Kristen Wiig On Why She's So Excited For People To See Jamie Dornan In "Barb & Star"

Birt 11 feb 2021
Jamie Dornan had Kristen Wiig laughing out loud on the set of "Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar," a film that she started writing with Annie Mumolo years ago while filming "Bridesmaids." #Colbert #ALateShow #KristenWiig
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  • Omg that movie clip, lol 😂😅

  • Why "a late show" and not The Late Show?

  • Jamie Dornan: From 50 shades of grey to 50 shades of pastels.

  • She's so adorable with her Pixie cut!!

  • I Love Kristen! 💜💋💚🤪

  • even her interviews are so dramatic and fun...just love her. And yeah...Torres del Paine is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been, too.

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  • I like how her vacation story sounds like is going to be about a misunderstanding but instead its about a puma.

  • I was just waiting for the spider, bugs and snake on her face if you know what I mean ☺️

  • What has she done to her hair?!?

  • Oh dear I actually laughed out load with the cell phone joke.

  • Kirsten is a treasure to her.

  • I love her.

  • Kristen Wiig in Chile, screaming "get out of here" to a puma in Torres del Paine park must be one of my proudest chilean moments (that and listening to Pedro Pascal in full chilean spanish)

  • She’s lucky she’s never had to meet or work with Stephen Colbert.... He’s a weak, talentless, embarrassment to the entire entertainment industry.

  • Looks like she's about to do an impression of Annie Lennox.

  • plastic surgery again

  • More like Annie Lennox wig 🤣

  • Omg u can't wait for this movie lol.

  • Jamie Dornan completely stole the show in that movie. So god damn funny.

  • This movie is the funniest movie in the history of the universe. And Kristen is right. Dornan is great--so so funny--in it. Watch it.

  • I just saw Barb and Star and it was AMAZING. Everyone go watch it ✨👌✨

  • This movie was HILARIOUS!!!

  • Wiig looks amazing with the blonde tips!

  • She's so beautiful.

  • "Kath and Kim" is an Australian comedy duo. They've made a couple of movies but mostly TV. Hmmm.

  • Oh so this is much like Thelma and Louise

  • Sandy Duncan hair.

  • She is such a delight

  • Ohh Steven... why did you make her sing?... 🍸🎹🎤

  • So a woman finally pulled it off and looks good with short hair. I owe a lot of people money.

  • I saw WW 1984 just for her. People also forget that she's very pretty because she hasn't capitalized on her looks. She's funny and talented and the looks were just a bonus.

  • Go watch Barb & Star, it's a light hearted silly comedy movie, perfect for a quarantine watch.

  • Hey Barb 💜 im 1 minute into ‘Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar’ Looks like you’ve made another Great movie! 🎞 Culottes some sort of pants eh? thats cool, never knew what they were called, interesting... So then the kids on the bike, and at the bottom of the screen: Loinsgate presents, A Pause and then A Lionsgate production, Whats really going on here? Are we just going to continue to waste the precious time we have with this kind of Sht? Its an incredible waste of time. 🕰 Why stop at 2? Might as well spend an hour with things like: (Filmed at Lionsgate Studios...set Decoration and Props provided by Lionsgate...Lighting, Sound, Cocaine, Booze, Pills, Craft Services, Laundry provided by Lionsgate... Filmed by an actual Lion...with a gait... okay that last part is made up, however please be aware that we here at Lionsgate did everything... the whole shabang was written, acted, created, developed, produced and birthed by Lionsgate...thank you...🙏 Best Wishes for a Happy Lunar New Year 🥳 ! Your Friends at Lionsgate, PS Lionsgate is also responsible for the creation of all 12 Chinese zodiac signs, Lionsgate, like the Wiz, nobody beats Lionsgate! Nohhbody! (LLC, LP all of the Ls) Some of the nicest fellas around get introduced like 3 times before they get on stage, “Its the Late Show with Stephen Colbert” 3 times, Not to single out the fine gentleman and Good Sir Mr. Colbert, when the shows are live you can see most of the intros are wasting time in the opening...repeating the exact same words several times... Yes, everyone knows who they are, perfectly normal to say the name once, even twice i want to go for 3? hey do what you want, its your show... (im really happy that all of these Good Men have Great Ladies to help them, its unbelievable every single one is married to a Saint... O’Brien, Kimmel, Fallon, Myers, Corden, Colbert, these guys would be well up the creek without these Lovely Ladies, lets all be thankful for them) At any rate repeat all day for all i care... Repeatin’ like our loony friends earlier today, the ones representing the Former President in these proceedings, “whats that?” “Can you repeat the question?” “i wanna make sure i heard that correctly, can you say that again” im not sure they said please once when asking the clerk to repeat the questions, over and over again...if they managed a thank you or said please it was through pursed lips, with their aholes so tight you would have difficulty fitting a needle up there, (For better hearing i recommended cotton swabs, also listening seems to be effective) 🙏 Hey this note may be too long, im going to edit it some other time, gotta get back to the movie, ☮️ 💜

  • Great new look!

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  • A dude made fun of me bc I thought she had a hot body when I saw that movie she was nude. She's still hot af

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  • Why is the metal roofing on the windows, and the window drapes on her? DIY home improvement projects gone wrong?

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  • She was so good in The Skeleton Twins with Bill Hader. One of my favorite movies ever. (Streaming on Prime, Check it out of you haven’t seen it.)

  • Her mid-west accent is fantastic. As someone who lives in Minnesota and grew up in WA, I hear it so much more than other people do but I can imitate it way too easily. Accidentally, at times.

  • Teeth whiter than ever and facial muscles that don’t move. Hollywood wins again.

  • this is one person in hollywood that i am very very very much in like with. it's strange to me even how much i've crushed on this woman over the years. haha. she's...just....sooo....funny...ugh...and yow aging well.

  • Kristen looks great .

  • Who knew how completely a short, blond “Pixie Cut” could transform Kristen Wiig? She has never been more striking! (Unless she’s also had “work” done)? After all, teeth aren’t naturally blindingly white)!

  • Stephen colbert could have been more kinder WTF

  • Dear God, Please send me a wife as beautiful and funny and awesome as her Amen

  • we are a red state but at least a semi honest sasse

  • Nebraskan's are not Minnesota ehh?

  • fu midwest doesn't have a accent and im from nebraska you new yorkers talk slurry so nvm

  • best time to have kids

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  • I said this in Seth's replies, but I will say it again: she rocks the short hair.

  • im so happy for her and her family and the movie!!!

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  • young parent? my mom is younger and I'm 20

  • "Chic???" She's looking "Spankelicious!!!! Not 'Chic!!!'"

  • ...did Stephen unbutton his top button for this interview? Oh, behave!

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  • Haha I was just watching snl skits she was in. I searched to find more of here and I find this was uploaded 20 hours ago. She is amazing!

  • Didn't understand the city she was at, but Patagonia is definitely in Argentina, not Chile.

    • Patagonia is southern tip of South America, which is Chile and Argentina. She was at Torres del Paine, in Chile. You can go there and stay at Punta Arenas, Chile's southernmost city. Check the map!

  • I dunno. Like, I mean like when Kristen like says like so many times like it's hard to like follow like what she's like saying like you know?

  • ahem... airplane has entered the chat

  • Just found out that Kristen was responsible for the lame, out of touch "Imagine" video. Ewwwwww -

  • Kudos to her plastic surgeon. She looks great.

    • @Elle You are right. That is certainly possible. But she looks younger than she did 10 years ago, and that's unlikely to be natural. But I mean it--she does look great. Besides, getting a facelift and botox is considered general maintenance. It's HARDLY plastic surgery...but it is plastic surgery.

    • Women in their forties can look great without a plastic surgeon. I've seen it many times.

  • I s that a new look for Kristen? It totally works. Brings to mind Annie Lennox.

  • Torres del Pane is awesome!

  • Starbara and Barbara...ya say that 3 times quickly.

  • Ahem, that's your cellphone. Seems to be the next great catch-phrase! Kristen is non-stopable in her original type of comedy! Everyone stay healthy & safe! Pax

  • Me smiling at my phone in the dark because Kristen is smiling... She's just so likeable!

  • What a shame - a comedic genius who feels she has to give up her identity to fit in - i.e. plastic surgery. Not quite sure why she felt she had to go all House of Cards on her audience. Looks like it's the old "I want to be taken seriously" move. Reminds me of what Laurence Oliver said to Dustin Hoffman after Hoffman stayed awake for hours to try to appear looking tired: "have you tried acting?". Congrats, Kristen - you should now be getting the quality roles Jennifer Grey and Meg Ryan were offered post-surgery. Man, what a dumb move - giving up the expressions and personality that made you popular in favour of some bland "attractive" forgettable botox-fried expressionless face. Stupid.

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  • like Jesus and a cat had a baby

  • She's funny and hot at the same time. Barb and Star looks funny.

  • How did he not ask the obvious followup question? So, how _did_ he propose?

  • Why is Kristen so relaxed ?? Is she on Rufis ?? No wonder her favorite Fangarn is Goon Gern !!!

  • She is one of my favorite peeps!

  • I love the idea for this movie and think it's going to be hilarious but where in the Midwest do they sound like that? Just wondering. I'm in Indiana and I don't think I sound like that. 🤷🏽‍♀️ But hey 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Sigh...American women and their "twins"....all this IVF --roll of the eyes!

  • I'm actually excited to see him do something funny too. He's actually a pretty goofy, funny guy in interviews, especially when he's on Graham Norton.

  • Damn she's hawt

  • gotta LOVE her!

  • I didn't know she's a Mama now :D

  • She was in "The Martian," too.

  • Always been a fan since SNL. The short hair looks good on her.

  • There's so many comments about how different her new hair makes her look...but it's because she's changed her face you morons! She's had a bunch of work done and now she looks strange and I hate's like it's not even her anymore! :(

    • I's disgusting and everyone seems to applaud it.

  • I was trying to find out where she'd gone to the Chilean Patagonia but couldn't quite make what she was saying, it sounded like Torres something (but with English pronounciation) so I started typing it and Google autocompleted "Torres del Paine". Good thing to know they were listening more closely!

  • She is so ridiculously funny and gorgeous.

  • Kristen W is funny lady and love her energy!

  • If I were writing/directing the movie "Okay, Jamie, we're gonna need you nude AGAIN for this scene so, yeah, take it off like now..."

    • Because if we learned anything from the Me Too era, it’s that you can totally tell employees to remove their clothing.

  • Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar sounds like the name of a Bojack Horseman movie.

  • She was the only enjoyable part of Wonder Woman 2...

  • She’s wonderful, brilliant and beautiful too.

  • Cant wait to see it! yay

  • I lover her so much

  • So much talent, so much beauty. Love

  • One of the best actors of our time. Just really great even in movies I don't really like.

  • I'm from the upper peninsula of Michigan and I slip into the thickest Midwestern accent you've ever heard when I'm upset or concerned. 🤣🤣 I live in California now and have ditched the accent. OK then, Eh.

  • She looks stunning in short hair!!!