A Sea Shanty For The Super Bowl Champs

Birt 12 feb 2021
It's the song all the sailors will be singin'. #Colbert #TomBrady #ColdOpens
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  • There... once was a team 'twas lost at sea, Til there came a man named Tom Brady, Ditched Winston they began to win, Throw less picks Tom throw, HOAH! Soon may the Buccaneers win, To remind ourselves of Jon Gruden, Simms, Garcia, and Josh Freeman, Just let us have this one!

  • ​guess the CDC forgot to tell us COVID has been erdicated? or maybe they're just selfish...and then they went home with and *back to* the people they 'care about.' truly grotesque, some people just can't be trusted to not be sociopathic.

  • A Most Excellent Sea Shanty.

  • i’m SO happy sea shanties are *finally* a thing! my kid and i have been playing/singing them for years 😆

  • ...as well as it let me know when I was almost home yesterday that there are those wishing me dead===ITS TIME FOR-THEM-TO GO HOME 🔥🙃🔥they have LIVED OUT their purpose here 💡🌍💧

  • Excellent.

  • Brilliant! 😁

  • ischats.info/fun/iblqqZ6Qi3GYinw/v-deo

  • why can't we find the last episodes of this week ? stops here at February 12

  • Ok, fm a past comment yk I'm not keen on sea shanties due to their origins, but this was hilarious! XD

  • WHERE ARE THE JOPKES ABOUT THE 25,000 illegla aliens released? Not funynnow, huih?

  • More Sea Shanties Please! H’-O_pin_ that_this_bit_O_fun_ a_Singin’_seee_Shan-teees_ Wit’_a_bit_O_Rum_ izzz_faar_from_O-O_ver! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  • And Davy Jones is still waiting for a Super Bowl trophy to add to his locker.

  • Fantastic sea shanty

  • Sea shanties.. I like your job sir. 😜😄🤙

  • Very nice but this is NOT a sea shanty--it's a foc's'l song--much more appropriate, considering the context.

  • Love the masks. I’m sure this will be the onset of the 4th wave.

  • Florida man throws expensive trophy to ship full of pirates. More at 11.

  • Frickin' brilliant!!!

  • ischats.info/fun/cqeQd5CTh3GMo3g/v-deo

  • So cool!

  • I need this song playing on repeat at my house for a while. So good!

  • I didn't know I needed Sea Shanty's in my life until 2020. It was one of the few good things of my life of that year. Go Bucs!

  • So when is the late show releasing this hot new single?

  • 🏈🏴‍☠️⛵🍻🥃🍸🍹


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  • As a friend just observed: Please note that it took Tom Brady just one year to become the original "Florida man".

  • I'm sorry, The Wellerman doesn't hit the same without a proper bass.

  • Exceptional 👏🏼 kudos ...!!

  • Say goodbye to the Gop and witness the beginning of the Don. (As in donald)

  • ischats.info/fun/lLFsqHaVfI-sqa4/v-deo


  • This was top notch, even for these guys.

  • Waking up in bed with a hangover, realizing you're a 7-time Super Bowl champ, and a supermodel lying next to you. Life.

  • Clever shanty!

  • 😂ischats.info/fun/qLaMdauehXyri6o/v-deo

  • How the fuck does the boat that Brady is standing on cost 2million dollars. like am I missing something as it looks like the most plain boat in the world. Like it doesn't seem like it had any room for like a cabin and if it did it would be ta tiny cabin. Only thing that looks pricy or those white seats. Other then that it looks like your average run of the mill boat. So either the news report is wrong and they are getting his boat mixed up with the one in the video. Or that boats are just really fucking expensive and even a generic one cost 2mill. Or I'm missing something and the boat is super high tech.

  • It sure is funny watching that cheating, Trump supporting, baby abandoner celebrate covid’s victory over humanity at that super spreader douche festival.

  • Senate.gov for your Senator's contact info. Why can't the USA help its citizens like other countries have! $2000/person/month till the end of the pandemic. PLUS, it needs to be retroactive from March 2020 to pay back rent, bills & mortgages. Come on people call your Senator's & tell them you want/need this help. I'm sure small businesses & restaurants would appreciate some revenue from people spending money on the economy too, right! Pick up your cell phones and let your voices be heard.

  • The sore loser is still strong with this one

  • 😍

  • /chuckle

  • Brilliant 👏

  • Opening, lolol... 👌

  • I am beginning to suspect that Wellerman is the only Sea Shanty Stephen and his team actually knows :P

  • Why is the press making such a big deal that Brady was drunk? I get drunk all the time and nobody puts it on tv

  • Be honest, you were singing along in tune on the chorus segments.

  • Steve’s writing crew easily deserves all the awards they win.

  • I've been obsessed with Wellerman by Nathan Evans so this was so cool.

  • Next time with double bass!! Lol


  • 🤣

  • I miss the Sea Captain.

  • Is this the long johns?

  • #done.

  • So?

  • I was kinda expecting (or hoping?) that the word "deflate"will be in the song. Welp.

  • Stephen said it would be the year of the sea shanties, now didn’t he?,.. 😉

  • 🤣

  • This is incredible. Well done!

  • Tom was too freaking careless to lose the trophy 🏆 in the water HE better hope they go to the superbowl next year and WIN.

  • i'm afraid to ask, but... how did you get all that footage of Brady sleeping at home?

  • well, it's not actually a sea shanty, but still good.

  • There was nothing super about that bowl. Nobody even got their uniform dirty. It was more like watching soccer than football. I wouldn't be celebrating that in public.

  • Just fantastic, more shantys please!

  • He just won his 7th ring at the age of 43. Why would he opt out of getting sloshed on a boat? What did you think he was doing? 🤔

  • Ok Saskatchewan Roughriders get your shine 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Good for TB, he deserves to cut loose!

  • That was brilliant. I wonder if we'll see one with a different Shanty. Still, "Drunken Sailor" could have also fit with this.

  • Immaturity.

  • "Back to the "Super Bowl", hahaha.

  • and not a mask in sight... i guess covid cant swim

  • is there only one sea shanty song or what?

  • 35 dislikes 😱? Most be the chiefs fans !!!!

  • Remember back in the day when football players had to get a job in the offseason?

  • 😂 🙌🏻 😂


  • Best sea shanty.

  • “OW!”

  • drunk jocks on boats! these are role models? great social distancing btw!

  • This is without a doubt the best. sea. shanty. EVER!!!

  • for china comrade colbert ching lee

  • You totally ruined The Wellerman for me :[

  • That's pretty great though when even drunk he can pass better than any teetotaler..

  • “What do we do with a drunken Brady What do we do with a drunken Brady What do we do with a drunken Brady Early in the mornin”

    • @Will Moore You should listen to the song. My part was the chorus. Yours is the one after that.

    • ​@Sebastien Busque When does "rises" rhyme with Brady? FYI: wife does rhyme with side. Doofus.

    • @Will Moore Since it has to rhyme with Brady... perhaps 'wifey'?

    • "Throw him off the side and goose his wife Throw him off the side and goose his wife Throw him off the side and goose his wife Early in the mornin"

    • "Wey-hey upchuck it rises Wey-hey upchuck it rises Wey-hey upchuck it rises Early in the mornin"

  • Brilliant!! 😂😂😂

  • If we didn't like him, we would be saying how he held a super-spreader event. But, since he won so many bowls, no one cares. Covid can't touch this mask-less crowd. I am sure they were all tested before this party though.

    • @Kilian Ortmann yeah, not all those people were players.

    • In this case, and only this, yes actually. Players were tested regularly and played together, maskless, a few hours prior.

  • LMAO!!!

  • Thankfully, not all of us in Florida are jackasses.

  • Whoever wrote this is not paid enough.

  • This is an awesome and well-written shanty

  • Genius song👏👏

  • After this I shall forever refer to the commode as the Pooper Bowl... I mean, the Super Bowl.

  • You always hurt the one you love. MILLS BROTHERS 🎶 TB12 might like to listen.... 👂

  • Lombardi Trophy Replica.

  • I’m proud to say Tom Brady is now legally a Florida man!!

  • Too close to Bubbles' Kittyman sea shanty not to be a ripoff.

  • I'm sorry to inform you but the shanty trend is now over. (Never trust the shelf life of internet memes). A new trend will be starting online in 5 minutes and occurs down the hall in Room 101.

  • 일베보다못한 페미 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 댓글 차단해서 그냥 새로 만들려다가 그ㅓ면 또 차단하면 시간낭비할것같아서 그냥 니유투브 토론에서 적엇느니 봐 ㅋㅋ그리고 그딴데보디 여서들 지적하는데 더활동할거니 ㅋ아니라해도 더묵인할테네 ㅋㅋㅋ진짜로 멍청해 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ