First Drafts: Valentine's Day 2021 feat. Evie Colbert

Birt 12 feb 2021
The amazing Evie Colbert returns to A Late Show for this very special Valentine's Day edition of everyone's favorite greeting card-related segment, First Drafts. #Colbert #ValentinesDay #Valentines
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  • They need to get a room😉

  • Will I get sued if I copy some of the first drafts and sell them on ETSY?

  • god love Evie

  • 'did you say kiss? ... okay!'

  • Joe Touch an Sniff.!!

  • I was mainly just listening to the banter, so much that I missed a couple of the cards lol

  • Not so much cards


  • Howdy and Kia Ora Evie from NZ. We love you!

  • My heart drops

  • You should have your wife infront of the camera a lot more. She's cute. You lucky boy.

  • Evie is not a show business personality which makes their relationship even more genuine.

  • She is such a beautiful woman. I love her outfit and her hair. A class act. She and Steven are such a beautiful pair inside and out.

  • I look forward to this bit every year! Thanks for being relationship goals!!

  • She should be on screen more often. I always like her tinkle of laughter.

  • I believe it's pronounced EEEVie.

  • $PTON

  • He is so lucky to have a woman like that! She is amazing!

  • This show doesn't NEED a live audience, as long as Evie is there. The stage area downstairs can be set aside for music performances. Let the audience stay and watch on 📺 and 📱. Your thoughts here..........................

  • I think this is very funny

  • They are simply fantastic together!

  • Hmm. Finishes her wine before answering the question. Hope you see where this is going, Steve. 🤣

  • Sorry Stephen but Evie is the real star power in the family

  • Why are there no recent uploads?

  • Love them. Love them love them love them. :)

  • 🤣

  • Oh sweet, merciful Christ: Someone tell me that the word *"thruple"* isn't actually a thing now... please?🥺 (I don't mean the concept: If all 3 of you are happy, God bless you ❤️ But that _word_ Just no.)

  • The Colberts are literally #relationshipgoals!

  • Their banter is better and funnier than the cards. But then that is what I always liked about Stephen.

  • "Did you say KISS?? ...Okay."

  • Evie for next First Lady ... Seen what I've done here ? 😏

  • Cuomo thought he could get away with killing thousands of elderly people because the media would cover it up for him

  • What a beautiful couple spreading the joy. Thank you!!!! 💖

  • It's always a treat to see Evie on the show with Stephen. They're gorgeous together.

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  • Evie’s laugh is the absolute highlight of my night. This is love, y’all. 🥰

  • Evie is beautiful, I hope Colbert never take her for granted.

  • There a reason this will have 1M views

  • Should have had Evie read the cards without knowing what they say.

  • "Feat. Evie Colbert" Yes! Every episode should feature Evie! She is wonderful!

  • Well that just made my day. They are so adorable.

  • Smartest and best looking first draft assistant ever. And it shows you appreciate her.

  • That last one was a great pick-up line. I'd go for it.

  • Gosh. Evie is glowing and so gorgeous.

  • Yeh I'm poor just livimg

  • This is not good my love and I don't have any money to do anything government stimulus checks

  • They are the best. The internet loves you, Evie!

  • I bet she goes around saying stuff like "I cant believe I put up w him" but you can tell she loves it. Lol. cute kids

  • This was so sweet!!!! I loved how they both were tripping over each other. It shows they still give each other butterflies. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Evie needs to drop her skin care and makeup routine NOW

  • Okay but the first draft version of that ocean card... I love it.

  • button the 👕

  • You can tell she loves him, she actually thought the cards were funny

  • If we were all so lucky to find our Only One... What a charming couple! Happy Belated Valentine's Day, Mr. and Mrs. Colbert!

  • Stephen's hair is getting long. Looks good!

  • “Unless it's mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it's a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love shouldn't be one of them.”- Dreams for an Insomniac Stephen and evie really said “SOULMATES”

  • I need some of these cards 😂

  • Until Colbert is allowed back in the Ed Sullivan Theatre with a live audience, he should have Evie on ai at least once a week.I want a segment where she interviews him.

  • IMHO, First Drafts is the worst ongoing bit on the show. But at least Evie is part of it now.

  • 💕so cute cute

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  • That was the sweetest cutest ever, love you Evie! But the kiss was lame, you can do better than that Stephen!

  • So, COVID brought a couple blessings we shouldn't ignore. One is Evie doing this segment. With the audience members doing it, it can be kinda cringey, but with Evie it's funny (well, as funny as it can get) plus Stephen and Evie are cute AF.

  • "Go out and drive around" Isn't there a snowstorm there?? No wait, that's us, here in New Orleans! I guess it hasn't reached New York yet. There's ICE everywhere!! Not cool, lol.

  • I want Evie Colbert to be my mom.

  • Evie is such a delight!

  • Ahh they are so cute

  • Evie, he may be your husband ... but he’s MY Internet daddy!!

  • Whenever you get an audience again, on the next valentines day You have to get the audience to do the "That was funny Stephen. We approve." in a drone, borg voice of course!!!!

  • Evie, the first lady of late night!!

  • I needed Evie to cleanse my palate from my boss's frustrating email. I can smile again.

  • You had me at “Radial Tires.”😂❤️🤣❤️

  • Favorite couple!!!!! ❤❤❤

  • I know there's a lot of work that goes into the production but the Colbert's make it look easy. They've nailed the vibe that other shows just can't get. That forced pause for strained audience laughter on Bill Maher's show is irritating as hell. Plus, Maher just seems bitter all the time. These two genuinely adore each other and it's refreshing.

  • Best couple ever

  • 0:09 I feel personally attacked by this. Also is Benny Colbert a Springer or Cocker (I think Cocker) either way I have always wanted a dog like that.

  • When she said "I do." Stephen missed the opportunity to reply "I do too."

  • #Marriage Goals! 😊

  • Awwww so adorable! 😍

  • ✨🥰🥰✨

  • If anybody wonder what love is. This is it.

  • I love them so very much!💙☺

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  • Awwww cute couple!

  • Okay Stephen Colbert who's the black guy in your throuple.... can I be him. I love it baby and it makes you more interesting man. ;) Btw no other late night host during the pandemic can keep my interest but you. 😘

  • I lovd her! She is adorable!

  • Her laugh and dimples are beyond adorable. Take care and be safe 😷 Happy Valentines Day ❤️

  • Man, talk about real love!

  • This video was funny, very amusing

  • This was my favorite Colbert segment I have seen since COVID started.

  • The fans want more Evie!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • The beginning seems like Stephen was trying to make up for something.

  • Evie looks like Stephen

  • #nowKiss so adorable :D

  • Yes, I think after this...Evie Colbert needs more screen time!!! She's a very engaging personality and Stephen is a lucky man to have her and vice versa! If she's up for it, Stephen, you should have her on more often! He could interview her, for one and then, every holiday (Valentine's, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Stephen's birthday, etc.), do another "First Drafts" segment...Maybe even do a cooking segment together sometime...Who's with me???

  • Evie and Stephen are absolutely #CoupleGoals ✌️☺️💜

  • We want more Evie on the show! :-)

  • Colbert I love you, this is so sweet but your humor is so boomer T_T

  • I’m in love with their love ❤️

  • I'm literally watching a married couple flirt.... and I love it. goals for my future