"A Bold Thing To Do During A Pandemic" - John Oliver On The Super Bowl

Birt 10 feb 2021
The host of "Last Week Tonight," John Oliver, says he enjoyed watching the Super Bowl until he realized that he is the same age as Tom Brady. Season eight of "Last Week Tonight" starts Sunday, February 14th. #Colbert #LastWeekTonight #JohnOliver
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  • No commercials! Half-time is exactly 15 minutes! And it’s awesome 🤩

  • John Oliver is effing adorable.

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  • I just love John's nonverbal reaction to Stephen asking about snacks at the World Cup.

  • Stephen Colbert is 13 years older than John Oliver, but looks about 5 years younger than him. Both hot though. And then there is poor Jon Stewart, who is only 2 years older than Colbert, but aged a good extra 20 years in the past decade.

  • You spelled it wrong. Plandemic

  • us government - you can have citizenship mr oliver but you have to live in a bluish white void john - this is a step up actually

  • John Oliver looks like he's going to come out as a super-villain any day now.

  • The worst thing I ever put in my mouth was a meat pie during an Australian Football game. (in Melbourne, at the Etihad Stadium , now Dockland Stadium, or Marvel Stadium or Telstra Dome or Colonial Stadium, nobody wants it so it changes name all the time, by the time you're reading this it's probably called the Vegemite Arena) and I guess they make it just like brits but worst. It was rats guts flavored I think.

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  • "It's a pie... But, if it's possible, it's heartbreaking..."

  • Wow 2 terrible comics on a dead show!

  • /snorts/ a bowl’d statement indeed.

  • "You've been on the show 13 times now" Yeah, 10 of those alone in 2020, it feels like. Is John the backup guest for when celebs cancel?

  • 4:20 - Sorry to interject here (well interject is an odd thing to say about a pre-recorded video but) isn't beer food ? and by that dubious leap of logic isn't footballs favorite snack beer, ale, stout. Now I know american football features beer as well but it is usually so low cal that it does not count as food.

  • "A bold thing"... That's British for "A stupid thing"

  • Subtitles be like: “Livered pool” 😂

  • you are not playing the band for long enough- give em triple the time

  • John Cena is basically buff Jim Varney.

  • Let's talk of John's love, mouse soft porn... Pass.

  • Why is John O constantly 'telling' Stephen C to F*** Off ??😂😂

  • I was born on the same day as Keanu, fifteen years later... He'll always look better than me. And I'm cool with that.

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  • We Americans are going through a pandemic and a show with no comedy

  • Technically, Oliver should live much longer than Cena who is a professional wrestler. They have extremely short life expectancies.

  • so crushed to hear you're a liverpool fan. As a socially inspired Canadian however, I will look beynd your indigression and not hold it against you since I agree with most of your potitical comintary!

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  • Twins 2, staring John Cena & John Oliver! Guest staring two dudes not named John that where in a movie with a similar name.

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  • (Jhon PM me when you have time)

  • Folks, you wanna see these two traveling together around the planet when Pandemic is done? First location here in Bali, hosted by me. Who's next in line?

  • Jhon... I am looking in my crystal ball... Your decoration will evolve as we humans evolve through this we all go thru....

  • Stephen: "Filtration organ pie." Me: "So, offal pie... Awful pie-haha!"

  • The British have cheddar onion potato chips, so I think they win.

  • I think I speak for everyone when I say : “I just learned what HBO Max is - WHAT THE FUCK IS PARAMOUNT PLUS?”

  • honesty... as a fellow Brit.... it ABSOLUTELY was bold of you to put on a huge sporting event in a pandemic.

  • sports fans, a special kind of stupid

  • I really hope that each year John Cena calls John Oliver and wishes him a happy birthday

  • John must be having such a hard time as a Liverpool fan these days

  • Doesn’t John Oliver live in New York? Why is he talking to him like he’s in England?

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  • Yo John Oliver taking shots at John Dickerson is not what I’m here for 😂😂😂

  • If there is ever a half time show at the World Cup, there would be a riot...in each country.

  • Exactly! Snacks are not part of the game culture. Neither are commercials or half time shows. We watch the game for the GAME!

  • This may be the first time i saw john oliver in casual clothing!

  • John Oliver never did Wigan away, he also forgot the alcohol consumption

  • Brits do do snacks so much as a full bar!

  • “It’s mostly filtration organ.” I have expired 💀

  • We bought/drank Bovril at local games in Scotland. Do they not serve it in England too?

  • Clean

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  • Watching a sport where the players actually play the sport instead of just standing around requires a lot more attention and fewer snacks.

  • ischats.info/fun/j7GmhKqTgaCVq64/v-deo

  • No John, you look good for 43 honestly no joke

  • RUGBY!...RUGBY!...RUGBY!...RUGBY!...RUGBY!...RUGBY!...RUGBY!...RUGBY!... the only game to wast time on!!!!!!!

  • It’s a pie but it’s heartbreaking.. 🤣

  • Hahaha that intel Graphics joke was for the small I.T. Group. Haha well appreciated.

  • John Oliver puts his looks down, but he's the cutest toucan out there!

  • *Starts to hype up* "IIIIIIT's JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHN---Oliver." *still plays the trumpets anyways*

  • The meat pie and chips....maybe extra gravy if you don't trust the pie to deliver....is what is eaten at the sports ground (you're lucky if your team plays in anything that could be considered a stadium quite frankly) at half time. There's a lot of beer drank before as I don't believe you can take any in...and then again after (either to celebrate of drown your sorrows). When at home...maybe, a couple of beers will be consumed if it's a big event...usually only a few cups of tea/coffee with a selection of biscuits, a bag of crisps...maybe a sandwich at half time (not a McDonald's burger type sandwich...the type that comes in-between 2 slices of cheap white bread). Mostly though, if it was anything big like a superbowl though...it would be beers all the way 😉

  • Looked up Paramount Plus...not sure I’d pay for it even with the 50% discount. Ten dollars a month for the no commercial version. Even at the 5 bucks after the 50% deal it seems meh. At $5 I’d try it for a free month and hate myself when I miss the cancel by date and get my card charged. Seriously, what gives it enough value to be worth it?

    • Heck, if I buy a 30 episode season of “Last Week Tonight” from ISchats (offered to the right) it’s 24.99. I wouldn’t do that probably but compared to a bunch of stuff that can’t make it into the cable lineups Comedy Central or BET networks plus already offered over the air CBS shows??? I’d rather spend the 5 bucks a month on whatever the person who thought this up is smoking.

  • Yep, the absolute best guest on this show, forever.

  • my gosh I was laughing so hard I was crying on this one... it just got me. "I thought the Irish aged quickly..."

  • Clip order: Bold Thing in a Pandemic HBO Will Never Find Out Which Muppet

  • I could listen to these two talk all day. Their exchanges are like warm sunshine on my face. Really needed this today - thank you Stephen and John.

  • I love to see these two ❤ together!

  • Seeing John in anything but a suit feels wrong

  • Please upload them in order or put numbers on them or just put a whole video up. Sincerely, your European fans who have nothing but your ISchats uploads and want to watch the interviews in the right order :(

  • When Kobe died I realized we were the same age. The amount he accomplished in his lifetime made me realize he had already lived multiple lifetimes compared to me.

  • PSA: Collagen supplements don't do ANYTHING if you have a connective tissue disorder, which John Oliver clearly has. _someone please give John Oliver some magnesium for the obvious soft tissue calcification in his hands_

  • A few years ago I found out that Gal Gadot was born less than a day before me. Made me feel a tad worse about myself... I told my dad, like an idiot, and all he came back with was, 'And look at all she has done with her life...' Gotta love parents.

  • Anybody getting Harrison wells vibes from John Oliver or is it just me

  • It’s called soccer not only in the U.S., but also in Canada, Australia, South Africa, Japan, and more. We were taught to call it soccer by upper crust Brits in the late 1800s. It’s not our fault, man.

  • Tell him: "Stop doing whippets"

  • I kind of understand how John Oliver feels. I have the exact same birthday as Joe Rogan.

  • Superbowl = Bold Thing To Do During a Pandemic. But let a politician that you disagree with try to have a public rally and all of the sudden it's a danger. Fuck these losers. Hypocrites. (Not a Trump supporter. Save your bullshit arguments for someone who cares.)

  • Regarding 'snacks and entertainment' during a 90 minute football [soccer] match... On an ordinary Saturday afternoon, the following applies, but for a major Championship or Cup Final, it would be twice as intense. If you've got time for snacks and entertainment, and if you need perky peppy cheerleaders waving pompoms and flags and a carefully-staged, overblown extravaganza at half time to hold your attention, you've missed the point. It's a football match. Watch the damn game. John was being very diplomatic in his responses, but was essentially saying, "At a match you sing and shout and stamp and clap and watch the f***ing match. Food is not important and cheerleaders are an embarrassment." If watching at home, you might have a few tins of lager and some bags of crisps on hand to be hospitable to your guests (if any), but refreshments are a distraction. Watch the damn game. At half time, you and your mates (if any) will talk/argue like hell about the first half, then spend 2 minutes in the kitchen microwaving some beef and onion pies before rushing back to the sofa to continue the discussion of what you hope to see happen in the second half. A football [soccer] match is a completely immersive experience and, as already mentioned, would be much more intense for an important Championship event. A rugby match and even a 5-day cricket match attracts exactly the same level of rapt attention. No food, no distractions. Watch the damn game! In comparison, the US approach to an American football match seems quite casual and detached. To a Brit, it's almost as though the social occasion, the food and the sideshows are as engrossing as the on-field action. The term 'sports fan' really does mean FANATIC in Britain and elsewhere in the world. Personally, I loathe football [as-SOC-iation 'saarkuh'], but I do admire the dedication of the fans who care so passionately about their [sic] game. At least they're more into the sporting challenge than the trimmings. ;-)

  • this was terrible..im pretty sure people are only tuning in for that pre covid nostalgia at this point. funny what making 15 mil a year can do for ones standards im pretty sure colbert would eat a jar of shit if they paid him to do it.

  • Cheating is a deal breaker for me , I always told the previous women I've had relationships with, the moment you are unfaithful is the moment you end our relationship. If I've ever felt so disconnected from my partner that I have felt myself drawn even into a hypothetical affair in my mind, I end the relationship. I've been in many abusive relationships (that I ultimately ended) but never once have I been unfaithful. Why? Because no failing relationship is worth sacrificing my morals and integrity for. No matter how it unfolds with a partner, there should be a base level of respect and empathy towards them as a human being. A failed relationship will not pollute your mind and foster insecurities anywhere near as as being on the receiving end of adultery. I didn't know what was happening all along for years that he's been cheating until I met RELIANCEDECK.COM

  • It’s so weird to see him without a suit on lol

  • John Oliver looks about 5-10 years younger than my stepfather, who is also 43. Hahaha ^_^

  • You know what happens during half time at, let's say, the World Cup final? Commercial ads.

  • I love seeing these gentlemen crack each other up

  • Come on Mr. Oliver John Cena has being doing bodybuilding since like 15 so he's going to be very different

  • Anyone else feel super weird about seeing Stephen's forearms?

  • I'd choose John Oliver over the jocks any day! ❤

  • 0:24 hmmm.... sounds like Stephen's been watching Michael Saylor's comparison of bitcoin to heinz ketchup factories and microchip manufacturing....

  • Meh, no Aussie calls soccer 'football'. Footy means Aussie Rules, period. We wouldn't call NFL football either, just rugby with padding and helmets. Maybe 20 minutes of play and a shit-ton of ads. Also different teams for defence or offence? Aussie Rules has 18 players on the field for each team with 4 on the bench. Games often last for 2hrs and players may cover 10+ miles.

  • Actually, Australians call it soccer too. We call American football 'gridiron'. And we have 3 types of 'football': 'Rugby League', 'Rugby Union' and 'Australian Rules'. Some are local, some regional, and some international.

  • WHAT is the song they are playing at the end!? It’s SO familiar and I just cannot place it!

  • I’m the same age, to the hour, as Mila Jovovich, an actress I had a crush on for well over 15yrs before I found out I was certain I was around ten years older than

  • Was this all worth it? Fame?

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  • Good to see both political comedians talking about fulbol and football. They have different habits of watching sports and now i know why some football watchers are fat and some fulbol watchers gets mad. Both comedians are not in my naughty list but you are in the nutty chocolate list( Wonka chocolate factory) no ho ho ho.

  • Lol as a European I was so confused when Stephen was asking John about the snacks, bc just like John I was thinking “ummm for the rest of the world, the SPORT is the main event not the snacks” 😂

  • I've never been to a UK football match, but I have read Terry Pratchett's "Unseen Academicals" and deduced that barely edible pies are an integral part of the sporting tradition.

  • Mike TV!

  • Love you mate thanks Stephen

  • John Oliver did a piece about the average age of death for wrestlers yet he thinks he is going to die first FeelsBadMan

  • I needed this so bad! 😊 Love both of you!