. Jayden X ischats.info/fun/gJZtpYBmlpGCmZ4/v-deo

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  • who?

  • OMG, these things that happened and these people are horrible but you made me laugh so hard. Thanks

  • The tip of the deuschberg, ha ha ha ha. So true

  • Timestamp 7:38 - 8:04 is absolutely one of my favorite 30 seconds of television every... the writing and delivery... PRICELESS

  • Literally no one can defend these terrorists

  • isn't that an onion right there? hahaha man the lies just never stop with these clowns.

  • She is honestly stunned that they maced her for a little thing like an attempted coup. Holy shit these people are stupid.

    • If there's one thing we learned in the last 4 years is that there is no such thing as a "left" or a "right", every last one of us is just an individual, and we will grow much stronger as soon as we stop the partisan bickering. Anyone who keeps sowing disunity is either a traitor, an idiot or a foreign enemy posing as one of us. The latter will soon face the trollpocalypse that Biden has in store for them, but the former two must be reined in as well, so everyone please keep dedicating some time to the matter, even tough the election is over (it was a close call, after all, and clearly at least some of these IRA douchebag types are still active)...

    • You know what I find so amusing about the willfully ignorant left? They ALWAYS project their very own warped bullsh*t onto those they disagree with. LMAO!

    • @hide out that is very convenient a claim to make, but what evidence have you got to offer, and what about the oher 160+ identified, tracked down, arrested and charged individuals, whose identities and pro-Trump backgrounds have been well established? are you going to try claiming them all as leftist infiltrators as well? grab some popcorns guys, the next few weeks are going to be epic!

    • She was an implant. Not a real Trump supporter. Just like during George Floyds protests other groups with their own agenda showed up to burn building and businesses of black owners

    • @NobodyC13 what would be the point of faking that? the only thing dumber than incriminating yourself for storming the capitol is doing so on false pretenses

  • Stfu

  • I love Stephen losing his shit at the revolution line! 😂😂

    • Yes! He had the biggest grin! 😂😂😂

  • Your attitude sucks. Go away, mommy is calling.

    • colbert (lower case 'c' intentionally) is mad because he will have no material once President Trump leaves office. What a complete, no talent douche nozzle.

  • Aside, but that lady wasn't even maced, she had a fucking onion in her towel.

  • Revolutionaries should probably man up and act like mace is like Pence's fly. Not go screaming back outside.

  • You are truly a sorry excuse for a reasonable person Stephen. Is saying anything good about Donald Trump beyond you .. By the way you maybe a bigger clown than you think

  • Stephen, you should seek medical help, immediately. Blaming one person for that. How about your rents benefiting your political favors...nothing wrong with that?

  • God you're hateful. You dont need to rage anymore. President Trump will not be inaugurated. Biden will. You are repeating yourself and raging over and over, everyday now. Take your meds..

  • I keep replaying the part between 7:37 and 8:30. That's 53 seconds of amazing rage!