Stephen Rips Up The Monologue And Starts Over After Trump's Heartbreaking Thursday Night Lie Fest

Birt 5 nóv 2020
We all knew Donald Trump would do this, that he would refuse to show dignity in defeat. But what we didn't expect is how much it would hurt. Watch Stephen Colbert process his feelings in real time as he delivers a new monologue written in the wake of the President's sad, frightening remarks in the White House briefing room. #Colbert #Monologue #LSSC
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  • Stephan Colbert will have to answer to satan.

  • I miss the days when late night hosts were actually funny.

  • nice fake crying, Stephen.

  • Orange man bad. Good job Colbert, you have reached peak TDS.

  • You're pure garbage.... You must have been on the flight log

  • Steve you are a funny guy. Enough of the political stuff. I miss the real you. Please let this go. We need to heal and forget. You have the power to make us laugh and we need to.

  • Stephen Colbert is a sociopath and a creep. Turn off you TV.

  • ". poisoned american democracy .... " :-)

  • Christ dude have some self respect. Nothing that is happening right now is unprecedented. Relax.

  • I just want a president that doesn’t tweet all day & attack the media .

  • Miss Covert...such bad acting.

  • You know they are worried guys, when they bring out the water works lol

  • 2:13 This is so pathetic. He could not be virtue signalling any harder. Come on people, please, I'm begging you....stop watching this a hole. He is purposely ripping this country apart and it's not cool. Regardless if you hate or love Trump, who cares, we need to stop people like this from trying to profit off the division. He is FAKING it for money people. He should be ashamed of himself. If it isn't fake then he is an idiot who needs stronger meds. CALM down Colbert. The world isn't ending. America isn't ending (unless of course you get your way and pack the supreme court, end the senate filibuster so you can ram through bills in a historically unprecedented way and make DC and Puerto Rico states so you can have a super majority, which is all truly against the USA and everything we stand for, but yeah, it's Trump we need to worried about).

  • Jan 20, 2021 .... Tik-tok... Tik-tok... Tik-tok . Dead man walking !! The Shawshank Redemption 👉 👈 GET BUSY LIVING OR GET BUSY DIEING !!

  • Well said Steve when it's all over and the boarders open up your welcome to Hamilton Ontario I'll play some Sturgil and buy the beer

  • This false president is blinding the eyes of, and using the power and blessing of, good, honest, God fearing people in a most sinister way. Trump is MASQUERADING as a Christian and HIDING HIMSELF behind our TRUSTED evangelical leaders to gain credibility. This deceit will bring shame and harm to the Church’s reputation. Satan is USING God’s people as ‘guilty accomplices’ to EMPOWER this truly diabolical and wholly unworthy leader who’s bent on destroying or seriously damaging the Democratic System for his personal glory while agitating thousands of dangerously, subversive individuals, bent on the blind and MISTAKEN defence of freedom and Democracy.

  • tRump needs to be jailed now along with his GOP Cronies. Drain that GOP SWAMP!!!!

  • It's really hard to imagine why he never made it in Hollywood. Hm... Not really.

  • Trump wants a dynasty

  • Be afraid Colbert, your sins are emerging to the surface.

  • THERE IS NO DEFEAT OF TRUMP. HE IS PRESIDENT. He remains President for 4 more years. 'SLANTED, is new book from Sheryl Atkinson depicting you DEMS STEALING truth within News, and Trump being abused. Courts must revoke Dems false victory. THERE'S NO OPTION TO DENY REPUBLICANS THEIR CHOICE.

  • You people are insane ....that is all.

  • Look up child sings with Stephen colbert and you will see why he hates trump !!!!!

    • Hes best friends with John pedesta . That's all I need to know.

  • People who really think Trump was chosen by god make me ashamed of religion. Jesus left us for a reason, and I'm seeing why.

  • donald must be removed from office, America has spoken! Republicans you claim to be conservatives, right now you are acting radical or this not an act? Could it be that trump has sold your souls to the enemy! How can you listen to his constant lies ? Every day he gets bolder and more radical. Hitler and mussolini came into power! Our founding fathers could not imagine that a person like trump could be President! trump is a lose canon and he is destroying our precious democracy, AMERICA NEEDS YOU! get off your high horse and make AMERICA GREAT again 👏

    • This false president is blinding the eyes of, and using the power and blessing of, good, honest, God fearing people in a most sinister way. By MASQUERADING as a Christian and HIDING HIMSELF behind our TRUSTED evangelical leaders. This deceit will bring shame and harm to the Christian reputation. Satan is USING God’s people as ‘guilty accomplices’ who EMPOWER a truly diabolical and wholly unworthy leader, bent on destroying or seriously damaging the Democratic System for his personal glory while agitating thousands of dangerously, subversive individuals bent on the blind and MISTAKEN defence of freedom and Democracy.

    • help try to take back "the Presidency that was stolen from Him ".!!!

  • "Throws out the monologue". Did yeh, aye? Guys, this is the same guy who was advocating violent demonstrations when the democratic system WORKED last time.

    • @Emily An oh I mean Stephen Colbert. He was supporting people rioting after the last election. Which, if you want to see examples of being overly sensitive, there you go.

    • Trump: if i win it's legit, if i lose it's rigged it's like a sensitive person on an online competitive video game that when they lose they will blame the person for many things.

  • “ O foolish trumpians, who has bewitched you !” !

  • His been able to lie to this country for 4 years. White privilege.

    • People like you are why Stalin created the Gulags.

  • Is this what comedy is today? I might as well watch CNN because Colbert parrots them with stupid whiney opinions. He used to be funny when he took over after John what's his name. Bla, Bla, Bla!!!

  • Can't get enough of this ! Put together brilliantly.

  • Indictments Pending Sidney is now saying it looks like the Dominion/Scanmatic systems allocates approx 1.23 for a Biden vote and .77 for a Trump vote. She now says she can prove it - Fraud Suit to be filed this week between Wednesday and Friday. TEAR 'EM UP Sidney... Colbert - Your Number Is Up..!

  • You speak as if the American people are ignorant. People don't trust or believe you. Aren't you supposed to be a comedian. You know what breaks MY heart?........the fact that real journalism no longer exists, to such an extent that people are getting their, "news" from actors, musicians and other phony, manipulative jokers like you!

  • There are no good republicans they are all evil inhumane tossers just look at what Moscow Mitch McConnell has done since the results

  • One of the ads that break in, featured Bill O'Reilly! How ironic!

  • my enchantment table in minecraft: 14:48

  • Biden had 270 There IS Stealing going on.

  • Unlike trump, who Broadcasts and Projects his intentions, Biden knows how to silently move Forward and make Change. FEAR: donnie is feeling it and so is mitch.

  • Moscow Mitch is losing power once Biden/Harris take office. He is scared. Good.

    • Moscow Mitch and the supreme court are really scared of losing power, enjoy your new republican president with a blue coat of paint.

  • ▶ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.

  • Just listened to this. 2 weeks and No Republicans saying anything

  • Trump: if i win it's legit, if i lose it's rigged it's like a sensitive person on an online competitive video game that when they lose they will blame the person for many things.

  • Beware of Trump he is a Cult Leader . The Cult of personality goes with Stalin, Moa Tse Dong , Mussollini, Hitler. Republicans "have a problem. Look to 2022 Trump's cult will help try to take back "the Presidency that was stolen from Him ".!!!

  • What happened to your hunger games segment cry baby whooooooooooo trump 2020 baby 4 more years

  • “This is America, don’t want to give it up”

  • Trump has been stone broke for many years, and has borrowed money to keep up his facade. Melania found out........too late. Rich American businessman! I spit on you! The only place trump can be of use to Putin, and the Russian Mafia is in the White House. It also just happens to be the only place he’s safe from Putin who loaned him the Half-Billion dollars..........coming due WITHIN four years. As long as he has the government body-guards and the ‘security of the Office’, NO ONE can / will touch him. But, Donny boy, you have chosen to dance to the Devil’s Music...... ...........Just wait Donny boy, your kids will find only your feet and shoes in cement. Putin only plays with you if he can keep you in the Oval Office, where you can do his bidding. Only when you can pull the right strings, are you of use to Putin and the Russian Mafia. Once January 20th, Noon arrives, done for, fat boy!

    • Putin, he is the reason for the treason.

  • Respublican vectory Tramp American Corp political libiral administration..

  • SUPER 😎👍😇🇷🇺🇺🇸🌍🤔📺🤞

    • SPEAK that TRUTH, Stephen Colbert !!!

  • Well Tramp victory one. White Home PRESIDENT Black political Rus Fan

  • So many stupid, manipulated and uneducated people from „country“ lost or do not have connection to reality. History will shown soon in American presidency # 45 was the greatest error, and the wonderful greatest democracy will back with a president is worth to be. Faker, commander in cheat, racist, sexist, criminal # 45 is expected by criminal court after he kicked out of the WH !

  • Drumpf accuses everyone else of corruption and thievery because it's what HE himself would do. He thinks everyone else is just like how he is.

  • We, anyone who has a stake in modern democracy, are SO lucky. We’re lucky that the first POTUS in living memory who tried to overturn the election (not the vote count, but the election itself) to remain in power, was so ignorant. So stupid and naive. So predictable, and greedy, and so used to getting his own way with minimal effort that he never learned how to plot steadily toward a goal that someone might oppose. Had he created a coordinated national COVID-19 strategy as late as September, enough people might have said “Well, 200,000 people have already died, but now he’s got it together” that he’d have won. We won’t get so lucky next time. We’ve got to put safeguards in place, and we have to redefine American prosperity if we’re going to prevent this from happening again. Tribalism, polarization, disrespect for the principles of law, and hatred will always be part of the landscape (it’s human nature), but in America they only become dominant when people are so lost and angry because they’re not getting what they need. ::jumps off soapbox::

    • 2004 Bush v Gore, the democratic party said the election was hacked and that fake ballots had been submitted. The fact that you think this is the first time is proof of how unaware of the political world you really are.

  • Colbert went to Juilliard

  • Looks like ol' Stevie baby is in a bit of a panic.......whoops!

  • This is Colbert at the very top of his game. Fecking genius Stephen, genius!

  • Love you Stephan Colbert

  • Absolutely brilliant. Enjoyed every minute.

  • trump is the fraud of couse a liarer

  • Trump lose his brain, so take him care home

  • Stephen.heis American or from Europe

  • Yikes...looks like Stephen dipped into Jimmy Kimmels' hormone blockers..didn't your candidate win the election , Stephen?..why are crying?...someone needs a backbone transplant

  • Well 1st of all underneath George Bush and Obama, the white house bombed so many innocents in the middle east that they ran out of bombs oh wait i forgot underneath Bush and Obama they started these endless middle east wars because they're war Mongering Assholes who profit off of war. There's a whole list but as an American At Heart I certainly don't associate myself with the white house. At least when it comes to Bush and Obama. Seriously dude? Stephen is one guy people listen to about politics. This is what you call a publicity stunt done by all late night show hosts who are willing tools to the democrat party. I bet You youtube deletes this comment. Edit: I'll be honest i support Trump because he is the only one really causing a problem for these profiteering war mongering ass wipes in DC

  • SPEAK that TRUTH, Stephen Colbert !!!

  • Our house- not his. We “let a special person” live there rent free for 4 years

    • whining the entire time with multiple lies and lawsuits is not "letting" chump

  • 😂. Fake tears. So dramatic. Calm down you silly leftist. Facism... Really? And what did he do that puts him in that category??

  • Virtue Signaling at its finest. I’m not even a right winger but lefties make me sick these days.

    • Yet we got millions marching saying trump2020 sigh only jesus can save us now

  • The truth hurts, that's why everyone of you'll are heartbroken.

  • I think the only purpose of the guy who walks back and forth is so that people know that they have not been caught in some kind of time loop. Because that's for sure what I thought at first.

  • Stephen I've never seen you so pissed off for a damn good reason. I'm really glad that you have the big hairy Kahuna to stand up for what is ours!..and beat the Devil down in the same respect.

  • If you feel Trump has broken America then you are the broken part the rest of America and other countries finally respect us after 8 years of Obama/Biden. For the record Obama is now worth 32 times more than before he was president !!

  • loved the new video?

  • Four years of illegitimacy! 3 years of impeachment cases! WOW, Steve listen to yourself, what a hypocrite..... America deserves answers.

  • Unfunny tool are no David Letterman but you do have a Maddow trick ya gonna do now funny man? I saw your show before ...when it was hosted by Keith killed a good show...bravo sir bravo

  • You will have noticed by now I'm sure, who the GOP has chosen. And it ain't America.

  • That is a trump racist like he is


  • DONALD TRUMP WILL BOUNCE RIGHT BACK .Listen to this Powerful DONALD TRUMP VICTORY SONG Please share❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I 💙 This man ! 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • I do have to say, great for Biden to win, but every time I hear an American talk about how they are great because they have Democracy, I feel so disapointed. Because they don't have true democracy, they have something that vagely looks like it. Jerrymandering, or the total amount of votes from a state going completely to whomever won even by the slightest margin... Other than France, I believe every democratic country has the most simple system: 1 person, 1 vote. No line drawing so that each segment of a state stands for an equal part of a state, which has a certain amount of votes unequal to the actual percentage of people living there compared to the entirety of the USA, which all goes in their entirety. As long as the lines are drawn well enough by the previous administration, you can lose in votes yet still win. That is not true democracy. But I am pleased with the results of this election. Even if there is ALWAYS cheating in the USA elections. They've just legalised it.

  • Yet we got millions marching saying trump2020 sigh only jesus can save us now






  • LMAO!!



  • Trump is fantastic, he is the man and loves his country, this presenter and the democrats have no idea how to run anything

  • I love these videos. They are so freaking interesting!?

  • Donald Trump is a wannabe tyrannt... a fascist with a narcissististic obsession - he wants to King of America. Forever!


  • Imam Nasser Muhammad al-Yamani (10 - 07 - 1441 Hejri) (05 - 03 - 2020 Kr.) Skrevet Kl. 12:51 Natt ((I følge den offisielle kalenderen til morens-byene (Meka) .(Corona Virus av de lavest pine før den største pine da kanskje de vil vende tilbake(til sin Herre 👇🏻👇🏻

  • Qui Tacet Consentire Videtur "He who is silent is taken to agree" COLBERT! I notice the ISchats channel did not translate the Latin.

  • At least Trump makes it easy to call out politicians on their bullshit. How do we get the rest of the liars out?

  • Pre written. Made to appear as from the heart but it’s not genuine. He had an insert from a trump speech in 2016 lol clearly scripted.

  • Love this. How did i miss this two weeks ago? Whatever - Love your stuff Colbert!

  • We had a "Blue Moon " !! If that's doesn't mean anything, then I don't know what will!!!

  • Look at the majority of people in these liberal states counting the votes, (most look like members of terror group BLM) just like putting FOX to protect the HEN, it’s obvious and outrageous.

  • comment on this please? lets see the cat catch all your tongues

  • Wow i have never seen a grown man have actual tears come out of his eyes before just because he can't get his way lol. How embarrassing.

    • Oh and can't get his way with and about something that has absolutely nothing to do with him lol lol lol.