Ingrid Andress "Lady Like"

Birt 10 feb 2021
Ingrid Andress is nominated for 3 GRAMMY Awards including Best New Artist and Best Country Song, "Lady Like," which she performs for us here in her return to A Late Show! Keep up with Ingrid at #Colbert #ALateShow #IngridAndress
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  • Very cool song..she sang it with soul !!

  • i don’t really like country music but i love her music

  • Wow she’s Hot! Great voice! Wow!

  • The title of this song made me think of the Lady of the Lake, but instead of giving you Excalibur she gives you a thumbs up. The Lady of the Like.

  • Did Ingrid sing a song?

  • Heard her for the first time yesterday, and have already downloaded her album and LOVE IT!!!

  • never heard of this lady but shes needs to put a bra on. and shave her arms

  • Never heard her before and probably never again but this was a nice song. I'm more in for the people you had yesterday 😉

  • Her singing is great but her left hand that is literally falling off of the piano as she's playing is making me cringe.

  • Hell yeah! Never heard her before and she CRUSHED it! 💕

  • Too bad she forgot to wear a shirt.

  • She is a writer, lyricist, collaborates with other writers and producers, a fine pianist with great and truly powerful voice!! Not Nashville? Nashville has always morphed! At 75y I am happy with change (she did have pedal steel) in this outstanding group, and represents the best new Nashville voice! Grammy!

  • Is this a male?

  • Not a fan of the "I'm not like other girls" energy tbh

    • @King Jive sorry that people being them selves and not caring what others think is boring to you, good thing no one is doing it to entertain you. She is a lovely singer, I will agree with you there.

    • @Paige.eats.plants The "I'm unapologetically me" gets pretty boring, too, though. I don't dig the lyrics, because there are dozens of songs like this, but she's a great singer. Feel the need to add that after I've read the disgusting comments under this video

    • @Paige.eats.plants maybe I did overreact, it's just the vibe I personally heard in the song, but that doesn't mean it was her intention.

    • I totally understand that feeling, I hate that so many women demonize other women to “elevate” themselves. Though I didn’t feel that type of energy in the song , I got more “I’m unapologetically me”. The lyrics are likening her to other women in history.

  • Love that more people are using the Sennheiser 441 out there.

  • As a member of the a cappella community, I'm so proud to see Ingrid getting this kind of exposure!!!

  • Please list all musicians. Thanks

  • Ingrid!!

  • yer getting more ' n more intimidating & I can't keep stepping up moi game without fear ' 0 death :-) I kid ~ yer perfect & kind . . . peace forever


  • I love this song, she's absolutely amazing

  • stephen please stop these performance segments!! boring. i want to hear YOU and your jokes.

  • She's a newcomer country artist, so that's why most here never heard of her :) Here in Country we already know her.

  • ...yeah don't get me started about he who invented the LIE called love for the purpose of deception to fulfill his ambition of being a wannabe god...yeah baby I love you lemme show you how much, just spread those thighs and let me slither on I can steal 😁well slide on in said the spider to the fly😈

  • Had never heard of her until now. Gonna go listen to more of her music rn.

    • I do feel she hasn’t been promoted enough by the label every time I see comments like this. She deserves your attention.

  • My subtitle to this: "Sideboob"... and I say it in Peter Griffin's voice... ;-P

  • Prerecorded vocals are still vocals. Wow you guys suck. Even when you don't mention recording techniques or body parts. You (most of you) are brand. New. Holy.... Dude. Stop talking and listen. You person?

    • I'm on the she had amazing vocals team.

  • Been a fan of Ingrid’s for a while now. So glad to see her getting some mainstream attention! With the biased state of country radio, it’s on us to find and support artists like Ingrid directly! Glad Stephen is helping in that cause!

    • @Jason Wolski Great point! I only bring up country radio because Ingrid’s marketed herself as a country artist and hasn’t really been given a fair shake by that radio format.

    • Although there was some country elements to it (steel guitar), I feel this song in particular was not genre based. It's just a good song! Reminded me of Adele

  • She has poor posture and it really shows in that top.

    • Did you see at the top where Google asked you to be nice and respectful? No. You guys decided to share your hair dressers opinion on line. On the line. Like on the ISchats.

    • I can't honestly believe you guys feel entitled to your shitty opinions. I mean, I've got mine. But holy fuck.

    • Who are you people.

  • Brelch brop braaap

  • She’s fantastic. This comments section, not so much.

    • @Jared Knapp Facts

    • Don't let them talk over this beautiful song.

  • Hey it’s Fiona Apple

  • Where was she? It's cold as hell here.

    • She is inside a building, presumably with central heating.

  • So is she not a famous or well known singer? I assumed that she was. But after reading the comments I am no longer sure about that.

  • Here for this!

  • She needs a bra and DAMN those are some manly arms. I hope she shaves her body hair 🤢

  • “Bring you to your knees” lol. That’s what I thought. She knows her place.

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  • Came for the song, stayed for the tits.

  • Close your eyes and hear Adele. Not a bad sound at all. And not much Trump at all. I guess this week watching the Republican Party disintegrate without a drop of moral fiber proving Trump could kill people in DC maybe not 5th Avenue and he wouldn't lose a single vote. Helps me with my intermittent fasting I keeping me perennially nauseous.

  • Beautiful performance. But it is not Nashville, is it?

    • Please see "More Hearts Than Mine." Arguably "more country" and definitely more popular than this song. Although I think she performed it the last time she was on the show, so I understand the change up.

  • If I knew what she said...

  • Shoehorning lyrics... sophomoric lyrics at that. This has its place, but it’s hardly exceptional.

    • I remember you on Colbert. Not so exceptional either dreamer.

    • k

  • That's our que, to go our own way fellas. Oh, what adventures we may have, when we no longer are held back. Young me could only dream, old me will know the warmth of the sun.

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  • It has "don't speak" vibes

  • r/notlikeothergirls 🙄

    • So edgy. Armpit hairs probably cHaNgInG tHe WoRlD 🌎

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  • Wow her singing voice is so heavenly.

  • Thanks you 🤗


  • Really liked the message of this song as and if she isn't lip syncing then she can sing!

  • amazing performance!!!

  • She can belt out tunes. I dig the lyrics too. I'm here for it. You guys performed well.

  • Is she lip-syncing? It's okay though. I can understand.

  • Don't mind me. I'm just here for the side boobage.

    • @DethstruXioN ™ Nah, the women are being catty about her boobs, too... LOL

    • @SourDoughBill well, that's such a gay response... :-P And yes, mine is a childish one... AHA! BEAT YOU!

    • @SourDoughBill - I think “liking boobs” qualifies as a mature adult hobby.

    • Hehe, yup, same. I knew there'd be comments about it. But right now it's still mostly women giving compliments about her voice and that they dig the lyrics, and we're standing in the back with a beer in hand going like: "Yup, sideboob."

    • @John Watt maybe blind?

  • Gal: Perverbial COURTROOM Colbert: Such a Coward Tr*****