Pandemic Reset: Biden Moves On Masks and Workplace Safety While Fauci Zings Previous Administration

Birt 21 jan 2021
On his first full day in office President Biden presented the country with a clear path forward in the fight against Covid-19, signing numerous executive orders and allowing Dr. Anthony Fauci to resume his vital role as a spokesperson for the government's pandemic response. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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  • Stephen’s Tolkien obsession gives me life bc me too, Stephen, me too- I love Glorfindel and Arwen so much am so conflicted about the film, yes. I also love how Glorfie says “I’ll go to Mordor” Elrond goes “no you’re too awesome and pretty and powerful, you’ll be spotted straight away, we better send someone less cool... Legolas, you go” like OUCH poor Legolas lmao

  • I feel your pain on the lord of the rings movies

  • "And no one will die" Silmarillion: uhm..

  • ty s. colbert


  • Colbert's sexy singing voice... (Melting) 🤣

  • Colbert is the only white man who makes me laugh with those bullshit appropriated phrases. He's like a favorite uncle deliberately being horrible at acting "down with the kids" because he knows it annoys the younger family members. Also I came here for the Tolkien rant and stayed for Colbert gleefully making fun of the previous administration

  • It's okay; Gandalf got better.


  • Dear qanon people please actually stay out of nerd culture (not even sure i spelled that correctly)

  • Respectfully, please don't make OCD jokes. My brother struggles with it.

  • How about Tom Bombardil, tho??????? DOES HE COUNT FOR NOTHING??? I don't want to live in this world anymore.

  • When are you gonna play with MM and crew again? I sense you need some outlet other than Tolkien.

  • Colbert it's funny your talking about mask wearing and the Covid pandemic when you licked ranch dressing off of a football last night during the superbowl. How many hands touched that football before you did . 😂😂😂

  • So, Trump knew he was going to Florida, after the inauguration. Florida somehow has enough vaccine doses to not bother checking residence of recipients. Now, this could just be carelessness on their part, given which party is running that circus of a state, but I suspect there was some deals between Trump and the governor, who has been getting bad press for his own failure of a response to the pandemic.

  • Stephen Colbert is an evil liar.

  • So that look I get when I start talking computers must have been the same look I gave when all the LOTR talk happened. Was like jibberish to me haha! Gotta love that passion Stephen has for the things he loves!

  • 9:50 whoah! Sounding mighty skeptical of religion there go gurl😘

  • Holy- your singing voice is beautiful.

  • "Americans are dying faster of COVID-19 than our soldiers did in World War Two." Over four TIMES faster!

  • Stephen, you look so much more relaxed. We all are.

  • 12:05 nice vocal chops Stephen!

  • The obedient santa systemically measure because oatmeal logically observe as a laughable horse. panoramic, pretty cloakroom

  • 4:26 - Green Alert

  • Why the tv people said Illuminaty?

  • comedy is now political propaganda we are in sad times indeed...i used to like you steven colbert

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  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • 6:35

  • 9:10 watching on repeat :'D

    • Also the rant from 10:49 ROFL

  • Stephens take on Glorfindel is spot on. 100%

  • I want to marry him. The meows are too good

  • The cautious niece cytogenetically dance because lyre synchronously cycle failing a easy zephyr. purring, determined instruction

  • As a fellow Tolkien geek- Stephen preaches the truth- Glorfindel WAS screwed over in the movies, and the entire history of Gondolin is epic

  • Dr. Fauci on .... masks: no.yes . Now Wear 2. Schools: close. Open. Actually kids are at virtually no risk. Actually idk. Vaccinate teachers now! Vaccines: it’s almost here! Well now that we have it it really won’t change anything so stay afraid. Herd immunity: Dr. Atlas is crazy. Wait nevermind we will reach herd immunity in a few months. PCr tests: not fit for purpose. Jk we always need more testing. Isolation: stay home. Well most covid is spread in the home. Protests: idk I’m a stupid coward. Americas hero!!! Yay!!!

  • I love his tolkien rants

  • Ahhhhh, finally, a sense of normalcy. At least we won't be hearing reckless statement like "we're not going to hold peace talk on another country" - refering to a change of venue on US and North Korea talk. Rather than sending vague and can be taken as slightly demeaning the other country, why not roll with something more optimistic and hopeful. Something along the line of "... DMZ has been associated with seperation for many decades. Let the talk that is going to be held there, become a starter. From here on, it shall be remembered as anything but". If Trump could somehow replicate the same nuances like the Kennedy speech on Berlin Wall, who knew. And if many other talks could be held there. Imagine the possibilities. But then he lost interest because he didn't get nominated for the Noble Prize. But then again. Let North Korea be North Korea. It is one of the few things that keep the whole region stable, geopolitically, between US - China - Russia

  • 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • I ga-fawed out loud when he said "he got me-couped".

  • Stephen, oh Stephen, if you don't BELIEVE in J.R.R.Tolkein as being real and don't arm yourself against rogue Ents stomping through your garden at night, then you can never join QAnon.

  • Stephen you need to sing more

  • "The DNA test results came back, and he is 100% That Bitch". I'm gonna use that. I don't know in what conversation I can use that, but I'm using it. 🤣

  • /glorfindɛl/ not /glorfɪndəl/

  • It's /balrɔg/ not /bälrɔg/

  • But Ecthelion isn't in LOTR. But yes Glorfindel was brought back from death because he wasn't done in middle earth. The only named elf we know to do so

  • Balrogs have wings

  • Let's see; Florida allowed some people from South America get shots. A CEO and girlfriend flew to Canada and lied about where they were from to get shots. Florida allowed Canadians and Snowbirds to get shots. KY VA center had a shot clinic and had vets fly in from other states. First the VA shouldn't have any special access than any other aged group and second they shouldn't start a super spreader to give shots and then they should have gave shots to KY vets till they ran out. Ky government got shots even though a lot are work at home. Don't let stupid people give shots if they don't have common sense what to do with extra shots other than throw them away.

  • trust me, the whole world is relieved trump is gone.

  • Biden likes minors

  • Truly... are these people whacked?🇨🇦

  • Ecthalion killed 3 though, didn't he?

  • Not Melania 123 XD!!

  • DR. FAUCI EXPOSED! | PLANDEMIC PART 1 [FEAT. DR. JUDY MIKOVITS] If Joe doesn't reject the Covid Plutocracy, our freedoms will be completely removed. The Rockefellers and the Gates eventually gained control of the Corporate news outlets, now buying news content favorable to them. The Ida Tarbells of today who are attempting to report the truth about the EVENT 201 Planned Epidemic are now Censored. The FDA is operated by Private Corporations, doing the will of these Dominate Criminals. It is all connected. Rockefeller Medicine How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health The Microsoft-Empire - Meet Bill Gates - The Corbett Report DOCTOR DEMANDS AUDIT OF COVID DEATHS

  • This "q anon" stuff is sufficient evidence for me to believe that insanity can be contagious.

  • Hey man I work in a restaurant and am servesafe certified and hand sanitizer in the workplace isn't viable washing hands with hot water with soap is the best way to cleanse themselves and the only way u can use sanitizer is if uve already washed for 20 seconds and then u can use it but only on ur gloves...which sanitizer on disposable gloves doesn't make sense anyway

  • Umm, we not going to talk about that beautiful singing voice!? Like, okay when’s the album Steven?!

  • Could someone please ask him to mention that we need to protect journalists, and no matter what you think of Assange personally, he should not be locked up or under threat.

  • Oh boy I love the time spent on Silmarillion trivia 😌

  • "Come on Q-Anon followers. It's not too late to join the rest of us in the rational world and wait for Jesus to come back on a cloud of glory to judge the living and the dead." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • You guys know that this man is a puppet right? Most people Literally think Biden is tanking it. Get out of your echo chamber.

  • Q to Y Lol

  • Tolkien rant LOL

  • 08:05 WHOA I actually cried out loud

  • Glorfindel. Glorious.

  • I thought it wasn't clear that that was the same Glorfindel as the first age balrog killer..

  • PLAN ????? Trump doesn't think. He only follows his intuition ........LOL

  • I think Q might just be Q from Star Trek screwing with them. Lol

  • Mutants🤣🤣😭😭 bruh?🤣🤣

  • Frank Oz csn confirm muppets are antifa af

  • If you wanna bitch about LOTR movies you cant forgive omitting The Scourging of the Shire

  • I call them QaNazis or Stormtrumpers

  • Jesus is antifa, too, since you brought him up ❤🎅🏿

  • Dont blame Bert and Ernie for Q, Bert and Ernie are Antifa especially Ernie

  • Dude, Trump is out of office now and your only jokes are STILL about Trump. Wow

  • Am I surprised Christians bought into another myth? Hell no!

  • I love all of the Tolkien references. As a fellow Tolkien nerd, I always love it when he makes references to the Tolkien universe.

  • “President Biden”. YES!

  • The point is Steven that Arwen's character had to be enlarged because no one else captured the music of the elven language. Her Quenya flowed, thick with majesty, grace, and magic. and you're pissed off about arwen but you're not going to talk about removing Tom Bombadil? A character whose whole idea was to show the land is ancient and the ring could be defeated like the elven rings were. Jackson left it feeling like the ring was the most popular force on middle earth! The story loses its message without Bombadil!

  • Yes join the nerd culture. It's true we're not going to revolt, but we will start some flame wars. And it's interesting s*** that nobody else understands, that's right up your alley.

  • Wow, fake comedy from the propaganda machine.

  • Trump’s Vaccine Plan: “I don’t really care. Do you?”

  • The scandalous sort dimensionally heap because division surely yell aboard a greedy hurricane. ill, elated acknowledgment

  • We're all going to start using "let the science speak" out of context.

  • Wow Steven has a beautiful voice

  • This is the most beautiful echo chamber I have ever seen.

  • Stephanie so funny

  • how has being messed with sexually and also being beating as a child through adulthood has affected me. When I look at people they all think that it is funny. The courts talk in third person as if I was never a person. Okay what does all this mean?

  • Guys, wording. Of course people are dying faster from Covid than soldiers did in WW2, as Covid-19 wasn’t a thing back then :P (yes Inno what they meant)

  • Epic rant!! Love it.

  • If you can make it through a Q conspiracy post, you can make it through the Silmarillion

  • Nuts come in all Forms! Q

  • "He's a real Paunchy Pilate"......give that writer a raise, Stephen! Though I'm guessing you wrote that one. :)

  • I've been yelling into the void about Glorfindel since I was ten, I felt so validated there for a minute.

  • i have to play you at three quarter speed you are to fast , you rascals with your shenanigans and all the malarkey

  • I'm glad that there is a sane and good person like Biden as your President. Please do talk about Bernie Sanders as the biased Fox won't.

  • "It simply doesn't makes sense that we all got played.." "uuuuuhh... yes it does.." I don't know why I found that so funny.

  • So maybe I'm just out of the loop, what is wrong with out of state people getting vaccines? Shouldn't everyone everywhere be getting it? Unless the concern is not enough vaccine for the people who live in the state? But even then, it doesn't really matter where the vaccinated people are, as long as they're vaccinated. Like i said, maybe i'm missing something.

  • Hey stive are going to mock biden? your good at impersonating biden.

  • Okay, but why does Colbert's bit about Tolkien sound exactly like me and my danganronpa hyperfixation... YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, MAHIRU WAS AN UNDERDEVELOPED CHARACTER BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF THE BUTTON ON HER SLEEVE-

  • Ngl, that "meow" was pretty cringe.