Republicans Tune Out Damning Evidence As House Managers Warn That Acquittal Would Have Consequences

Birt 11 feb 2021
House impeachment managers closed their case on Thursday with more incredibly damning evidence tying the former president directly to the deadly attack on the Capitol, and warned Senators of dire consequences should they vote to acquit. #Colbert #Impeachment #Monologue
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  • Joe Touch an Sniff.!!

  • so when can we expect all the videos bashing the current president

  • Trump got aqquitted

  • FWIW nobody killed a cop at the capitol but a cop did murder an unarmed woman.

  • Ur show has become less importance since 21jan.. Doesn't appear so much as it used to be for past 4 yrs..

  • You know even if your just an a-hole republican senator going through the motions, couldn't you do something more productive than tracing watermarks? You don't have any emails to answer, or legislation to read?

  • Stephen Colbert is using his national platform to be a loud voice of reason in this age of insanity

  • Pretty sure Roald Dahl just rolled over in his grave. Please leave the children's lit out of your unfunniness.

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  • Do you like little boys? Do you make them sing to you? " Now you're just somebody that I use to know?"

  • Help me I don't feel safe, please help, 🆘🙏🆘

  • wow, impressive how many democratic fascists there are in this country.

  • Every house manager is a hero in my book 🇺🇸

  • Of course, they don't want to admit the truth. God bless America and his citizens and Joe Biden and his staff and his family!

  • What a great headline@

  • There should be a "Donnie & The Post-Impeach" series, where Cartoon-Trump is getting chased by a giant Georgia peach, a giant New York apple (saying 'Yo!') and a giant Scottish Golf Ball wearing a tam-o-shanter (saying 'Argh!'). I'd love to watch them swallow up that orange thing in the end!

  • what happened to this guy

  • I’m not even a republican and I think colbert’s sucking the dem’s off a little too hard. He’s so afraid to criticize these spineless, good for nothing establishment dems it’s sad. Just another shill

  • The designer for crapple funny guy but he's got to work on his dialect, and by then I mean he has to work on all of his dialects and pick one.

  • The GOP is a criminal organization.

  • Why no videos were posted this week on this youtube channel ? I'm not in US so I can't have access to CBS.

  • The only time you can get actual views is when it's about trump but since he's gone you haven't ran out of ideas have you?

  • Trump wins again. 😂😂😂😂

    • You mean, America lost again.

  • politicians waste a lot of time trying to sound profound

  • Graham's more of a Pilsbury Pride boy!

  • Don't let this insurrection become a distant memory. Accountability. Prevent this hatred; although prosecution to the fullest extent of the law is necessary. No one is above the law. 🌃

    • Not true. America is lost. A third of Americans seem to want a fascist dictatorship.

  • I miss the days when Colbert had good writers.

  • lotta brainwashed democrats in here

    • @Desperadox lol ok. I doubt you even know who giavanni gentile is. you think fascism means "right wing people the media tells me not to like". put your mask on and shut up

    • GOP fascists will be the downfall of America.

  • In Alberta the conservatives (funded currently by Trump supporters) actually handed out and wore earplugs in debate as a childish act to ignore the opposition.

  • Colbert is the joke

  • Does America still really count as a democracy? 'Cause I no longer think it does...


  • Colbert...still on his cowardly pathetic bandwagon agenda due to his bitter loss to impeach AGAIN. This clown is a joke.

    • @Ralphie Man I see that rational reasoning is beyond your capability.

    • @Desperadox It is called "attention to detail"....get a clue, unlike your mentors Creepy Joe and that fraud Harris.

    • @Ralphie Man Misspelling one word in a foreign language proves my ignorance? Now *that's* laughable. My point stands.

    • @Desperadox Question...what is a "looser" ? You just proved you're just as ignorant as the rest of them. Laughable.

    • You're the looser here. Everybody in the world has seen your supreme fascist leader is guilty. The impeachment has just proven that the GOP is guilty, too.

  • Really. Your profile says your a comedian. That's kind of far from the truth. Your more like a political heckler. Your not funny at all for the most part. How are you managing to stay on the air? All you do is talk negative about a former President. Oh we know what your doing.Your trying to shame his supported into seeing things your way. I'm sure you've gotten some bad mail but does not everybody .Suck it up and count your easy money judas Colbert. Your rants and raves are not funny at all.

    • You're just too stupid to understand him.

  • Wow! Excellent Ric Flair impersonation. Re: Officer NOT respected by Trump. "I guess his Blue lives Matter was for the Smurfs?" I nearly choked on my hot chocolate. Talk of the Rule of Law reminded me of a brilliant scene in Orient express 2008 *"You cannot take the law into your own hands! We become like savages! No! It is medievel! The Rule of Law, it MUST be held high. And if it falls, you pick it up and hold it even higher!"*

  • Hey Steve. You Still Happy with Joe Biden

  • "Pet python watching a mouse drop into his terrarium." LOL!!

  • The republicans don’t care period. End of story.

  • It is sad to see all the hate and vitriol. Comedy used to be a thing, now nastiness seems to be the replacement.

  • Repubs won’t convict, because they are white supremacist dirt.

  • This aint a talk show anymore, its just another news station now. I'll just watch news.

  • Still making fun of a former president while the current president isn't doing anything to help the current crisis of this blizzard and the national food shortage. Yep Stephen you are the true piece of shit!

  • #integrityoverparty

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  • It's 02:00 right now and I should be sleeping, but I chose you, Stephen. Thanks for a late show.

  • Americans: Where's our stimulus money Joe? Joe Bai Ding: Let me circle back on that one. Come on man.

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  • I love how Stephen conveniently goes on vacation whenever big news actually happens, he always misses the biggest story.

    • @Johanna {NOT a christie Fan !} I get it.

    • I think that was almost on purpose. He just couldn't bear a possible acquittal of Trump and figured, "I can't go to work with that on my mind. I'll never make it through the day." Fair enough. It's tough to talk when your head's in a toilet, and you're upchucking food you ate at your high school prom! That's how bummed Stephen probably was!

  • This gut was so underrated until he talks about trump. Now, there no more Trump to talk about.

  • Pillsbury proud boy :) 😃😃

  • Colbert loves trump Want proof? Colbert talks about trump everynite still even tho he's not even president anymore! I bet he voted for trump even!

  • Programa lixo

  • Maybe they needed a check list... Y /n. Including... did I collude with...

  • Hahaha talk all you want, just know the majority of America and the world are not falling for this misinformation, the government and the left are a joke 😂 did you see where they showed how Democrats doctored evidence against trump and all the videos of Democrats saying we need to fight like hell against Republicans? If not you can find it on news channels from around the globe, India said it best, i quote..... it seems the American media companies are using propaganda and misinformation to keep the American public in a state of unrest in order to gain more power over the people... end quote, Republicans and Democrats are both corrupt, and you idiots think 1 side is the problem?? The only reason I don't support Democrats is because they are clearly in bed with China, you people do realize that China bought shares in American media companies years ago and now every company they have a hand in has been spreading misinformation and propaganda, China fell to communism after Mao Zedong bought media companies in order to spread lies and propaganda, think about this..... the stimulus that Democrats promised would be 2000 per person fell through... maybe it had something to do with the 200 million of American taxpayer money sent to Chinese companies and the hundreds of millions more sent to empower our enemies, you morons are too busy fighting each other to realize what's actually happening, the only thing wrong with America is doing business with a country like China that only cares about world domination and allowing them to purchase rights to American companies, China has always and will always see America as an enemy and threat to communism, China literally has a department of their government dedicated to misinformation and propaganda.... India, Australia, France, and many other countries are already calling out Chinese involvement in American media and you people sit her blaming one side of the American government 🤨, I don't hate Democrats or Republicans, I hate China and see exactly what they're doing. Please people don't fall for this misinformation.

  • With all the hype you did leading to Trump being convicted.... you failed.

  • Colbert, you're the sorriest excuse for a comedian. Now that Trump is gone I guess you'll go down in flames.

  • I would love to see some jokes about President Biden, but we all know that isn't going to happen..... Shame on you Stephen Colbert and The Late Show.

  • Agreed!! Jamie Raskin is a HERO!!!

  • Even if Trump steps up to admit he committed all that he is accused of, they will still acquit him. SAD really!

  • “Pillsberry Proud Boy”. I’m gonna have to remember that.

  • Graham this dude is pass the stage of being a bumb ass if this is the best SC can send to Congress (smh) WOW

  • Cuomo thought he could get away with killing thousands of elderly people because the media would cover it up for him

  • Trump's former Atlantic City casino imploded after years of disrepair

  • yet President Trump still stands after the entire liberal population smear campaign... look for more flame to the fire, it isn't over, you won't forget President Trump anytime soon.

  • Yeah... America just going to hang themselves sooner than later... do not fear the intelligent for you know what what they will do; fear the idiot as they are unpredictable... I’m going to write my will now.

  • "attack" what attack? I saw antifa and other groups go in on many cell phones way before trumps people got there(even let in by police which btw two cops have been arrested for helping antifa)then the FBI told palosi and bowser days b4 to expect an attack from "othergroups" and they both hightened security..oh wait no they gave less.

  • Well trump got off he'll be able to run in 4 years

  • Hey guys, you know how former presidents like to set up libraries in their name after they had already left office? Well it seems there is already one planned online for trump by some jokers, but its a sarcastic version, not a real version. Which in some aspects are actually laughable. I saw that it has a "wall of criminality" exhibit, "tax evasion 101" exhibit, "prison + work release" exhibit, "Lie to America" exhibit, etc, Wow LOL. 🙂 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 take a look yourself:

  • Stephen, those "whoos" could end up in a WTFBrahh video someday, just sayin'... !

  • “I’m saving that treat for bedtime,” when you’re on meds and can’t cry till you put your head down Zzzz

  • Mal-Ay-Sia XDDD as a malaysian i approve of this joke

  • I'm sorry but Americans that are still allowing the conspiracy theorists to talk, that are still sitting on their hands waiting for the corrupted system to work, that have forgotten the events which transpired at our nations capital on January 6th, 2021 don't deserve Democracy.

  • I can't, yet I smile and frown together. God bless Democracy, and the Republic...Both sides.

  • "A violent mob murdered a police officer" That isn't even what happened. All Democrats have are lies.

  • Last time he acted like he was paying respect to RBG the crowd chanted vote him out. Then he ran to his bunker and hugged his trumpy bear! The adult stuffed bear!


  • Jajaja take you candy . Trump is free jijijijii now who laugh more? at the end laugh better jijijiji

  • i swear, Vizipop should take a page from Stephen's animation department, lol.

  • PB: We support the police! Also PB: *kills police*

    • @dpatton0520 definitely lost on you

    • @Old Ben Kenobi it's almost as ironic as you ignoring the point like a toddler sticking their fingers in their ears when a parent tells them something they don't want to hear. I'm so sick of the fucking excuses. I'm sure there's always a reason you don't have to be accountable for your attitude or beliefs.

    • Nobody killed a cop at the capitol but a cop did murder an unarmed woman.

    • @dpatton0520 The irony of you making that comment on this channel, is completely lost on you, isn't it.

    • @Old Ben Kenobi and that somehow prevents maga folks from owning their shit? This country needs more people to be adults and take responsibility when their shit stinks instead of airing grievances about the other side and continuing this cycle of hypocrisy. I don't give a damn if it's conservatives or liberals at this point, but it you're attitude is suggesting you're definitely not going to be part of the solution.

  • "we must use common sense" - no you don't 🤣 you must use evidence. Real evidence. Instead of presenting evidence, you clowns tampered with tweets, videos, documents and presented it as evidence (much like all the video clips shown in this pathetic excuse for a late night show) ... Isn't that illegal? Not if it furthers the crazy democrats political agenda 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • the majority of the senate voted him guilty and he still got away with it. this isn't right. where's the justice? it was called for.

    • Justice will come for him and all who do wrong like him!

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  • So this is comedy nowadays...DNC propaganda.

  • No credible evidence was ever presented by the democrats in this shit show and the quilt they screamed exists only in their head . Nobody with a sound mind is gonna swallow this fabricated lie ..

  • Nancy Pelosi?? WTAF??? Now, she's in charge??

  • Oh, we are so here to punish the traitors.

  • welcome babe :D

  • Trump's behavior reminds of the Reese's commercial "Sorry.....Not sorry"

  • The current GOP sickens me.

  • Steven do you eat babies too? Cabal owns Hollywood. Are you saving the children in Hollywood from human trafficking?

  • The zonked mask crucially shock because tachometer startlingly deserve without a torpid invoice. ludicrous, bashful america

  • The treacherous lying deceitful Dummycrats LOST AGAIN!!! Pres Trump wins AGAIN!! America wins the biggest !!!!!

  • Hey Steve, been waiting to hear what u think of impeachment since Trump escaped justice. Did you not do a Monday show. Only get it on you tube cause I’m in England

  • This JO cry baby will try to act somber and intelligent tonight for his kid audience lmao but his whiny little bit*h self will then move on to what his kid audience wants, denigrating a Great American Patriot President D. J. Trump and the kids will clap and screech and howl

  • is this person have a talk show....terrible really....I think it's hilarious how your still on the Trump Biden president now? Gee you wouldn't know ...c'mon kolbear your running out of material

  • It's characteristic for white supremacist groups to flip reality upsidedown in their PR tactics, and along with fantasy-based conspiracy threads, call their opponents violent when in fact they are the perpetrators. I did a little research about the Klan in the early 1960s below the Mason-Dixon line, when Jim Crow flared up and African-Americans were being murdered, with no one held accountable. In the course of lynchings, church burnings, and occasional bombings of residential homes, black communities tried to strike back to defend themselves and right away white law enforcers characterized blacks as being violent. Same ol' tactics right now, and they're backed by rich right-wing extremists who still support Trump. Proud Boys, QAnon, Patriot Front, Boogaloo, etc - fuck the names, and the variants, they're ALL Klan. Trump gave them their first chance to grab real legislative power in Congress in 70 years, and they're not going to let it go without a fight. WE the People have to nix 'em, but good. They want to form a new party guided by Trump. Maybe that's good, because under one umbrella they'll be easier to monitor. (Our other weapon is getting rid of Gerrymandering, voting in masses in the next midterms, and using the National Popular Vote to decide general elections)

  • American John Oliver

  • Comedy brought to you by the DNC

  • Dealing with all the darkness of Covid-19, I'm trying my damn best to remember a Sane AMERICA! PRE-TRUMP! "CONGRESS IS A SAD LITTLE FELLOW"!

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