"You Can Be Anything You Want To Be Up There" - Steven Yeun On Falling In Love With Performing

Birt 9 feb 2021
Steven Yeun and Stephen Colbert bond over their common experience as improv comics who got their start in Chicago at The Second City. You can see Steven Yeun in the Golden Globe-nominated film, "Minari." #Colbert #ALateShow #StevenYeun
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  • I'm a bit late to the game but I just watched the film. As a 23-y.o. Korean American, definitely made me tear up at moments but also laughed just as much. Everyone was special, but I think Alan Kim (the boy) stole the show. I got really excited when the grandma pulled out the hwa-tu (or go-stop) cards. Played that with my family constantly growing up. And when the grandma brought the mom myeulchi.

  • The new Parasite ?

  • Steven Yeun today IS the Asian American Denzel Washington of the 1990s....if Hollywood keeps recognizing Asian American talent and show Asian Americans as real people, not only with audiences have better entertainment and original stories, god willing there will be an Asian American best actor or actress in my lifetime or in my kids lifetime.

  • Interviews with Asian American actors just 15 years ago was about their identity- their race, where they were from, what their parents think - today, interviews are about the work, the talent, the person- like any other actor...finally.

  • I love Steven and respect his work as an actor, but why does he look and sound like he's sitting inside of a storage unit?? Roflol. His voice echoes.... it appears he's emptying his storage unit

  • Love that Steven's room decor looks like it got stuck in the 80s. Reinforces how down to earth he is.

  • "Don't cry" that's the saddest thing I've ever heard ㅠㅠ

  • He is so handsome I have to reply this multiple times to pay attention to what he is saying cause I keep getting distracted

  • Oh my god! I also cried so much when I first moved to America when I was 8!

  • He needs more recognition

  • Korean Minari = water parsley, water celery, water dropwort

  • Love this guy so enormously talented and yes good looking too!

  • It's called Canada

  • No mentions the other film he was in with Armie Hammer

  • Minari is an amazing film. It’s not trying to be Hollywood-like. It’s just trying to be a film of its own, which is great.

  • Awww...I love love Steven and I totally MISS GLENN RHEE. So happy that his acting career just thrives after TWD.

  • minari is a fine film but burning is grrrreat!

  • why did "hey steven!" "hey steven" make me laugh lol

  • Very talented and handsome he is!!!

  • I love him and the movie's great

  • Can't stop smiling he's so handsome and I feel bad because he's talking about something so important

  • this man is God’s given gift he’s absolutely amazing

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • I’ve met him and he’s one of the kindest celebrities I’ve ever met. He deserves all of his success.

    • All TWD actors are so kind. True story.

  • Why has no one commented on how low Steven’s energy is in this video? Steven is a jovial, happy guy in every interview. Maybe the kids are stressing him out? Idk. Seems off though. 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️

  • I loved him in TWD. I lost interest when his character died. It’s great to see him again. Haven’t heard about this movie.

  • he’s beautiful

  • Colbert was unprepared for Minari, and aged himself in this video. Colbert asked the same question he asked all Asians who were on his show in the past years, "WTH did your parents think when you wanted to go into entertainment?"..."You doctor? You lawyer?" So stupid. Colbert is smarter but can't ask fun or smart questions. It all tells me he is racist too. He can't talk normally to Asian-Americans. He just can't.

  • Minari is also very tasty 😋

  • He was awesome in "Burning." I highly recommend it.

  • I have a crush on Steven. Such a hot cutie. Even more importantly he is such a talented actor

  • Oh, Steven....I know how it feels to come to a foreign country and just get thrown into a school. I, too, am Korean-American who came to the US at 9 years old. When my teacher asked me a question on my first day of school, I just cried my eyes out. That's how my life in the US started. Can't imagine what a 5 year old went through, being the only non-white...probably in the whole town. Breaks my heart.

  • He was fantastic in The Walking Dead.

  • The ending of this interview was abruptly cut, WHY 👎👎👎

  • Absolutely Loved the movie MINARI, with brilliant acting and story. This IS one of the best movies that will stay with me for many years.

  • He is such a BRILLIANT HUMAN!! 💜🌏💚🌍💋✌🌙🌈

  • “Don’t cry” is also great advice for watching s7 ep1 of TWD

  • My favorite character in the walking dead.

  • Hot Take: killing Glenn... Killed The Walking Dead

    • @Holly Rock yep I get it!

    • 💯 I stopped watching right then and there.

  • Why isn’t he in a Marvel movie?

  • "Dying is Easy. Comedy is Hard" - actor Edmund Gwenn (on his deathbed, literally)

  • “Don’t Cry” is a perfect title for his autobiography.

  • Steven Yeun on reverse aging, everybody! 👏👏👏👏

  • Love hearing the shout out for K and Monkapult!

  • This interview wasn't long enough. Steven needs to be invited to more shows, even if he isn't promoting anything.

    • Check out his episodes with Conan O'brien. Hilarious!

  • I love him Sm , Minari was a masterpiece ✨

  • Never seen him before but gosh, he's gorgeous and looks like he's kind and has emotional depth. Definitely watching his work from here on out.

  • I love Steve, but he's always so low energy on the talk shows, I hate it

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  • Omfg ! So happy to see Yeun here with Colbert show. Can't wait for his movie. But his rapport with Conan is the best. Good going Yeun.

  • 울지마 😭😭😭

  • So happy to learn more about what Steven Yeun is doing!

  • All I know is he beautiful AF!!! Boy, that smile and those teeth are EVERYTHING!!! 😫💖😭💖🧜🏾‍♂️😏

  • He is one of my All time favorite TWD actors. Of course The british guy who plays Morgan is also one on that list.

  • Steven Yeun deserves all the awards! What an incredible person and actor!

  • Haven’t watched the movie yet, but minari is one of my favorite vegetables.

  • Interesting story behind the plant, as it pertains to second generation immigrant families. I'll have to watch the movie....

  • Mayhem and the walking dead was great by steven. He should have won awards for his acting in the walking dead. So great!

  • Good actor. Too bad Glenn died violently.

  • I love him ❤️

  • I'm lucky to say I was an early member and one-time leader of Monkapult. I worked with Jordan, but graduated before Steven joined. I'm glad it has thrived and served in some small way as a starting point for these great performers.

  • this guy gives me hope sad yet true

  • Wonder what Koreans would find interesting in Arkansas

  • Minari, a plant that dies in the first season and comes back stronger in later season...aka zombie plant 🥀💀🌷

    • What??? Is is true? Wow. Serendipity.

  • One of my favorite actors... Way too underrated in my opinion. Fax

  • I found it hard to follow what he was saying as I fell into his deep, dreamy eyes.

  • Wtd s6 LOL

  • One of the best films I've seen in a while.

  • Goddamnit he's just devastatingly handsome.

    • Indeed

  • Awesome dude from Regina Saskatchewan,Canadian. Peace out 🇨🇦😷💙

  • So talented, charming and ridiculously good looking

  • Steve Yuen is baby daddy for life can’t tell me nothing.

  • Oh my heart! 😭 Poor sweet child dropped into the Canadian west, of course he had to learn "don't cry" first. (I'm basing this on my experience of the Canadian west. Not a lot of open minds out there, especially back then. 😬) My heart aches for that poor sweet baby. 💔 It's good to see that he's channeled that experience into something positive.

  • He's so adorable 😍

  • I want to cry whenever I am in Regina too 😜 Just jokes. Never knew you had local connections. Way to represent. Congrats. Also, it's always nice to hear someone pronounce "Saskatchewan" correctly!

  • So the minari is metaphoric of the immigrant experience, one could say. The first generation "dies" and the hope is that their children, the second generation, will thrive. I'm looking forward to seeing this film.

  • How come nobody is saying how handsome he is.

    • So handsome

    • Everyone is talking about how handsome he is

    • Because it's just beating the dead horse at this point.

    • Very very handsome

    • We’re not saying it cause everyone knows it. And so does he. He’s working the camera.

  • Glenn

  • That “don’t cry” story just killed me with the cuteness...

  • He seemed pretty much typical Korean look aside from K-pop boy band put so much make up on. I am super proud and glad to see him as a walking dead fan, he's been successful in the USA and back in South Korea where his origin from his parents. Hope to see him on Conan, stimulating more fun, wit side of humanity.

  • Hey Steven! Hey Steven!

  • God bless you Steven and Stephen looking forward to seeing your movie

  • I am so stoked to see this. Usually when movies are set in my home state, it’s about meth. This will be a nice departure from that.

  • omg I'm watching this at 9 30 in the morning while having my cofee Stephen Colbert it's too early to have a heart breaking moment snif

  • OMG a full shoutout for K!

  • No one ever mentions that he was Keith from Voltron.

  • "Mayhem" was a fun movie with him in it

  • Can’t wait to see it!

  • Yeah....a lot of began our "mask work" at the entry of public school. I like this guy.

  • Hes an Asian Elijah Woods same mannerisms, smile, and vibe... so pure and wholesome 🥰...

  • Soo talented!!!!

  • I miss you Steven Yeun!!!!

  • Wonderful interviews 💌

  • "Regina Saskatchewan in America?" Really.

    • He corrected to "in the west" right afterwards. Especially as a kid, sometimes the "big move" from East to West is a bigger deal than between western countries. I can easily see how he contextualizes moving to the USA/Canada both as just one "big" event. If that makes sense.

    • He probably meant it as the continent North America.

  • Ooh I’ve been meaning to check out this movie, glad I’ll get a chance to see it soon

  • I love Steven Yeun so so much T_T 스티븐 연기 너무 감동적이다 워킹데드 주연배우다 진짜 그동안 매력적인 연기 감사해요 미나리 얼마나 보고싶다

  • I'd go to bat for this guy anytime. He's got a real head for acting. Keep an eye on him! Too soon?

  • As devastated as I was at his character's death on Walking Dead (man, that whole bit of BRUTAL - stopped watching for a while) - so happy his acting career continues to thrive

    • He can't get a role in hollywood. He's been doing Korean movies and this is his first semi American indie. He was doing reading auditions for BS bit roles after TWD.

  • A24 rocks!