Trump Says "Don't Let It Dominate Your Life," Returns To The White House Still Infected With Covid

Birt 5 okt 2020
President Trump left Walter Reed Medical Center on Monday after a weekend marked by lies from his medical team, while Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany became the latest White House official to test positive for Covid-19. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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  • FUnny people cannot make something funny out of helium. Trust me, stupids never made people laugh. Give back by encouraging my videos. Otherwise you’re laughing all the way to “oops! This is not funny at all!” Pay for you jokes. Have comedians ever paid religious taxes? No. They don’t even know because all their advisers are knocked out. Like the pope, He was lowkey comedians entertainer while all church kids were having a difficult time to tell their parents how religious education feels like, now he came out with them. It is a difficult honesty on his behalf.

  • Trump opens his mouth lies come out.

  • What liars

  • Trump is a dork

  • Thank you Stephen for your shows - we are watching from all over the world (in my case the UK) to get some sanity in these mad times. Best, Ian

  • I agree with Aaron S; I absolutely LOVE the laughter coming from just off camera! It literally makes me laugh harder when I hear them trying to stifle the laughter, but can't help it! BTW, this is one of my favorite monologues because even Stephen couldn't help it! These are some of the best shows ever!

  • I love that Stephen’s wife cracks up so much.

  • The whole WH is a merry-go-round of LIES!

    • @sehhi vooty Enjoy your ride!

    • Alright Drama queens listen to the science! It's called the" Great Barrington Declaration" Stephen colbert not a Scientist!! TRUMP is trying to tell you the truth !

  • When a doctor lies for a president you know your country is in trouble!

  • Sir, who is this audience whose lungs you're busy venting air from? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Your trump voice is so bad. Just read the text in your normal voice.

  • You can see the hate in his eyes haha

  • Vote in person in PA if your health allows. TRUMP PLANS TO INVALIDATE MAIL-IN BALLOTS IN PA (references to reliable news sources for this explosive info at the end of video)

  • DON'T LET IT DOMINATE YOUR LIFE........LET ME DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do a great job...we are doing a great job..are you doing a great job...I do a great job!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love the blue shirt.

  • The big lie at work. Covid-19 isn't that serious. Oh I have it I was gravely ill. Now, it doesn't matter I never said much about it before. What let's campaign. The big lie at work

  • You were the first one to say “Trump will never win in 2016. And tonight you are still wrong . You need a new job

  • sadly all the shows desend to propaganda

  • He didn't need any medication to be that way.

  • You know he thinks that people that DIE from Covid19 or any other diseases are LOSERS, as are our Soldiers.

  • He didn't have Covid. He tested positive and about a week later he was negative. Doesn't happen. Never had it, and only pretended so people would think it is not serious

  • My fellow Americans: it's absolutely that coronavirus are made from ccp military lab, which taken as attack weapon targeted President Trump in purpose, you ought to be better off than anytime before if the virus never be occurred

  • Alright Drama queens listen to the science! It's called the" Great Barrington Declaration" Stephen colbert not a Scientist!! TRUMP is trying to tell you the truth !

  • Too soon to decontaminate white house, wait till Nov 3!

  • Steve's own brand of contamination. For those who do not understand what Trump means by "Don't let Coronavirus dominate you"

  • Wake up people this pandemic is fake. This was just a publicity stunt to make news headlines nothing more.

  • what are you a journalist or a comedian whose job have you taken

  • Haha he is so funny when he says like Donald trump bad and so funny

  • Kind a proves he never had it to begin with and it was all yet another lie to redirect our attention from his taxes, what a bully he is (during the debate), that he actually does have alliance with the Proud Boys and the KKK and any other White Supremacy group. That he's a sexist, racist, fascist, "want to be" Dictator.

    • No he has it ( took him long enough) he's on drugs

  • Instead of saying you're fired the orange Menace now says you're infected

  • Publicity stunt

  • 💩🎺 ......FDT

  • What a Jackass Colbert has become in the last 3.5 years. Colbert has become one of the biggest TOOLS controlled by Hollywood. Just another PUSS.

  • Definitely one of my favorite episodes

  • Colbert constantly let's the federal government dominate his life. The federal government is his life. Break away from the propaganda

  • Every time Trump uses the word "dominate," I know he's been talking to Putin.

  • Meh

  • What happened to comedy America? Your most trusted news is from late show comedians...

  • I love the burn! Steve, burn it down with me?

  • Dude where's my car

  • This shit is legit.

  • "the Ring of Fire" LMFAO

  • According to MSNBC Trump had a superman T-shirt on under his suit and was planning on flashing us, but was told in doing so would send the wrong message. Lol lol lol

  • How can you joke about Trump not caring if our own people live or die then joke about actual COVID victims dying? You guy's are part of the problem not the solution and your legacy will show that. Smh.

  • Dexahexa Methazone wird sicher ein neuer Ego Shooter aus dem Hause Bethesda oder wir machen einen Film daraus. Das Tor ist aufgestoßen, jetzt fehlt nur noch die Story und ein Schreiber selbiger.

  • Hello Stephen, how is your adrenochrome supply holding up, molesting many.cHildren lately? Loved the session you did with bill gates (Microsoft Greenbaum Speech) admitting that they plan to release a much more destructive bio-weaponized virus to usher in the the cabal vaccine, you are as brilliant as a lab hamster, though thank you for this revealing interview!

  • You are so not funny and your show should be cancelled.

  • He didn’t say that you creep!

  • Trump is a PREDATOR and predators measure success by the number of lives they "EAT"

  • I have had COVID-19 and I was Bedridden for 4 weeks.. I fought hard to Survive and I won. Trump is a FAKE and a LIAR

  • Cry.more Leftist... #Trump2020

  • Super gamma!!! SCARED of the flu?? Stay home, let the grown-ups live their lives without tampering!! Please put on the facemask so we don't need to listen to you!!

  • Looking quite orange these days look at the difference between the tan on his hands to his face it's hilarious LOL

  • Obviously Trump’s doctor was just another Yes man.

  • you are the bigger of jokes Stephen, your entire ship is going under

  • Oh man, what did I enjoy this episode, as much as many others before it, and as hopefully many more to come. A huge thank you to your wife or partner or whoever else is laughing in the background, this laughing and giggling is an extra bonus and gives your show a big extra kick.

  • If we had less testing he wouldn’t have COVID, remember?

  • President Trump left Walter Reed Medical Center Monday after a weekend marked by lies from his medical team. FACT CHECK - False! Just more lies from the losers on the left.

  • Yeez, what happened to Colbert? Looks like he's had 20 years stripped out of his life. Trump's election really took a toll on his poor heart.

  • The whole “ Trump was diagnosed with covid19 “ is so FAKE..! What a coincidence LOL

    • vbddfy euuyt 👍👍👍 I didn’t say about sexist or racist but thanks for the add on!

    • in conjunction with their corporatist pals. We’ll see what amounts to a social credit system where “racists” and “sexists” and all sorts of other false labels will be affixed to you

  • You have lost. Sorry. You are pathetic. The real Americans are not stupid as you.

  • Stephen Colbert is senile just like his idol Joe Biden

  • If Trumpie loses, this guys gonna have to find a new job lol!

  • *SATURDAY OCTOBER 10 2020 4:40 PM CDT* I made a comment on Colbert's other show:

  • Im voting for pence only because my tv channel will land on this dudes silly show and listen to him do them annoying trump impressions they are funny at first but after 5 mins of that bullshit i do not know one person that watches his show and its because of them annoying impression out of a million people i bet 40 people watch his show and thats just faimly and friends america dont

  • Sunday, 11 October now and we still haven’t heard about how his wife is doing. Is she still alive? 🤷🏻‍♂️


  • He never had covid..its a hoax

  • family is waiting).

  • Go back to comedy central where you where funny

  • Trump 2020

  • Dude WTF have you ever done in your life other than flap your big mouth?

  • in the inimitable words of euron greyjoy" co-bare...what a twat!!!!

    • This is too funny! It's too easy with a clown like Dump.

  • Colbert is baseline loser. Gets money for eating s**t then spitting it out on tv...boring and gross what a waste of tv time

  • It makes me feel old that I can remember when Colbert was still funny.

  • They Want You To Be Afraid 8 Oct 2020 The only thing that outraged the leftist elite, their cackling media Renfields, and the Fredocon sissies more than Donald Trump’s stubborn refusal to die was his stubborn refusal to cower in fear. Think of the collective climax they would have had if he had been wheeled out to the chopper or looked anything but mega-butch in the face of the virus? Once again, his courage has defied them, and that they cannot forgive. Now they are gripped with fear, the fear that the rest of us will stop being afraid too, because if we are not afraid then there’s no reason to let them run our lives. And without fear, there is nothing to protect them. So, they never stop fearmongering. Oh no, the flu is going to kill you! Or the Proud Boys are coming, all 23 of them! Or NRA people with guns will get you! Or Mike Pence is gonna handmaid you! Or Russians! There’s always something you have to be afraid of, and always something they promise to protect you from - if you only obey. That’s why Trump cannot be allowed to show that you don’t have to live like a simpering wuss. You might follow his example and that would be a disaster…for them. You almost have to feel sorry for the left, hearing that Trump caught the bug their Chinese pals unleashed and imagining that this microbe was going to do what all their lies and froth-mouthed howling couldn’t. They lathered themselves up into a frenzy wishin’ and hopin’ that this was finally going to be what did Trump in. And then the military doctors - who they now hate for failing to fail - fixed him up, and Trump strolled back into the White House like a boss. He was Mussolini though, because he stood on a balcony. Anyone on a balcony is Mussolini, the smart set informed us. And he’s just like Hitler too, because like Hitler, Trump has thumbs. You could taste their pain, and it was delicious. Trump refused to show fear. In doing so, he put the lie to the nonsense about “the New Normal.” Remember, the liberal elite wants a society where we shiver and sob. That gives them power. Cowering wimps are much easier to control than uppity citizens. This is why Midwestern kids enjoying spring break are worse than the ravages of Tamerlane, but never mind those rioting Biden voters - the #science teaches us that leftist tantrums confer immunity, don’t you know? The fear they promote is all about control. Who cares that this is just a nasty bug that puts some people at higher risk, while others are at little or statistically none? No, they have to portray it as the Black Death because that convinces the cowardly to cede their sovereignty to the leftists who hate them. The elite doesn’t care if you catch a cold. It does care if you catch onto the cold civil war the elite is launching against you. Trump showed that we don’t have to live in fear, and they cannot have that. It’s always been Trump’s gift to act as the avatar of normal Americans, a symbol of resistance to the #resistance. He’s not afraid to reject their rules. He refuses to confine himself to the invisible mime box that the left wants to trap us in. He violates their rules by talking about things we are told are off limits - illegal aliens, criminals, the right to worship as we see fit, and the right to pack heat to defend our lives and liberty. The elite worked so hard to coordinate the media, big tech, and the Democrat Party to build a soft tyranny, to create a gender indeterminate Big Sibling so normal people like us could be pressured, intimidated, and nudged into conformity and obedience. Then Trump came along and turned all their plans to Schiff. He refused to play by their ever-changing and self-serving rules. He’s not afraid of their fussy wrath. You’re supposed to be scared of getting sick so you give up your rights. You’re supposed to be scared of rioters so you elect Grandpa Badfinger and he’ll call them off before they get to your suburb. You’re supposed to be afraid to say what you think to avoid being cancelled and losing your job. But Trump is not afraid, nor should you be. That is not to say that the threat posed by the elite is not real. They can hurt you, but it is the fear of being hurt they use as their tool. Fear is their ally, the fear of losing something - your health, your safety, the life within our society that you have built up. It is the fear of loss that exists when you have something to lose that keeps you in check. But let’s look at what happens if they make your fears come true and you find yourself with nothing to lose. It could happen, and you need to prepare your mind for it in case it does. But if they actually do to you what you fear, you become more powerful because you become more fearless. See, if Oldfinger gets elected, the organized left will infest the government and do its best to make the fears come true. It will threaten your reputation and your livelihood in conjunction with their corporatist pals. We’ll see what amounts to a social credit system where “racists” and “sexists” and all sorts of other false labels will be affixed to you to wedge you out of society. Criminals will run free to intimidate you, while the government will take your money via taxes and even steal your freedom - we attached them to frame Lieutenant General Mike Flynn, so do you think they will hesitate to do that to you if you cross them.

  • Don't let Covid be the next president. It's a victory to China.

  • Hanoi vey!

  • Hilarious!!

  • Post the destruction of Rome, about 1600 years ago, Hypatia, the head of the sole world-survived-academy, in Alexandria, Egypt, was murdered by a mob that considered her teaching pagan, and the faculty run away for their life. - Science then entered dark, retarded 1000 years period. Why Is that historical fact relevant today? Is our science at risk? [2 online published books at ''in'']. Is science subject to majority rule? - say at the UN? - in polls? - in election? Global coronavirus treatments are still subject to a few experimental methods. - Two well-known, world unique ones, are maintained by Sweden [no face-cloth, go out to restaurants, etc., up to 50 in one, open primary schools], and by Singapore [Tight borders]. Other methods are being tried around the world, and in the U.S. Naturally people believe only in one method. - So what? - Can science, today, be drafted to gain majority in polls and elections by selecting only own method as science? NOT the other ones?

  • I wholeheartedly wish the virus finishes its job to end this nightmare and save democracy.

  • Trump administration why did not you not follow the pandemic playbook? All the deaths could have been avoided. WHY WHY WHY! please we need 1 decent human being in this administration to come out and out Trump please please someone in there.

  • Reporter: So, Dr Corny, I see here you went to Vladivostok Kollig of Medikal Nollig. Which is their Accreditation Agency? Corny: That is a Personal Question Repoter: Yes, it is. Corny: Donald Trump has the moral fiber of sixteen thousand bowls of breakfast cereal. Reporter: *blinks eyes rapidly* Reporter: Did Mr Trump leave Walter Reed Friday AMA, against the advice of his doctor? Corny: (long pause) Shit. You try and tell the bastard no sometime. See what it gets ya. Reporter: Was that a "yes" or a "no"? Corny: I'm not playing gotcha here. I'm not being impeached for treason here...(gets "deer in the headlights look") Reporter: (hasty) Well, how is he today? Is he using oxygen? Corny: Donald Trump never has, is not now, and never shall use oxygen. We believe he has a uniquely anaerobic process involving the spiritual energy of his victims and vitriol. It is completely new to biology. Reporter: (shakes head vigorously) Is he feverish now? Corny: Oh, he's fine. As soon as he found his Adderall Crushing Kit everything was f... (and giant nazi rubber comedy mallets with Mike Pence faces end the interview ala Pink Floyd's The Wall movie.

    • And just think what a disaster might have been if that Hillary had won! Thought she won just because she got 3 million more votes. Such arrogance. Seriously. She would have put nothing but competent professionals in charge of agencies like FCC, FEMA, and CDC. No cronies, no schills or toadies? Boring! The way she and that Kenyan spy handled SARS, bird flu, swine flu. No chaos, no tolling bells, no great distractions from all the rooty tootin' and golden parachutin'. Darn Democrats.

  • The only Superspreader on Latenight is Stephen. Colbert .. Spreading his. Man-gyna . for his Band.Members . Colbert IS Your Comedian if you. Hate the President , & Stevie is pretty much just that 1 dimensional. anymore.. Imagine you are seeing this Show 4 Years from today when Trump finally DOES Leave office. Late Night SJWs won't even be a little relevant , in Trumps Second. Term

  • The old "So what you're saying is.."

  • This is all a game. Even you.

  • This is too funny! It's too easy with a clown like Dump.

  • "Steer the direction" of the BS that Dump wants.

  • Where is the $1200 stimulus so we can feel better?

    • Trump has decided he's not going to approve that until AFTER he's re-elected... so blackmailing and holding you hostage.

  • Trump is right. You don't neurotically fixate on one problem causing everything else to go to shit without any regard for tradeoffs. That's infantile. The society-wide neurosis over this thing is mass hysteria at this point

  • Too funny thank you for putting a smile on my face.

  • If he knowly was positive, before the debate, and still said nothing. That's reckless! Isn't that attempted murder on our next President? He needs to be arrested!

  • It’s sad how many people watch this disgusting nonsense. Do you have any other content or is it just a constant assault of propaganda?

  • According to NPR 34 people in the white house have tested positive. The white house is only telling people it's 17. An internal memo from FEMA revealed its higher and they actively are working to conceal it

  • But when it comes to things that are not lethal at all, Trump wants to make sure that you fear: immigrants, LGBT, marijuana, gun control, government benefits, foreign students...

  • Where is Chris Christie?

  • Just face if, the president got out of the hospital AMA, against medical advice.

  • I can only hope and pray that this stooge looses in November ..He has done nothing but damage this country .

  • Nah... he probably thought the ones who died of Covid were losers.