Law & Order: Impeachment Unit

Birt 10 feb 2021
Even the narrator is feeling the frustration. #Colbert #FreeBritney #ColdOpens
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  • Charge him as a citizen for whatever..ITS COMING. CAN'T WAIT.

  • People are going to be telling Britney’s story, allowed in 2021 in America - FOREVER. It’s disturbing beyond belief that we even let this be HER problem.

  • I just seen someone eating grapes with a fork... I had to tell someone

  • How’s that impeachment going for ya now?

  • Oh because they will cancel u

  • Why don’t you talk about you New York governor

  • I hope Trump's lawyers are making notes with their law markers.

  • Love that they got the original voiceover guy!

    • It's not the original voice-over. It was most likely Brian Stack, he regularly does the voices for the Late Show.

  • Do not dun dun me!

  • Hilarious! I watched it 5 times in a row and I laughed every single time. Good job unknown late show writer!

  • some President lead them into a trap, against this virus, had Americans known they could have put u[ a better defense, just a stupid thought from a stupid person as I !

  • If these Republicans Okay Trump’s insurrection for this DARK WEDNESDAY they give Joe Biden license to have his.

  • No free Card Commit Crimes = Prison

    • lol well at least a slap on the wrist

  • Can’t wait for the titillating response from Angry Man and The Dude! Epic!

  • That's gold.

  • What a joke this is. You put someone on trial, ...make him responsible for treasonous acts against the country, but the jury is comprised of buddies, asss kissers, politicians without a backbone or integrity, and want to play up to his cult base. Senators are there to defend the Constitution. Question, Why cant the Constitution be amended to have citizens of the US act as jurors rather than senators that clearly cant be trusted to even listen to the evidence? Regardless of the evidence submitted, they will aquit!

  • Just looking at the thumbnail makes me laugh.

  • Pff this made me unreasonably giggly.

  • Dun. Dun.

  • those GOPQ don't give a hoot about anything but power and$$$$

  • Looks like Trumpet got his lawyers from Amazon sale or a garage sale.

  • This is a good movie🍿 Let’s detach together friends from this crazy show called our political scene and get on to building the new World🌎 and a new country 🇺🇸 With a new political system. Light✨💫☀️. and Love to you all! As The Beach Boys sang it « good vibrations ».... keep your vibrations and frequencies HIGH. Head to the lighter side of life and away from the dark. All will be fine friends...All is good. All is perfect!

  • It's BRITNEY !!! bitch

  • Yeah but what about Hilary’s email!!???

  • trumpublicans 2017-2018: You cant prosecute a sitting president! trumpublicans 2019-2020: You cant impeach a president in an election year! Let the voters decide! trumpublicans after the voters decided: You cant impeach a president after he lost the election! trumpublicans later in 2021 after acquitting him : You cant prosecute a former president for crimes he committed in office! Thats what impeachment was for!

    • They're the experts in moving goalposts.

  • 😊

  • "...IN THE LAW AND ORDER FREE BRITNEY UNIT!!!" [Did he just yell Free Britney Unit?] "In the Britney Justice System..." 😂😂😂 😂😂😂

  • Stephen's face in the beginning 😂😂😂

  • I think they forgot to upload today's video

  • Please leave Britney alone

  • Yo, people, keep it civil on here.

    • And where's Bert? Where'd Bert go (And I hope he didn't take issue with my calling him Steve. I'm sure he'd prefer it to my calling him Bert XD )?

  • Law & Disorder .

  • wait, Britney's in jail?


  • I hope the next mob gets Hawley and Cruz before anyone else. #CensureHawley #CensureCruz


  • i would so watch that. free britney law and order

  • I would love to see the " Law And Order Free Britney Unit ... does anyone know what night it's on.....anyone?

  • This guy is so Boring !

  • ha ha ... hilarious ... "don't dun dun me!"

  • Free Britney

  • Always said when Baby Cheesus called himself the Law and Order President, what he meant was he would be the perp on any episode of a given _Law & Order_ show.

    • Actually it was him declaring that he is racist as hell.. it's pretty much code for racism.. anytime you hear a politicians say law and order.. it's some racist shit.. Republican or Democrat doesn't matter... it's bipartisan code for racist bullshit is about to happen to we the people.

  • He’s guilty of inciting insurrection. That can’t be denied. He must serve a prison sentence.

    • An insurrection where someone was murdered. He is an accessory to murder.

  • Yeah, you can even use the analogy that fact based REALTY is the realm of 99.9% of Democrats. Everything else that comprises a fabricated alternative without factual, scientific basis is the realm of trumpists and the repuglicons. 💙🇺🇸

  • So many jokes will come out of this.

  • Do not dun dun me. The whole thing cracked me up

  • 🤣🤣

  • Donald is toast.

  • *#FreeBritney* 💙💜💙💜

  • I would like to offer an idea. A new ISchats channel. Bring back your old character separate from your Late show. Teamed with Jon Stweart, For....wait for it...."The Daily Repor" And all funding goes to what charity or cause you two decide. And finally we wil get back what we so desperately need. The old anchor case comedy news. From the OG's. Like, if you want this! Edit: But you're going to need To bring Oliver on this. Even with his fat ass HBO money. ;)

  • I wish... you'd know HE'd be convicted on that show...

  • I was aware of Britney Spears but not Britney Unit. I can only wonder why she needs freeing.

    • @England Calling I honestly only know just enough to know that stuff happened, some kid did a rather weird "leave Brittany alone" video and something about her dad that I didn't actually pay any attention to and only heard about in passing... Figured it would be enough to get you started if your actually curious and even only maybe helping a random stranger is easily worth thirty seconds of my time.. and here we are.. Good luck and have a nice day.

    • @England Calling probably yeah?

    • @A B The 'unit' being I assume a psychiatric ward.

    • It's actually a whole thing.. I don't care enough to explain it beyond "remember when she went a bit crazy and started shaving stuff? It had repercussions." So if you might care or are bored look up I guess?

  • They really should just ask if a Democrat President did that what Trump did, what they would want to be done

    • @occhamsrazor you have a point

    • Republicans tried to impeach a married man for trying to a workplace affair a secret...

  • Damned near spot on for the voice. I was waiting for a "Law & Order" Parody.

  • All those rogue 'dun-dun's reminded me of that Sesame Street 'Law and Order - Special Letters Unit' skit

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • 😂

  • Do not dundun me🤣 killed me

  • Britney Spears' father got his daughter diagnosed with dementia, declared legally incompetent and arranged for all her money to be put into a conservatorship and under his control. Despite her supposed "dementia", she has somehow managed to carry on a world-class entertainmenet career by which the conservatorship gets tens of millions of dollars each year, all under the control of the father. He pays himself very well indeed for "looking after her affairs." #FreeBritney

    • I have been a Britney Spears fan since 2000, the paparazzi had a Britney look alike to make her look bad, I know this because I had seen the look alike in Los Angeles while Britney was in Louisiana at her sisters baby shower, the look alike was using Britney's supposed car, which was a very rare car, that some called a clown car. One of Britney's dad's friends was a paparazzi, that pap friend was calling Britney insane well before the conservatorship, the pap said that Britney's dad has him (the pap) get his pap friends to babysit Britney and report back to Jamie whatever Britney is doing while out and about.

  • When it comes down to the last day Republican senators are going to have to decide do they vote against guilt to save the 12 Senate Republicans who initially supported the Big lie challenging the electoral votes over over 5 million Americans and six who still do (and should be eject it from the Senate because of it) or are they going to vote step away from the crazies and Trump to rehabilitate the Republican Party? Since 2015 trumps plan B for an election defeat was to cry stolen election inciting civil violence. Nothing has changed. It won’t be difficult to prove at all. Had Trump conceded any time prior to January 6 there would have been no reason for a crowd to gather at the ellipse or storm the Capitol.

  • The 2011 movie _Hall Pass_ paid $200,000 to use the _Law & Order_ much did _Late Show_ have to pay?

  • This one just felt like too many shots at the target, with all close misses at the bullseye...

  • You stupid! But in a good way. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • They should simply say that If GOP Srs. don’t impeach trump, that just means the Democrat president gets to do the same on their way out of office. Anything they want and get off scot free. How’d they like it then?

  • What a fantastic use for the tax payer's money

  • "Gentlemen, when the enemy is committed to a mistake we must not interrupt him too soon." Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson

  • I just want all this Done Done.

    • Well played.

  • LOL - I hear ya. The shaKE SHake is nice but "Toxic" :P * Avoid looking in her eyes

  • Republicons: ‘He is no longer president, so you cannot impeach/convict him.’ Same republicons: ‘The election was stolen, he actually IS the president.’

    • Socialism for the rich, rugged individualism for the rest.

    • @VoltisArt The only 'logic' is that you have to be rich and powerful and republican to be acquitted. But they will never admit that. Like with the stimulus. If you are rich/big company, you need to get support. If you are poor/not rich, there is always the bootstrap theory.

    • I'd love to ask these people how this logic might filter down to judicial trials. If a former POTUS is immune to impeachment for sedition during tenure, then an attempted murderer who has their gun taken away by police shouldn't be tried, because they can't shoot anyone at the moment. Say, like somebody who tried to kill a Senator or Vice President.

    • I noticed that. If he isn't in office, anymore, can he be tried and a private citizen? If so, convict him!

  • Do not "Dun Dun" me bro...

  • "Free Britney Unit"-"Its Britney bitch!" :D :d

    • 🎶Dun-dun🎶 🎶Dun-dun🎶

  • Trump's using Dewey, Cheatem and Howe , right?!

  • Now if we could get someone from the House at the end of trial (say Kamala Harris) to stand up and say..."It's Brittany, Bitch" and there's a final Law&Order dun-dun as everyone stands and turns their backs on the corrupt GOP. 😆

  • Dems only do one thing ... And have done nothing to help America...why are Dems against Americans

  • "NO! DO NOT DUNDUN ME!" I almost spit out my tea at this. I love it 😂😂

  • You know that scene where Aragorn says to Gríma, "Come away and be free from him!" Gríma scorns the ranger and spits on his hand. I feel the senators know Saruman doesn't care about them but are scared to leave "his" side. We will see if they stay loyal to the side that lost the house, senate, and presidential elections as well as arguing it was a failed peaceful protest turned failed coup d'etat.

  • *L E A V E B R I T N E Y A L O N E*

  • I didn't know that beavis and butthead were moonlighting as trump's lawyers.

    • Hence, Matt Gaetz, (the lawyer/liar that the GOP has suggested in lieu of Trump's current failures)...the ultimate mashup of Beavis and Butthead, lol!

  • So, republicans think that an impeachment after the president has left office is unconstitutional, then why don't they get the FBI to raid Mar-a-lago and arrest him just like many of his friends in the last 4 years, and prosecute him as a private citizen? I don't know much about sedition charges but it should still prevent him from ever holding office again and if convicted would put him in jail for 20 years, and he's 74, so I doubt he'd ever get out.

  • Disgusting to watch the cowards resign to even look at the evidence.

  • Let's face it. Trump is guilty. All Senators take an oath to uphold the constitution and to make their decision based on evidence. ANY Senator that votes to acquit Trump has violated his constitutional duties, and should immediately resign or be kicked out of the Senate.

    • @Douglas Robinson Some people bought into Trump out of desperation because he has an R next to his name and they wanted the GOP to win 2016 election.

    • @Douglas Robinson Well our Republic is made up of people. People are not perfect. But stupid people who repeatedly do stupid things lose in some way.

    • @Renaldy Calixte Republicans made a gain in the house that shrunk the Democrats' majority. In spite of a lunatic head of the GOP.. In the year 2045 white Americans will be an ethnic minority. Even this demographic shift will not bring about a significant change. The constitution gives the Republicans an advantage through the electoral college and through the Senate where each state has 2 senators. A lot of the smaller states in the mid west vote Republican. Articles of interviews with DAs in Georgia and DC state that pressing criminal charges against Trump will be difficult at best. I would like to see them try, but it appears it may not be possible to build a robust case. We in the Northeast witnessed Trump's antics from the 70's: three marriages, two divorces, adulteries, use of prostitutes, 5 bankruptcies, 1 failed IPO, a sham university, failed casinos, and vindictive diatribes. Not to mention narcissistic behavior. Despite these very public failures and misdeeds, the public bought into the personality cult. Not all of us were fooled and knew exactly what would have if he was elected. president. I don't know whether they were either desperate or just gullible. I agree that Trump is incompetent and a failure as both a president, human being and businessman. The GOP is clinging to cultural relevancy and will continue the practices of gerrymandering and voter suppression. In addition, the conservative propaganda machine will be in high gear spewing untruths, half truths and lies. I sincerely hope that MAGA members will be deterred from further insurrections if some of them are jailed for their crimes. I am stilled stunned that thinking seemingly intelligent US citizens believed the lies of a lunatic conman. It was not a few. It was millions including members of congress. Never before had I feared for our repubiic.

    • @Douglas Robinson All Republicans are doing is saying I dare you American voter beat us at the ballot box. Once the American voter continues to vote GOP out of the ballot boxes some of the corrupt GOP will either retire or be forced out. Trump will have no influence in the party and his family will fade away. That's assuming Trump is able to avoid prosecution in multiple criminal investigations and civil suit. The fact the GOP are clinging to a man whose only victory is getting lucky in the 2016 election and trending in pop culture due to being involved in tabloids in the 90s and on a reality TV show in the 2010s is proof they are desperate. Other than that Trump has either been mediocre or failed at everything he has done. That shows me the GOP is desperately clinging to cultural relevancy and a voter base which is not large enough to win significant elections. In fact the base will dwindle when more and more MAGA members are sentenced to prison for various crimes committed in support for Donald Trump.

    • @Renaldy Calixte I wished I shared your confidence. 80% of Republicans supported Trump and his lies for years. These were not innuendo or white lies, these were outright fantastical, irrational and baseless claims that were easily debunked. These supporters included scientists, lawyers, real estate agents, current and former police officers, and current and former military personnel. Many of these people hold responsible jobs that requires rational thinking and are parents. If our society in general understood or even studied history, a fraudulent election would seem implausible. A history of 200+ years of free and fair elections and the peaceful transition of power. And all of a sudden in 2020 there was a fraudulent election of epic proportions. In spite of 64+ failed lawsuits and multiple recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan, the lies continued to be perpetrated. Death threats were received by election and state officials. Even the ex-president threatened officials with prosecution and intimidation. I have found that people's ignorance of history (or misinterpretation or biased ideologies) shocking. We as a society keep ignoring or forgetting history, And we keep repeating the same mistakes and injustices. How many more insurrections are we going to witness because in 4 or 8 years people forgot?


  • “You tellin’ me this dude is into little girls with pigtails?”

    • Ohhh, I get it, it's like when someone drinks too much? Or smokes too many cigarettes? Or bets the house on a game? Or--"

  • 😆 loved this...and Law & Order

  • “Do NOT duhn duhn me.” I’m dying.

    • I agree! This is very funny!

    • It was brilliant.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I'd watch law & order free Britney unit if it means her jugs😀🤣


  • Are you sure this shouldn't be called Law and Disorder . 😊

  • The GOP has money problems. Specifically, their wallets.

    • They are having trouble paying the mortgage on their 30,000 sq.ft vacation homes and need dups to extort it from.

  • Trump is responsible for half of all America’s presidential impeachments, half of America’s Insurrections, & the highest death toll of Americans in any given year in America’s history, wars included

  • Convict or be complicit forevermore!

  • As a Republican, I empathise more with Anarchy and Disorder: Kickback Unit.

  • You joke now but when Free Britney Unit Law and Order comes out in 10 years who will be laughing then?!?!

  • He was impeached while in office AND *it was the then Republican Senate who said they want to do it after the inauguration to be done properly* And THEN they argue now it’s unconstitutional to try him after he’s left. I mean what does that tell you about their integrity?

    • The new “Law & Order” in town. The GOP party is dead. The GOPQ (Cruz, Hawley, Graham, Paul, Scott, etc. = MFPOS) is now the new party and they are locked and loaded for corruption and breaking away from truth, justice, democracy, and the people’s right to a fair and free election. Oh, and they are ALL ok with their base beating capital officers (American Citizens) with metal poles draped with the US flag. 😠😤😡🤬.

    • Republicans have integrity???🤔🇦🇺

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    • The GOP is desperately holding onto this technicality which allows them to avoid to discussing the attack. That's why they pushed the hearing all the way to February.

    • It tells me nothing about their integrity that I didn't already know, which is that they have none.

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  • Hahahahaha!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Revoke Republicans’ citizenship Takes away their vote

  • Have you heard that since losing the election, that Trump's new favorite food is Banza pizza; he heard it's made of chick pea.

    • @ilovebeinagirl for awhile now there have been rumors that Putin has tapes of either trump urinating on hookers or being urinated on by hookers.. no solid proof of them actually existing but also no confirmation on them not existing... and people interviewing Putin have asked.. he just smiles and says nothing... which might mean he has them... or just thinks it's funny question... or incredibly stupid... got to say that it sure would explain a few things if they do indeed exist.

    • I see what you did there.

    • I don't get it.

  • Drain the swamp; Trump moves to a Florida.