Bailey Bryan "play w/ me"

Birt 12 feb 2021
Today's #PlayAtHome artist is @Bailey Bryan performing "play w me" off her forthcoming "Fresh Start" project. Find Bailey @baileymyown on social!
Bailey Bryan - Vocals
Daniel Young - Drums, Electronic Pads & Tracks
Zachariah Witcher - Electric Bass & Synths
#Colbert #PlayAtHome #BaileyBryan
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  • These vocal styles are just garbage. Can't wait till we move past this phase in popular music.

  • if Jessica Alba & Ariana Grande had a baby = Bailey!🐣👶🏽😄

  • I saw her at Faster Horses on the Next to Nashville stage!

  • That voice!

  • ...💡yeeeees...I sacrificed MYSELF-as a test for all star spirits in the earth, so that at the end of the course I separate my LOYAL DEMONS from the rest of you, just as the trump administration weeded out the PATRIOT enemy...

  • It kinda looks prerecorded

    • so - its still her song

  • Never heard of this girl! 😬

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • fake ...lip sync. not live .

  • This was played live but the sound is trailing the video slightly . Something weird in post maybe. Great job by the band though

  • what's the point of holding onto a bass while playing a computer? Although it's not a bad song.

  • OOOOOOooooooooh. So what are we playing?

  • Britany 2.0, only with more nose work... progress?

  • she's cute, but its another soul-less ditty. how about #dweezilzappa? Dave Letterman had him on. c'mon Stephen!

  • All good. Anyone who says otherwise grab a mic and an outfit.

  • I like it, thanks for sharing it.

  • sure id play w u whats your steam name

  • satisfies the male gaze, check midriff bare, check provocative poses, check auto tuned voice, check probably lip synched, check conventionally beautiful, check just happens to be very talented, check to all the middle aged+ producers, engineers, executives and marketers, Ok Boomer!

  • No no no no no no no no

  • Beautiful voice! ❤️

  • Watch : LOVE ME, Please!!! 💕 みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン DISEN QUE DIOS ES MA LO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ESTE MUNDO ASERE Y ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとね51x1

  • Another generic female vocal. Utterly boring.

  • Underwhelming, over-produced pretty face. Thank you, next

  • I need to wash my ears with good music after listening to this rubbish

  • what a fox 💋 no really! Only one as cunning as a fox could think up a chain snare like that

    • haha. That's my invention, the JUNK HAT! Go check it out! :)

  • Wow yeah, great. Not at all the flavor of the week that everyone just happens to want to bang. She should have a long and prosperous career with this quality outfit heavy bubblegum pop bullshit 🙄

  • Say goodbye to the Gop and witness the beginning of the Don. (As in donald)

  • If you want a woman who can actually sing, and doesn't require auto tune, just book Unleash the Archers, unless Baby Metal frightened you.

  • Gorgeous voice!!!

  • Dope keyboard audio and visual @ 2:30

  • 😎

  • This was fire... and to clear things up. she was not lip singing. She did that. And those musicians were TIGHT. People have no clue how high the bar is these days so they just start criticizing.

  • Wow 😍 looks and sounds high maintenance though 😂

  • I see a lot of Talent here's some Talent but popcorn tastes good no matter how you make it and one trick ponies only win once

  • o lord, wtf this is a TERRIBLEEEEE lip sync.....

  • Not gonna lie, never heard of this person. She fine tho

  • Damn she's gorgeous.

  • Cant believe the negative comments on here - This song and performance is fire! Yall haters go listen to some jimmy buffet

    • @Bryce Cain 😂 facts man!

    • AYYYE TELL EM. They don't even know how dope this is.

  • She actually replied to a comment XD. Makes me feel kinda bad cause she had to scroll through all that hate.

  • Weird hihat

  • the ghetto is overflowing with this one

  • soul-less, generic, pre-recorded garbage

  • She reminds me of...... Kate Upton with a voice of gwen Stefani.

  • Love this.

  • A dollar a dozen

  • Beautiful woman, terrible song. Formulaic crap. I can't wait for the high waisted pants fad to die......again......

  • Gotta call em like I see em, or in this case, hear em’. This is crap. Sorry young lady. I wish you well though.

  • This wouldn't even make the album cut or a 'B' side back in the day. Now it's prime time just 'cos record label promotes pretty face...

    • They have always done it. You're just old and realizing it now.

  • Over produced garbage. Another Taylor swift wanna-bee. Without auto tune these people sound awful.

  • I like it, well done Bailey Bryan.

  • RIP imagination and talent.

    • Thank god I’m not the only one who sees this... Sucks for all the new generations of kids from here on out.

  • Well I hope she does well in her life, but god damn this was some generic music!

  • Well, that was crap.

  • Brittany Spears called, she wants her style back.

  • Hi, just here to state the obvious. She's awesome!

  • Boring, uninspiring and just another lipsync pop music garbage performance like all the rest. They all sound the same and are void of vision and any genuine lyrics. Disappointing.

  • Booo

  • This kinda gives me vibes of Pumped Up Kicks, esp. the chorus.

  • Nicely done.

  • Same sound of all these "dinners" today. Music sucks with these lame women singers.🙉

  • This is fantastic!

  • Typical music for typical people. Yawn.

  • This is 9 Taylor Swift songs.

  • Y’know, you’d think that having these “live/not really live” performances would be great for artists who would normally lipsync...but this is obvious. Come on, just use your actual voice.

  • 💯💯💯

  • love her chemistry with the band. none of this seems at all artificial

  • Yawn, She's cute, I like the bad because they seem to be looking to play outside the box. The song is boring.

  • I usually don't like this kind of music. Weird, somehow I like this. 🤷

  • There is nothing new here, no talent. What have we become...

  • Is she mad at night people?

  • Boring...

  • mediocre sound and song imo

  • What is the deal with these new performers who absolutely refuse to enunciate anything? How many times can a person listen to a bunch of unintelligible baby talk gibberish over the same three of four chords before they get bored?

    • @Daniel Smith Imagine being so closed minded that you never check out anything you haven't seen before when it pops up on your feed. :-/

    • Imagine hating something so much that you go watch videos of it lol

    • Britney did the baby talk thing 20 years ago. There were women doing it before then. You are just getting old.

    • because it will get shit ton of tiktok remakes by kids who cant sing lol

    • I know its infuriating the way all these singers just ape each other. Its creative cowardice. Same style, same moves, same sound, same everything just regurgitated over and over again. When i was kid every female artist was a wannabe beyonce. It was boring then and it still is!

  • Zzzzzzzz zzzz zzzzz zz ....

  • This was bad.

  • 👏🏾🙏🏾

  • she sounds good but also sounds like every other song that has come out since 2012. they are clearly running out of ideas for music en masse these days. i feel bad for anyone born 2010 and up. Mainstream music is dead. Rap is overplayed and like beating a dead horse by everyone cause theres nothing new left to be invented. underground metal is still thriving. thank god i already know good music but young kids need help finding it and people who understand it or theyre gonna be stuck growing up on shitty rap from the radio and develop bad taste for music

    • @Alex V Nah, I like Folk and Disco.

    • @Aaron Jones what do you listen to? Let me guess... rap. Just like every other 9 out of 10 people. Just because you lack an ear or effort for music doesn’t mean I have to.

    • @Alex V calm down fanboy XD

    • @Aaron Jones checkout the link I just posted. Metal genres are by far the most talented, it’s just the fact a lot of people can’t handle how heavy the instruments are and don’t know how to just listen to the music and think of certain vocals if you can’t understand then think of them as just another instrument/background noise

    • @Aaron Jones u kiddin me lol there’s so so so many bands and genres. You just don’t know them. You have to actually put some effort to find bands but “unknown melodeath” ISchats channel is great for dropping unheard bands. My favorite genre currently is melodeath or Viking metal... but then for some tech stuff, “within the ruins” just dropped a really sick album and there’s no way you can say you’ve heard songs like those lol they’re extremely talented and very tech and they aren’t the only band, there’s more than I can keep up with.

  • Painful, derivative, affected. Blerg.

  • The words in music are always the least impressive or important part

  • LOL ive heard this a style a hundred times before. Why are modern artists such copycats?

    • @Whisker Biscuit Which still doesn't hide the fact that bailey bryan is utter shite.

    • Yeah if you want to pick low selling individuals/one hit wonders there are tons out now. More than ever as putting your stuff on youtube is easier than ever. The problem is you are all old and now rely on the top ten for your music information. Old people in the 90's made the same complaints. When you get old you stop searching for new music. Your kids usually determine what you listen to. But in 90's you had copycat boybands, copycat post grunge bands, copycat gansta rappers, copy cat pop punk bands, copycat techno. In the 80's you had copy cat hair metal, copycat new wave, 70's had copycat disco and funk. It happens every generation. When you are young it's all new and it's all you know. When you get old you see the fads and trends. You're just dumb if you think it's different.

    • @Whisker Biscuit Or macy gray or bjork or fiona apple even?

    • ​@Whisker Biscuit swing and a miss. Eilish is the same product, just a worse version that cant sing or dance and is not attractive. eilish is more like the wiggles than a 90's boy band.

    • Yeah why couldn't they be unique like backstreet boys, or nsync, or 98 degrees.

  • I have a test for female singers. Step one, close my eyes. If they impress me before I see them then I know they are good. She didn’t but she’s not the worst I’ve ever heard

  • dont want no scrub..we hear ya girl.

  • She's be better if she just used a normal voice.

  • That was.......poor.

  • I miss live performances that did not involve lip-syncing. 😢

  • Yet another Karen.

  • I would 👍

  • Y she trying to sing every other syllable

  • not really singing.....

  • Average tune, generic 'smoky' voice, decent lip syncing, shitty lyrics.

  • 🌟

  • Larkin Poe

  • That was horrible. I mean bad for pop music.

  • Stephen Colbert bailey Bryan music play

  • Tattoos help hide the needle tracks...

  • Sung like a true stripper...

    • Lol you're just mad a woman that hot wouldn't even look in your direction. Bitter is a bad look hun.

  • She's wearing the "Hide my beer gut' pants.

    • She looks smoking and you're clearly just jealous. Take your hand and be gone

  • Is she singing, looks like lipsync camgirl

    • @Danny Young welp, I can't argue with the band. It wasn't the music at all that lead me to that, it was more like mic placement on certain words. But obviously that's my mistake. Thanks for clearing it up. I'll delete my post.

    • @iamjakt We performed it live as a band. There are a few band tracks, but bass, drums and vocals were recorded live as we filmed.

    • not a lipsync, just a lil autotune which everyone uses. But she did that. talent.

    • Id say lipsync

  • Wow!